Lies of the gods

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Lies of the gods

By: Adoniz Ongoing

Language: English

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What human dares to challenge the status of the gods? Siler not only challenged but also fought the gods, but he failed. His soul was pulled back to earth by a mysterious hand. Here he restores part of his power and goes on a path of revenge. Will he succeed or not? The first part will have urban elements, the plot develops slowly and clearly. This will be a long story. Hope everyone enjoys my story!


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81 chapters
Chapter 1: Reincarnation
Toronto, city has a population of about three million, is Canada's largest city. If you stand on the rooftop of a certain building and look down, you will see buildings that look like matchboxes, each building, either tall or low, crammed close to each other. At this moment, two women are standing on top of the building belonging to the General Department of VPX medicinal herbs, one is wearing a white velvet dress, and the expression on her face is calm, if you look closely, you will find that this is an extremely beautiful girl. At this time, her clothes were blown away by the gentle wind, there was a slight fluctuation, combined with her beautiful beauty, it was like a fairy, making people only dare to watch it from afar. "Kiera, do you really want to marry that guy, the name Siler or something?" The speaker was a girl in a red dress standing next to her, she was also a lovely girl. The girl in the white dress stared at countless tall buildings in the distance, it all seemed to
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Chapter 2: Grosvenor's family cancels their marriage
Class of the beautiful teacher, Siler did not understand a word. Even if he understood, Siler didn't want to listen. As for him being helpless like now, he absolutely couldn't accept it. Siler would rather die than have a trash body like this. Reorganizing his memory a bit, Siler's face sank again, at first he didn't care if he was impotent or not. Above all, the Patic energy here is extremely fragile, and it is a place where cultivation is impossible. Did he really have to be in a place called Earth, where even if he wanted to die, he couldn't? Going to college or not was longer important to Siler. The most important thing was to clarify his current situation, how his impotence problem and the reputation of the Rosthchile family were related. Even though he was kicked out of the Rosthchile family, who knows if he was suddenly killed by someone? Perhaps there was something else inside that caused him to be kicked out of the Rosthchile house. Is his safety guaranteed now? After the
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Chapter 3: Selling charms.
After thanking Brenna, Siler returned to school, now that he has nowhere else to go but school, he is still not used to life here. Moreover in school, it is possible to learn a little more anyway, Patic energy here is not much, just in school, it seems to be a little better. After his last class, he didn't go to his German teacher, Siler didn't care how high or low his score was, so he didn't have to listen to a woman's ramblings. Moreover, he has a very good memory, if he wants to learn something, he can go straight to the library. In the following days, besides going to the library, Siler only occasionally went to the classes he liked, he also skipped school a lot, didn't get a degree, he didn't care. The dormitory has four people, one man plays games every day, one rents a room outside with his girlfriend and lives as a young couple, and the other lives in the inner city. Siler also regularly collects Patic energy in the small garden in the schoolyard throughout the night as it i
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Chapter 4: First customer
Before Siler could speak, the lucky charm next to him costing two thousand dollars was scolded as crazy. But he is not angry, his charms are only sold to those who see them as genuine because only those who see them know that his charms carry gentle energy. However, what made Siler disappointed was that the stall he built in 5 days had a lot of people asking to buy it, but Siler hasn't sold any charms yet. Siler's black market charms are also famous because one of his yellow charms has to sell for a thousand dollars! A lot of people come not to buy a charm, but just to see what kind of charm it is. His stall is also a joke in the black market, other people's charms are as big as half an A4 sheet of paper, but his amulets are only as big as the palm of his hand, and some are only half the size of his palm. The resale price is very expensive, and no bargaining is allowed, such stalls attract a lot of attention. By the ninth day, Siler was a bit annoyed, he determined that no one here
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Chapter 5: Rent a room
- You guys go, I won't sell you things, this person here affects my mood. Siler pointed to Conal and said to Flora. Flora has been worried about her mother's illness for a few years, so she has no spirit, and has lost all hope with the hospital. She had heard a certain master say that her mother might be infected with evil spirits, just buying an exorcism weapon, and disarming the evil spirit, her mother could wake up. She bought many magic tools but her mother still did not wake up, now someone says his charm can make her mother wake up, how can she ignore it? Even if it was this person in front of her who deceived her, it was only a few thousand dollars, a few thousand dollars for the Karishma family was nothing. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, she will not give up. Although deep in her heart she also knew that this person's words were 99% fake, she still wanted to give it a try. Now hearing Siler say that, how could she not be worried, hastily said to Siler: - Sorry, Ma
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Chapter 6: Amulet
- Dad, why did you come back? When Flora returns to the private sanatorium, she is surprised that the first person she meets again is her father. Since her mother became a persistent macrobiotic, he did not visit once, completely focused on work. Her mother's company is also managed by Flora, but she is worried about finding a way to treat her mother's illness, so the company's business is very messy. On normal days, Flora's father doesn't ask questions, and rarely visits her mother in the private sanatorium. So Flora doesn't know why Dad is here today. - If I don't come, I don't know what stupid things you will do. Buy so many stupid things, I still believe in these stupid charms, next time you will invite an exorcist, right? Lagan Karishma's face darkened, it was clear that he was very dissatisfied with his daughter. As soon as Flora heard it, she knows the name Conal told her to buy the charm for her father, she secretly thinks that this Conal donkey is shameless. However, she
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Chapter 7: Computer addict
- Mom, I'm Flora, can you hear me? Mommy... Flora excitedly shook the hand of the woman who was fast asleep on the bed, calling non-stop. The woman's hand twitched, then her eyebrows furrowed, and then she slowly opened her eyes. Vaguely looking at her daughter who was so happy to the point of crying sitting in front of her, she wanted to say something, but Flora was too excited, so she jumped into this woman's lap, crying while saying: - Mom, you're finally awake, I... - Flora... The woman on the bed gradually regained consciousness, she gradually felt that her body was much lighter, and her spirit was also gradually recovering. - What's wrong with me, Flora? The woman lying on the bed was now fully awake, wanting to sit up, but because she had been lying on the bed for so long, she couldn't get up right away. But she could feel a sense of relief slowly spreading through her limbs. Lagan gaped and watched, unable to believe what was happening in front of his eyes, even forgett
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Chapter 8: The neighbor
This middle-aged man was also standing near to practice martial arts just now, Siler also saw it, only Siler thought that his martial arts were really just a hand and foot dance, didn't pay attention to it. At this time, he saw this person running to say hello, so he didn't pay attention. But he still smiled and said: - I just flex my arms and legs at will, nothing special. Hearing Siler says that this middle-aged man smiled awkwardly, clearly, Siler didn't want to get to know him, but indeed he found Siler's martial arts to be not bad, probably just less than his own few, making him excited to make friends, so he took the initiative to say hello. - My name is Samson Leonard, I can tell at a glance that you are a master, temporarily itchy hands, come on, let's have a little competition. After this middle-aged man finished speaking, Siler knew that he had come to find him to fight. Looking at Samson Leonard, Siler shook his head and said: - You are not my opponent, no need to figh
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Chapter 9: The most beautiful woman at York University
The next day, Siler did not go to High Park to exercise, but woke up early in the morning to practice boxing, then went out to buy things. A mini-healing potion, a set of honeysuckle, in addition to buying a bunch of herbs to return, making some simple magic potion and liquid soup, of course, it's not even the most ordinary magic potion, But for Siler, these were enough for him to set up a stall. Just like that, the rest of the money makes Siler fall into poverty again. By the time he was well prepared, York University had already begun a new academic year, and Siler was already a fourth-year student at York University. As expected, Siler did not pass a single subject, all had to retake the exam. However, Siler ignored this, and neither did the school. If a normal student, just having to take three re-exams, can be severely punished, even expelled, but Siler is a special kind. Even though he was kicked out of the Rosthchile family, the school won't let this affect his relationship
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Chapter 10: I really want to invite you to a meal
Seeing this young man's cruel gaze, Siler knew he would not let me go. Although Siler wasn't afraid of anyone, he was annoyed to be plotted like this for no reason. This guy better knows what he can and can't do, otherwise, the consequences won't be what he can bear!Just looking at this young man's face, Siler knew that he was not a good person, Siler's past life experience told him that a teenager would indeed dare to do some extremely dangerous things.Siler coldly stared at the beautiful girl beside him and said nothing, although he was very resentful of this female student's irresponsible actions, not at all considering the consequences this action would bring to others. But he also didn't like the young man's murderous face, if this person dared to find him to cause trouble, Siler did not mind making him remember for the rest of his life.- Friend, not bad, even Miss Layla has some respect for you, let's get to know you a bit, my name is Beck, I see you very familiar, must be ac
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