The Shadow Man

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The Shadow Man

By: Angel Grace Ongoing

Language: English

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"How could you do something like this to me?" Jessica Blake cried "Was it really I who did it? " Jacob Wayne "You-" Mother-in-law said whilst staringly furiously at the man. “You want us to divorce.” Jacob then took out the piece of document and signed it in front of all of them. “So I’m giving it to you.” He then toss the signed divorce papers to them without a single word and walked away without looking back.


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68 chapters
"Jacob, what are you doing? I told you to hand-wash this cloths, your father-in-law needs to wear them tonight and look. You've just ruined it!""Boy, what is wrong with you, can't you do anything right at all.""Seriously, what are you guys shouting so early in the morning? Some of us need some sleep."It's not like I'm not used to this. Since the day I married to this family, I haven't had a peaceful morning at all. I don't even know what made me decide to marry their daughter. Something, I wish I could turn back time. But, that's far from happening. This isn't some fairytale or game where you can just press the reset button and start all over again. This is life, and you either have to live with it or… In my case, just live with it.The man only looked at each one of them and didn't bother arguing at all. He forced a smile on his face as he listened to all their screams at him. They were disgusted by him, so what could he do about it. Not a day in their lives they wish for him to l
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As time passed by, days passed by when Jacob had seen his wife. He dare not ask his parent-in-law for the whereabouts of his wife, for he didn't really care much about her."Boy, what are you doing? That's the work of the servants, why don't you go out and enjoy yourself." Father Blake said as he grabbed the mop from the boy as he handed him some cash. He smiled at the man and then handed the mop to the servants, "What do you think you're doing making my son-in-law do all this work. Are you an idiot!""Master, I'm sorry. I'll do that now." Auntie Vic said as she grabbed the mop and walked away. She didn't even bother asking why the sudden change of character. She could only watch from the distance and observe everyone."Now son, go ahead and enjoy yourself." Father Blake escorted the man out to the door as he waved goodbye to him. He stayed by the door until he saw the man had walked some distance and went back inside the house.Jacob, who continued to walk clueless by what had happen
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Instead of checking on his parents, Jacob decided to visit someone else. He knew that the Blake might be wanting him back then in case he'd make contact with his parents, and they'd use it as a chance to gain something from them. But, since they've all been acting strangely towards him. He had noticed that the people they had been assigned to watch him were no longer around. It just proves that he is no longer useful to him."I'll have a one mocha please with extra wipe cream on top and a special chocolate sprinkles and lots of chocolate on top." Jacob said as he made his order.The barista who was cleaning up was shocked to hear the strange order; however, it reminded him of someone who particularly enjoyed such drink. As she turned around slowly, she replied, "I'm sorry we do not…" She excitedly ran up front, jumped, and extended her arms to hug the man. "Jacob, my dear, it's been a long time.""Jade, how are you?" Jacob said as he embraces the woman who had over the years continued
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As soon as the day broke, Jacob woke up, all restored. As usual, he was up before anyone else. Just as he was about to step out of the door, he was surprised when his wife was awake as well, all packed up."Oh, Jacob you're awake." Jessica said shocked to see the man all awake and looking refreshed. She thought that because he came home drunk last night that he'd be in bed till noon. But, who would have thought that before the sunlight could, even through the sky above and change its color, the man would be wide awake."Hmm, my head hurt so I'm going to get some water." He replied, acting all sick and in pain from being hangovered."Oh, should I help you." She replied as she kicked her luggage to the side as she went closer to check on the man's condition."Don't worry, it seems you have to go somewhere." He replied as he walked ahead and went down. "Ah, you see, the company have been given me all sort of projects. Sadly, I have to be away again." She explains as she hope her excuse
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A month has passed and Jessica was in the news with her new man. Everyone who was close to her was shocked to see who she was dating. The fact that it was known she was already married. "Can't believe Jessica is dating Joe Black. But isn't she married to someone already?""What are you talking about, who would even care about that man. She is now with Joe Black, who would even care about that loser.""That right, Jessica is so lucky. Despite being married to some loser, a prince have come to save her." Those were the talks happening all over the place, especially at North Star Entertainments.Tom Blake was happy with the news as he saw his sister have fully grasp the man. He now knew that not be long for the man to make his move and put a ring on his sister's finger."Darling, are you inside.""Becca, what are you doing here."Rebecca Simon arrived with her group of people. Her assistant, bodyguards, stylist, and makeup artist. She was currently one of the top actresses the company
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A week later, Jessica returned with big news for his family. Despite not having a ring on her fingers, the man has asked her out to be his girlfriend. However, the man stated he didn't want to be her secret lover anymore. He stated:Why must a man in my statured hide behind someone who can't even clean my own shoes. Surely, I am far better than him.With those words, Jessica had been pondering on what to do. The time she had spent with Tom was indeed the happiest moments of her life. However, reality hits her back when she returns home and finds her husband, who looked like a beggar, welcoming her. She detested the man so much, that she wanted to end this marriage as soon as possible. But, that was not easy at all. Still, he was a Wayne, and they were afraid that he might suddenly seek help from the Waynes for divorcing him when he had done nothing wrong at all."Father, seriously, when will you make me divorce that man. I can't stand it anymore." Jessica complained as she walked back
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As the party of people left the room, the woman was all shaken as she walked closer to the huge bed. It was my first time staying in such a luxurious hotel room."I wonder who you are." She said softly as she went closer to check on the man. As she did, she stumbled and lost her balance in shock to see who the man was in the bed. "Aren't you the beggar?"She had met the man a few times; one time, he was inside Jade's store and conversing with Jade. She didn't expect that the man was not a beggar, but actually the husband of their company's princess. She then realizes who the man is."Jacob Wayne." She said all shocked that the man she'd be spending the night with, the son of the Wayne.As she stood back up, she decided to approach the man much closer to get a closer look. She was giggling all of a sudden as she stared at the man whilst seated beside him."Do you know, your brother was my type back then or was it you? Well, the two of you look so alike, I'm not sure which one is which.
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Early the next day, Jacob was wide away sleeping next to the woman. He looked at her and realized, she does have some beauty in her. As he recalled what happened that night, his head suddenly ached, a bit from drinking too much wine, since he could fall asleep at all."Hmm, you're awake." Leslie said as he stretched her hands in the air, still half asleep.Jacob smiled as he removed the hair covering her face, "Good morning."Leslie was startled by the man's sudden action as she didn't move at all. She didn't find any problem with what the man was doing, "Thank you.""You better get change, once you're ready, let's talk about what to happen next.""Okay."Leslie went ahead to check out the bathroom; it was her first time seeing such a huge bathtub. She thought that since she was given such an opportunity, why not take the chance to relax.Jacob didn't bother on what the woman was doing. He could briefly hear her giggling and talking to herself in there. He only smiled thinking of what
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A few weeks later, Jessica finally returned. She has been informed by her brother to come back since the woman has finally appeared to be pregnant. She was all excited and acting all nice and being the perfect wife towards Jacob. She has been told by their close friends and relatives that their relationship was all in well.That afternoon, the Blake family were hosting a garden party. Even Jacob, who hardly joined in, was force to join them. Everyone was happily conversing with the man despite he didn't show any interest towards them. He would only smile from time to time and tried to keep his distance from them. "Did you hear, Jessica plans to divorce her husband?""Hmm, I heard from Madam Blake that her son has finalize the divorce papers."Jacob was aware of the divorce agreement as well. He once sneaked into her wife's room and saw the papers. As of now, he was actually carrying the paper and had signed it. As he was already prepared to leave them.Outside the Blake's house, a wo
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Jacob had already anticipated why his grandfather so desired to see him right away once he was finally free from the Blake. His grandfather had always hoped for him to take over the business; however, he didn't want to compete with his brother at all, giving his brother all the attention and rights to the company. However, since his brother was nowhere to be found, he knew that the rightful heir to the company was only him."Grandpa, it's good to see you too, if you have nothing else to say I'll be leaving then." Jacob stated that he didn't want to hear any more talks about the inheritance."You damn kid, where are you going? This is your home." Old Wayne yelled as he pulled the man's arm pulling him back, causing him to sit back. He frowned, annoyed with the man's response. He knew the boy didn't want anything to do with the inheritance as he was the youngest and had always allowed his brother to shine more than him. Despite he was far more talented and capable than his brother, he n
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