The Shape Shifter System

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The Shape Shifter System

By: Author_Usfal_Aizen Ongoing

Language: English

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Alex lost his parents due to the ongoing war between humanity and the demon halflings. In this era, human possess abilities but the powerful abilities are hoarded by the rich and powerful while the poor and weak are left with scrap! When Alex awakens a system, will he be able to save the world?


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The Beginning
The Beginning.A black haired kid could be seen sitting on his bed, the room he is in looks like it is abandoned. He seems to be in deep thinking. 'How I wish I am not that weak, why me of all people ?!' Alex thought.' Will I always be bullied ? unable to retaliate ? what if someday I can't protect my little brother ? Then I can never be able to forgive myself' Alex is an orphaned and only has one family member with him, which is his little brother Jake. The current generation they live in is a generation where the rich and strong gets stonger and richer while the poor and weak became even more poor and weaker. Alex is very intelligent and smart, while his brother is small, he is also smart and stubborn person."Hey big bro!" The childish and energetic voice called."Jake so you just wake up, huh ?" Alex replied as his sad gaze turn kind as he watch his little brother."Yeah I just did, what are you thinking ? You have been like this since yesterday after coming back from school."
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Explanation and Systems
EXPLANATION. SYSTEMS.The two brother are on their bed and both facing each other. So who's gonna start ?."Find I will explain first." Jake speaks."I just randomly stumble upon an ancient looking book, and I feel some thing calling to me. So I shrugged and pick it off." Jake narrated."You idiot what if its something dangerous"Alex knocked his head."Ouch, but it isn't, so why knock my head ?" Jake complained."Okay sorry, go on" Alex appologised."Aha, when I touch it some reddish energy just appeared and my body started absorbing it. I felt pain then slowly started feeling very comfortable, then the book was absorbed all into my body, but only a fire type ability and strength type ability am I able to learn something from." As he said that, he thought Alex couldn't believe him so he summon the book."Ahh! Such scary, mysterious looking book!" Alex shouted."Hey keep your voice low. After that, what I am going to tell you, you might not belive Me" Jake said as he narrowed his eyes
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The Military School
The military School."It seems you have figure it out with that good-for-nothing brain of yours, Okay as how you have you have use dull head to think over it. I restricted your rewards, now what will you do if I am to say that I just feel like doing it ? Can you force me ?" The Shifter Emperor seems to be enjoying calling Alex dumb and dull boy."I will not dare, After all you are the strongest man in existance, your powers unfathomable, you are th-"Hold it, so you now learn your place. I have restricted your other rewards because of the risk and it will break the balance. You are physically weak, mental strenght so bad, and lacking at willpower. Sorry to say but the current you is a complete trash. So you caan wield that power and bloodlines, After all that is an endgame quest which is supposed to give you a massive boost in the last fights" The Shifter Emperor said."So is not made to be completed now ?" Alex asked."Exactly" The Shifter Emperor replied."So if I guessed correctly,
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Starting with a BANG!ll
Starting with a BANG!llThe stronger students feel like this is a threat but they could still cope with, the average students felt that this is a threat to them and the weaker students felt like this is someone they cannot match."Who is that ?""I have never seen him""Come on, he just use a risky move to get a massive boost in strength for this test""Yeah if he is strong we could have known him"Those comments make the student felt more at ease. It is true that the from is fierce but not so powerful, currently it is a mix of low level bloodlines, meaning this is not its full potential."Lets go" Alex said as he entered a full concentration mode.He calmly dodge the attacks, and his hits a re always accurate.When it is time for the last test.'Great shifter emperor lend me some short burst of power, since no one knows this is Alex apart from by brother, I want to create this image in people hearts. So that Alex is weak but The flaming humanoid tiger is strong and not the same perso
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GoalsMidnight it seems all of Alex roomates are awake for some reason."Hey, I know that you can all hear me. Since we can't sleep because we are too excited, why don't we talk about our goals to each other ?" Alex breaks the silence."Alright, I want to go first" Reginold said."Go on" Jake said."My goals is to be the strongest swordman that is unmatched, I want to use my power to eliminate any threat to humans. I will make sure that I protect those that I loved and cared for, never letting harm comes their way." Reginold said."As for me, I want to get Stronger, so strong that I will fear no one. I will protect humans and everyone that is not evil, I will make sure that I get rid of all those corrupted and vile rich powerful people. I will distribute abilities to those that has no ability and try to make the world as fair as possible" Jake said in a passionate tone."I also want to be strong and more handsome and cool, I want to be strong that I will never let someone to torment m
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First time in class.
Luke sidestepped the fist went past him and he grab it, giving Jake a shoulder throw. Jake get up really fast and he sent very quick jabs at Luke. Luke parried, blocked and dodge but can he keep up with Jake's increasing speed ?At the other side Alex has just send a punch to Reginold's stomach and he also added a kick which Reginold blocked and seeing an opening he strikes.'Hahahaha this is my favourite place to attacked even at home' Reginold thought. His aura flared and he send a very powerful uppercut to Alex's jaw. Alex feels like his head is going to leave his neck as he lie complete flat on the ground. Jake is also having a hard time with Luke.The two are ready clash again when Reginold grab both of their hands. Both of them seeing him they reduced the strength of their attack."Calm down, this is not a life or death. So let's stop here go take our bath and sleep a bit and get ready for school tommorow, am I right ?" Reginold state.The two look at him weirdly. Reginold star
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Because he is my friend.
Because he is my friend.At the other side Alex just finish a hard fight with one student.'This weapon is not bad' Alex firmly held his weapon.'I should go cheer Reginold for his fight' Alex thought."Reginold, beat him up! Show him who's the boss!" Alex shouted."Hahaha, since Alex said so. I will beat you up" Reginold shouted.Reginold roll away from the direction of the sword, he hit Jim's leg and get him down then he strike with a backhand slap.Slap!The class is silence, no one can believe what they just saw. The little Reginold really slap the towering Jim.Even Jim himself was shocked he has been touching his cheek and the stinging pain is sure there.'So this is really not a dream, I have really been slapped by a kid I thought I could beat so easily to impress everyone here' Jim said as his body start shaking due to rage. How can he be slapped by a little boy ?The next moment many metallic structures are conjured and hurled toward Reginold, it seems that Jim cannot control
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Jake Vs Medical ward doctor.
Jake Vs Medical ward doctor."I can't wait to tell my brother how much I improved and about the enemies we make today" Jake is really excited."You are still thinking about the threatening words they said to us ? Those are just empty threats, don't get scared" Luke said."No way I will be scared of those idiots, if they want a fight, fight they will get" Jake said as he clenched his small fist."Well that look funny" Luke teased."It will not be when my hand find it's way to your stomach and your, oh so handsome face" Jake threaten as he wave his little fist in the air."Why are you so lazy ? Walk faster" Jake said."You know that you even lazier than me, it's just that you want to tell your big brother you beat some weak- ehem I mean you become the strongest" Luke corrected himself before Jake send him punch."How about a race ?" Luke said."Challenge accepted" Jake has already start running."You love cheating" Luke said as he followed after him.************************************
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Reginold The Master of Mind.
Reginold The Master of Mind.The sun rays fall on Jake's face, he slowly open his eyes and saw the still sleeping Alex. "To think that I will see a day that, I first wake up before Alex did." Jake is surprised."Even though you are sleeping, I know you can hear me, I will be taking my leave now. I will go complete the mission you and the system have given me" Jake said as he take one last look at the sleeping Alex .'This brother Of mine, thinks that I do not know that he is already awake' Jake thought as he slowly closed the door with a grin. At the weapon Class... "This marks the end of our class for today, I will allow you to go with the weapon you have choose. Make sure to practice at your dorms" Rios said. "And You should take Alex weapon to him and I wish him quick recovery " Rios said to Reginold.Reginold nodded his head And takes Alex weapon on his right hand."Hey Yifang!" Reginold shouted."What ?" Yifang coldly asked. "It's Alex that want me to talk to you about som
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At room number nine.Alex is feeling very upset about his roommates, those idiots really pissed Alex off.'I never thought those friends of mind will be so chaotic, why am I even blaming them while they are just a bunch of idiots' Alex facepalm himself."Still thinking about how you were dragged out of hospital?" Alex heard Reginold's voice from above him."You damn idiot, I thought you will see that I am at the hospital because of your stupid health" Alex is really annoyed at All of his friends, especially Reginold."Ohh. The poor Alex is feeling betray" Jake said from the bed above Luke's bed."And here is another one that I feel really surprised that you agree with their stupid methods" Alex glared at Jake's direction."What about the evil guy behind all of this, don't even pretend to be asleep" Alex said as he is referring to Luke."Of course I am awake, I just don't want to increase to your already decreasing mental health." Luke said.They all laughed at Alex misery."Don't worr
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