A Man's Insanity:A Changing World

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A Man's Insanity:A Changing World

By: Syed Hussain Raza Naqvi Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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A world, where people use others for their benefit. Where beasts run rampant. Cleverness was in the veins of humans. A single decision could change the lives of many. Humans were clever, beasts possessed power, and a being contained secrets of heaven and earth. But humans went against heaven and created what they called techniques. A war was a result of their folly. But war results in someone being a victor and makes them even more powerful. Many secrets, which were buried in dust. A history that shocked even the heavens. A man whose kindness resulted in a regret. To whom the righteous path and demonic path were just tools.


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208 chapters
Chapter 1:Blame
"Do you really want to do that!" Spoke to the man in black clothes. "What choice do I have left?" Yang Lee's expression was dark. He was struggling, but he knew that he didn't have any other choice. As the matter of fact, he did, but he couldn't choose that choice. "You might not return alive after submitting what you didn't even do" the man in black clothes was smiling. "Well, don't pretend you're thinking about me. After all, you're a beast." Yang lee was going to make an ultimate sacrifice. After all, what could be the ultimate sacrifice if not one's life? And why was this considered an ultimate sacrifice? Simple, because he was willing to accept the blame of the ones he believed to be his friends. "Oh, you know that if you go in there tomorrow, you'll be punished even if you are not guilty. How can they be considered your friends if they're willing to sacrifice you for their benefit just because the leader will kill their families if they don't accept his offer." The man in bla
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Chapter 2:Transmigration
The leader's name was Tai Zin, and he was very ruthless to even his friends. He could do anything for the throne, but in front of the clan he was a very good leader, and his decisions were filled with justice. At this moment the entire hall was silent waiting for the leader to make a decision. Because Yang Lee was silent, the elders thought that he was accepting his crime. His friends were expressionless, but inside they were also sad, but for their families sake, they had to do it "Because killing your own blood is considered taboo, you'll be punished by death. Prepare the fire" Tai zin said expressionlessly, shocking the hall. Yang Lee's friends were shocked to the core because this wasn't the deal they had made. Tai zin told them that Yang Lee would only be imprisoned. They didn't think that Tai Zin would directly give the order of execution. "What are you doi….," one of Yang Lee's friends tried to speak, but he was directly suppressed by the leader's aura. Others tried to sp
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Chapter 3:Bon-Hwa
Just like that, in the blink of an eye, another sixty years passed and Yang Zhai was already a peak stage expert of 2nd rank. He had already reached the peak stage fifty years ago but wasn't able to advance any further because he couldn't find any opportunity. Right now, he was in a forest. He had already left the Bai clan forty or so years ago to find an opportunity to advance. But he couldn't find any opportunity, instead, he had to endure many difficulties and trials on his journey. It could be said that he has gained more experience than before his transmigration into this body, not because of his battles or his journey, after all before his transmigration into this body, he was a hero who had fought many battles and journeyed more times than his current body, but because of the people and their use of other people for their own benefits. He now understood many different things about this world and the people living in this world. But understanding didn't mean that he had chang
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Chapter 4:Forced To Stay
"So beautiful, what do you think, Bae Ah?" Cho Byeol asked. "Miss, you're right, they are beautiful" Bae Ah answered "Yeah, I have never seen such beautiful flowers before. Do you think we can take them with us?" Cho Byeol said. She was smiling at the moment. She almost forgot her problems. "Miss, I don't think so. Right now, we need to deal with the situation at the hand. As for these flowers, I think they belong to someone else, we should leave as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary trouble" Bae Ah said humbly. Her expression was serious saying this. "Why would you say that we can at least stay here for a while, right" Cho Byeol insisted. Even though she said this, she also knew that Bae Ah was right. She couldn't care about the flowers at the moment and needed to deal with the situation at hand. "I have never seen such beautiful flowers before, but I wonder who grew them. After all, it isn't possible for them to grow here in such an environment without any protection. Th
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Chapter 5:Cho Byeol
Time passed, it had already been a week since they arrived at the cave. Yang Zhai was sitting at his bed, meditating. As for Cho Byeol and Bae Ah, they were sitting at the corner of the cave. They were silent right now. They had discovered in the past week that Yang Zhai didn't like to talk much. And because of this, they hadn't talked to each other in the past week. The situation was quite weird now because even though Yang Zhai forced them to stay, he hadn't done anything to them, instead, he even provided them with food. Because of this Cho Byeol tried many times to speak with Yang Zhai but every time he ignored her. This wasn't because he wanted to avoid being disturbed, but because of his personality. He was a cautious person and tried his best to stay away from people as much as possible. Even though they were just Rank 3, they were still cultivators and cultivators had many methods. He was very cautious of them. And also because he knew that if he befriended them
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Chapter 6:Green-Wind Wolves
It was already nighttime, the moon was fully displayed. The sky was filled with stars. Near the waterfall, yellow lights, the size of the dot, were rising slowly, they covered the whole waterfall. The water of the lake was shining with the light of the moon.Two people, a man, and a woman were standing near the waterfall, in a garden, watching and appreciating the scene. And the flowers of the garden were flowing with the wind. And the sounds of cicadas were in the air. The scene was extremely beautiful, and it could make one forget about his problems."How beautiful, it's really spectacular, I've never seen such a scene before," the woman said, she was dressed in green clothes, her hair extended to her shoulder, the color of her eyes was black, and she had a perfect curvy body. Right now, she was looking extremely beautiful and graceful, just like a fairy."Didn't I say that you'll be able to see something even more amazing if you wait u
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Chapter 7:Pond Trees
Just as the attack was about to land on Yang Zhai, a red colored light struck the wolf's stomach, the green wind wolf was sent flying by dozens of feet. Yang Zhai took the chance and took a few steps back. It was Cho Byeol."Thanks, if you hadn't helped me at the right time, I would have been severely injured" Yang Zhai hurriedly thanked Cho Byeol, while looking at the wind green wolf on the ground."Ok, but are you alright?" Cho Byeol asked while looking at Yang Zhai worriedly."Don't worry, I am fine," Yang Zhai answered.The green wind wolf struggled to stand up, it was staggering. How could it be possible that it was not going to be severely injured after Cho Byeol's attack? After all, the green wind wolf was already injured, and it wasn't ready for Cho Byeol's attack. Even if it was a rank 4 beast, it still needed to defend itself. Even if Cho Byeol's attack was weak, it was enough for the injured and defenseless wind
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Chapter 8:Sickness
After Cho Byeol learned how to capture the pond beasts, they started capturing even more pond beasts. This went on for two to three hours. Every pond had a limited number of beasts. And every fish type beast was different from other fish type beasts."Tell me, how many years has it been since you've been eating them?" Cho Byeol thought of something and asked Yang Zhai."Since the time I arrived at this place," Yang Zhai answered."So, don't you get bored?" Cho Byeol was surprised when she heard what Yang Zhai said. How could someone eat the same thing for so long?"I'm already used to it, and didn't I tell you that every fish tastes different from the other. Some have the taste of fruits, some have the taste of meat while some have different kinds of tastes. That's why I don't mind eating them," Yang Zhai replied.Cho Byeol nodded when she heard this, but she still wasn't convinced, even if they had different tastes, t
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Chapter 9:The Beginning Of A Tragedy
It was broad daylight, the sun was high in the sky. There was grassland and a wooden house could be seen in the grassland. And a palace could be seen on the horizon. This grassland and the palace were in the territory of the Zhang Clan. "Mom, do you know what happened today," a young girl, who was covered in dust, around 8 to 9 years old was running towards a woman. The woman was sitting outside a wooden house, the surroundings were plain grasslands. She had straight long black hair extending to her waist, black eyes, she had a slim waist, and was wearing the white Shenyi with beautiful lapis blue color flower patterns on it, looking extremely beautiful. Her appearance was similar to Cho Byeol. When she saw the girl running towards her, she smiled. She stood up and picked the girl up. "What happened?" The woman looked lovingly at the girl and asked. "No, I'm not gonna, first put me on the ground, I'm covered with dust right now, and I don't want mommy to get dirty as well," the gir
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Chapter 10:Cure
Time passes like a sword, which can't be stopped in the middle, The world changes like seasons and weather, old goes and young come. Destruction follows the creation, everything finds its end for development. Evolution is the result of destruction. Plants grow from decaying matter. The more we know, the more we understand that we know nothing. The hypothesis is formed after many results, but even then, there are exceptions. This is what we call a changing world. Many years had already passed after Cho Byeol lost her cultivation. She was already a Rank three peak stage. She already adapted to the fact that her talent was now ordinary or even lower. Because of this, it took her many years to reach Rank three peak stage. She had already forgiven Dong-Min. In fact, she didn't even blame Dong-Min. She considered Dong-Min to be her best friend. On a fine day, Cho Byeol and Dong-Min were sitting near the same river, an
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