Kidnapped by a legendary dragon

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Kidnapped by a legendary dragon

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The ‘Raynard’ lineage had been an influence in the village of ‘Nonius’ since the 14AD till now, but it all crumble into dust with the birth of ‘Leo Raynard’ whose attitude and sarcastic nature was a headache to all the villagers as he used his hereditary magical ability to his pleasure. Though all these end the day he was kidnapped by a legendary type of dragon that tortured him all the days of his life. But when he finally returns, he realizes he had been thrown off the village elder by his younger brother. Leo Raynard has to decide whether to become the villain or remain the protagonist he had always been. **************** Tag: Action, villainous protagonist, dragon, monsters, beast, taming, revenge.


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9 chapters
Chapter 1 - Leo Raynard
Chapter 1 – Leo Raynard The loud laugh of Leo made a scene in front of the local village store were the people watching were either tired or angry. “What?” Leo’s sarcastic voice asked as he tried to keep his laughter under control, “It isn’t easy to contain an overgrown laughter.” “Well there is nothing to laugh for when you’re only scaring her.” Leo’s younger brother, Thomas, about the age of eight intervened in the matter as a girl noticeably in his age group sat numb on the ground vividly frightened by whatever trick Leo must had played on her. “Don’t get scared, it’s not real, goblins don’t exist, alright.” Thomas sat down on the ground alongside the girl whose breath was loud enough for the audience and passerby to hear “Tom, why do you spoil all the fun with your boring….” Leo was about to complain but was rudely interrupted with a resounding slap that landed on his left cheek “How dare you hurt my daughter, you naughty brat.” A chubby w
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Chapter 2 - Stubbornly Kidnapped
Chapter 2 – Stubbornly Kidnapped When Leo climbed out of the lake, he immediately began to run helter-skelter around the forest since he had no idea where he was coming from. “Wait there little human.” A domineering voice pierced into Leo’s ears followed by a heavy gust of wind that swept him off his feet.“Ow!” Leo cried with the itching sensation from a small cut. He turned around to see the person or animal that chased behind him but was immediately dumbfounded upon seeing a huge black reptile floating mid-air with its gigantic wings moving rhythmically.He stood up from the ground with a confused face after seeing the creature, now even ignoring the heavy pressure before him.‘I can’t believe it. I thought daddy said dragons aren’t real.’ Leo felt a spark trigger in him, and a wide smile appeared on his face. He slowly advanced towards the dragon after some seconds of pondering with his arms stretched forward like he was called for an embrace.“Ca…can I touc.. touch yo
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Chapter 3 - The Nonius monster is missing
Chapter 3 – The Nonius monster is missing(Warning! For the safety of readers, please be aware that this chapter could be relatable to child abuse. Read at your own risk.) In a lit room, Thomas and his father sat on a huge bed with a terrified and uneasy look on their face. Senior Raynard however looked more terrified with a frown plastered on his face.“Leo is getting more naughty every day, he’d never stay out this late.” The senior peeked through the opened shutter window that revealed the creepy darkness outside. Thomas on the other hand sat still with an uneasy look on his face, “I think the caution is freaking him out, you and everybody else have been too harsh towards him.”“Aah! This can’t happen.” Senior Raynard jumped up from the bed and stormed out of the room leaving Thomas to stare silently. Over a minute later, he stood before a dozen of guards who all had burning touches on their grasp to lighten the dark surrounding. “The twelve of you should
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Chapter 4 - Black Heart
Chapter 4 – Black heart Leo stood naked in a shallow stream while slowly taking a bath in the warm gentle water. Multiple bruises and black marks coated his currently matured skin due to the severe beating from Bel and other injuries he sustained from the beast’s attacks or plants.Some minutes later, Leo returned to the lair far behind a waterfall and began to dress up in a pair of leather clothes. In the middle of his business, Bel whose figure looked humanoid walked into the scenery with a couple of hair-care equipment.“Leo, I brought this hair equipment for you.”The past couple of years had been tremendous for the dressing latter as he had to face multiple life-or-death situations that Bel referred to as a training. For the past fifteen years, he also learned to view the kind and caring side of Bel who was too filled with pride to reveal it at first.“T.. Thank you.” A wide smile appeared on his lips as he ran towards Bel to hug him. Bel, on the other hand, happily returne
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Chapter 5 - Unwanted monster
Chapter 5 – Unwanted Monster Leo and Bel sat lazily on the cold ground of the lair with an odd silence. After a couple of minutes, Leo stood up from the ground staring directly at Bel whose eyes were tightly shut.“B.. Bel, I want something from you.” Leo stuttered, staring intensively at Bel who flung his eyes open with a grin.“Don’t bother asking, Leo.” Leo’s emotion quickly sank into a pool of sadness immediately after hearing the words of Bel who still had a grin, “I was going to suggest that. You can go whenever you want, but always remember that you’ll be safer in my arms rather than in that disgusting village.”Leo’s face lit up with excitement and he began to jump around the wide lair. He settled down a couple of minutes later and ran to peck Bel on the cheeks, “I feel like calling you dad right now. Thank you!” Bel nodded and Leo quickly grabbed the hair equipment on the ground and began to fix his appearance. The next couple of minutes was an absolut
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Chapter 6 - Pretentious little brother
Chapter 6 – Pretentious little brother Leo looked startled for a couple of minutes as the villagers sprang into a segment of celebration. He felt emotional almost immediately and at the same time had the urge to hug them all. “Are? are you all serious!” His voice revealed a rush of emotions, especially when the recalled the threatening words of the young man. But luckily, things were going in the opposite direction. A group of husky men assembled themselves tightly in front of Leo whose blue eyes began to drop tears. “Elder!, hop on our hands, let us show the village, no… the whole village, that our elder has returned to us.” A random voice shouted out from the assembly of men whose palms stretched to the air. Leo’s saddened spirit immediately lit up and his once teary eyes transformed into a look that glittered with happiness. He stepped his feet into the palm of the young men who rapidly cheered and screamed in excitement like a festive event was tak
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Chapter 7 - Are you ready for this!
Chapter 7 – Are you ready for this! Immediately after Thomas left the prison, a tall and masculine figure dressed in a pair of leather clothing. Leo was however dumbstruck after seeing the man who happened to be no other than Bel.“Hello, Leo!” He mustered a word even before Leo could react to his sudden appearance. A smile appeared on his face after a long minute of silent and then proceeded to go on with his words.“Why are you in here? Did the villagers, or your brother reject you?” Leo looked down casted and bent his head to the stone ground, vividly embarrassed by his predicament.“Anyways, there no need for a reply. So… what’s your next goal?”After Bel’s words, the area once again returned to its creeping silence. Leo on the other, immediately began to brainstorm the question with a reasonable answer.“No idea!” Bel asked after a moment of silence with a despicable smile that even the strongest man will shiver to, “What about claiming the right as a
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Chapter 8 - Convincing him to destroy
Chapter 8 – Convincing him to destroy Bel vastly approached his tainted lair with Leo’s body strongly held. He flashed into the lair within the blink of one’s eyes and dropped Leo’s body on the ground before transforming into his humanoid figure.“Leo!” The short word escaped his breath as he continuously repeated the name as if it would revive the latter’s limp body.“Leo, don’t die.” He shouted at the limp body while he stood some meter away from it. All he could do now was watch the young man lying limp as he wasn’t aware of any skills, or rather action that would be effective for reviving him. Suddenly, an uncertain ideas struck him like a bolt of lightning and he immediately walked into the further part of the cave, only returning with a small and empty drum some seconds later. He rushed towards the waterfall in front of the lair and fetched until his drum was full.He hastily rushed back to Leo’s limp body and immediately dumped half of the liquid on him.
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Chapter 9 - What to be alerted of
Chapter 9 – What to be alerted of The village of Nonius was in chaos as the gathering of people, including Thomas and his guards ran into different directions to escape the flames from the dragon. After some minutes, Thomas settled down behind a random house with his guards who looked even more scared than him. “That… That was a freaking dragon.” He screamed in fright as if he could see the creature right before his eyes. The guards who had a duty to protect him were even more scared as they shrieked in fright. “And.. I think it wanted to save the impersonator.” The guard suggested with a terrified look. Thomas simply ignored the speech of the guard and began to walk out from the back of the with a serious face. The guards quickly followed after him, still scared of the past incident. ***“Royal highness, I request for a meeting with you and the other council of elders for a very important discussion.” Thomas could be seen standing before a high podium that was mad
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