A Soldier Never Stops, my revenge my way.

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A Soldier Never Stops, my revenge my way.

By: Flower Spirit Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Izzie Brown held a young boy's hand and dragged him excitedly, calling out for her father, "Dad..., I want you to meet someone," A middle-aged man with a dark blue stunning suit turned to them, "Who is this, Izz?" She was so excited and came near to him, "Dad, that's Steven Tyler, I told you, he is my love" That man with the suit looked at Steven, from the bottom to the top... "Izz I thought you were just kidding, never do I expect that you would come with a trash can", Izzie interrupted him, " Dad, that's harsh....how could you...?" "Then what else do you expect me to call him?" "But..!!" "shut up and get him out Izzie, don't dare date him again," "Dad, listen to me, he is a military man, Dad please, I love him..." Izzy's father called his men and asked them to throw Steven out, and held Izzie back. Steven was humiliated by her father, just because he was a poor soldier, but the fact was something more..... He promised himself that he will make them pay for their deed and for sure he will, a soldier never stops.... not in a battle, not in life... He became the one in the top.. then counted their days to make them pay. Read Steven's life from leap to top....in this book. *************** I need support from my readers, review, comment, ***************** The main thing is, Thank you for choosing my book.


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9 chapters
Prologue ....
"Dh... DH...DH...dha..."the sounds of bullets, reverberated everywhere around,havoc... a complete mess, A common man can never even think about it,but they have to endure it no matter what, ready to die, ready to kill.A soldier's life is unpredictable, whose name is written on his bullet and on whose bullet his name is...Steven Tyler is a military man, a brave soldier, who takes decisions on impulse, being a soldier at the lowest rank, he and his team were often sent on missions that are hard to deal with, the most deadly ones.Each time they had a mission, they keep their lives at stake.This time they were informed about a kidnapping case of a girl, they were assigned to rescue the girl and wipe out those intruders, Hopper, the criminal leader, leading the armed forces, in the south Asian borders, they were mainly engaged in drug media, and human trafficking, but the smuggling of arms and weapons are their other activities noted, Recently they were reported to Sneaked int
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Chapter 1
Being shot, being betrayed by his team, Steven was drowning in the deepest of the blues, His head hit the rock and he closed his gaze to the world confusingly,But life is unpredictable, we never know when a second chance is waiting for us, and maybe life wants to give him a second chance, he was dragged along by the ripples to a completely different place, with his last breath.He opened his eyes to an unknown land, but actually, the land he always fought with. Though a difficult one, he got his chance as he was saved by some refugees, Finding himself alive he was shocked and looked around, it was a tent, where he was kept,His mind was blocked when he saw the military signs of another country in that tent, so he was dragged to a different country, being a soldier it was the terrible thing that could happen to him,he tried to escape, but his body was frozen, not even an inch can be moved... Only his eyes, and ears were in his control, "so this is what they call a vegetative sta
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Chapter 2
he looked around and saw a woman standing in front of him she was giving some money to a beggar, he went to her and asked her for help, "Miss, can you lend me some money?" She stared at him disgustingly, upside down, and took out the note and threw it on him, which slipped down, He didn't make any fuss, as he knew what he is now, he need that, he needs every penny... He bent down and took it away as the lady stepped back annoyingly,He went to the PCO to call the only number he remembered, Alex, his best friend, he was the one who went to take Izzie to a safe place, and he was the only one who was not present there when he got shot, it was clear that he did not shoot him, so Steven thought that it was safe to call him, "Hello," Alex trembled just at hearing the voice, "Who...!!is this Steve...Steven?"his voice was shaking, while his eyes widened,"Steven... is that you?" he asked again unable to believe his ears."Yes....that's me..." said Steven."Ahh..... I can't believe this
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Chapter 3
"Wilson...!!" It made him think If 'that name I heard from Izzie, he was a far cousin to her, and always clinging on to her, her father was very fond of him because he was rich, I am sure he would have forced her to marry him, but Izzie is not someone who makes decisions on being threatened',He moved out of the mansion with a maze of thoughts, This made his heart more relevant to see Izzie just once, to see if she was forced or having a hard time with that man Wilson, His fingers clasped the paper with her address he got from the security guard, creased, Taking out the last bill he had, he realized that it was hard enough to get a ticket to the train to LA,but he need to hurry as his mind was not at ease, out of all the other worries he had, this was wreaking havoc on him.The only option is again the loading and unloading agencies, where he can work to earn more,He drowns himself in the floods of sweat just to earn money to take a look at his love, he was sure that she was fo
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Chapter 4
He clenched his fingers with anger and turned back at once to see her, his eyes were filled with an aura of killing, that made her shiver, "What did you say?" he cried out holding her tightly with his hands forgetting how much strength he was laying on, which left a red mark on her white skin, "Steve you are hurting me...!!" she screamed out in pain, He loosened his grip and stood aside, "Why...?" he asked hanging his head down, and hitting the wall in front of him." I don't know maybe to pull us apart, but I heard him talking to one of your companions, that he will send the money promised once the work is done" she explained, " do you know who that was?" he inquired to know the name of that bad egg who backstabbed him, " No, nothing specific, I never heard any name from him," she heaved a sigh, " I was forced to marry Wilson, dad was sure I won't agree if you are alive...!" she sat on a chair nearby, " but he is good to me, I started loving him, it's just...." He can't be
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Chapter 5
A blurred vision and unclear sounds as if someone was talking in a trunk, Steven opened his eyes to see himself being tied to a chair with a solid rope,He tried moving but it was very stiff, his vision was blurry, and he couldn't hear anything clearly, he blinked his eyes multiple times to clear his vision, but still no use, So many dramatic thoughts were blooming in his mind, Did Izzie tell her father that I am alive?Is it him again?Will they kill me this time?He was fighting with his thoughts as he heard some footsteps coming to him, "Tap... Tap...Tap..." as it came near he was able to guess that the one coming was a lady, as it was a sound of sandals, who could it be?Is that Izzie?He was able to hear the sound but his vision was still blurred, he blinked again and again, and all he could see was a blurry tall figure in a black dress with red hairs,She came near and bent forward to him resting her hands on his chairs handrest, where his hands were tied, That fragrance,
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Chapter 6
Michael bent forward to observe, "Bravo....!!" "I can't believe this... you are amazing.....!!""ha...ha....ha....." Michael jumped out of excitement, he was so happy as if he just got a winning lottery ticket...Steven stood silently as he couldn't understand why he was so happy, each achievement in his life came with a dangerous experience, He remembers the day he joined the army, his commander was making them kneel on the rocks just to make them feel the life ahead is not easy... the training will not be simple.It was a door of hell that was opened to them. They were dragged to the mountains, running for hours just as a part of training.He remembers the first time he touched the gun, he was so excited that his soul quivered in excitement,But on the first mission, the very first mission of his life, when he was forced to face those notorious criminals, his excitement turned to a nightmare as he has to kill someone, it was his duty though,Life made him learn everything step b
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Chapter 7
Two years later, The biggest Tender office in the city was filled with many millionaires and billionaires, who are here to try their luck for the greatest project which can change their lives instantly." You know this is the greatest project I have ever heard of in this whole country" said one of the millionaires sitting beside a man in blue color two pieces branded suit, chin up with attitude, confident that the tender is going to be in his favor, answered him with just a smirk, A man walked in and stood before the mic, everyone gave him attention, sitting erect, straightening their back, He was about to announce the result, that everyone was eagerly waiting for but suddenly his assistant came and whispered something in his years, he looked at him and swallowed his spit, standing panicky, he took the mic before announcing something, " Ladies and gentlemen, the tender has been won by the Rodgers group of companies" That announcement made a lot of disturbance in the hall, every
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Chapter 8
It was like a wonder for Evan,How could a man have this kind of threat?Why is he interested in a small project like this?It is not even close to his status? his guard can get bigger than this easily just in a time of galloping a sip of a peg,All the articles on the internet explained his sovereignty, he was like a throneless Emperor, talks less kills more, all the underworld of many countries bow to him, Evan understood why Eddie told him that he was lucky, "No wonder, the GM of the Torant association was shivering with fear before him, I must seize a chance to meet him, to befriend him, maybe he could help me take over the empire of my stupid father-in-law,"thought Evan, while moving back to his house. As he reached his house, Izzy was waiting for him in toes, "Evan... what have you done...?" she darted to him, Evan heaved a sigh, he knows that his vampire father in law will be ready to suck out his blood as soon as he steps in, there is no chance he is going to get away w
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