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∆It Was All You Until It Wasn’t∆ Raised as the son of a Marine, Sean Walker is cursed with a hunger for Independence. A desire that becomes a responsibility when he has to prove his ability to care for his now widowed mother, a laid off nurse diagnosed with terminal disorder. After discovering the opportunity to gain a scholarship to complete his education, Sean fights – literally – and gains a partial scholarship to the Satori Academy, Japan, a scholarship which could be revoked at any moment. Sean soon discovers that the oddities of his fate were in fact unnatural. His decisions and experiences up until now had all been influenced by unseen forces. Failing to survive the school and break free of the influences meant the death of his mother, and surviving risked the contamination of his very soul.


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°°° Heartless °°° Kneeling in a pool of blood, Marco shivered like a child who’d been under the rain for an hour. The man had deep cuts on his arms and chest. The bleeding had ceased, but the air made it sting. His kitchen's tiled floor was mostly covered in blood. The entire place was a mess. Bullet shells scattered all over the place. The human hand sizzling on the electric grill made him sick to his stomach. He’d have thrown up a long time ago, but he wasn’t going to risk pissing him off. The only other breathing person in the house was the man who had caused the damage. He had single handedly killed seven men without a single firearm, all of whom were well armed with multiple weapons, and not even a bullet wound was on him, he was not even grazed. He took off his black leather jacket and dropped it on the kitchen island. Walking to the sink the man washed the blood off his face, kicking the severed arm off the grill. He dried his hands and opened the fridge. “Can I?” the man a
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°°° First Light °°°The sound of his mom in an argument downstairs filled his ears. He ran out of his room a bit alerted and took a peek. It was another argument with her boyfriend, Boris Romanoff.“Mom?” he called out with concern, interrupting the argument, hoping to end it.“Go to your room Sean!” his mother yelled at him angrily. Whatever Boris had done, she wasn’t willing to let it slide.Sean stood still for a moment, then reluctantly turned back and walked into his room, slamming the door shut.He heard the argument cease momentarily, and then as expected, the topic suddenly changed to him.Boris and Sean had never really been on the same page. His Mom – Kate – always wrote it of as a phase, a natural occurrence in teens with divorced parents. Accepting the change was always usually hard, but in truth, that was not the case.Sean felt hated by Boris, and he reciprocated the feeling. Boris had always treated him like a ‘not part of the plan' kid. The looks Boris gave him, his co
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°°° The Con Artist °°°The cool evening breeze blew over their exposed faces. Sitting on the porch, Sean and his mother, Kate, were silent, watching kids play football across the street.Sean was happy that she was happy. He hadn’t realized when, but the argument with her boyfriend, Boris Romanoff, had ended and he had left. She wasn’t as grumpy and frustrated as she usually was after arguments with Boris. Whatever it was, it had probably ended the way she wanted it to. And the kids playing across the street, helped to make her more susceptible to suggestions.“You know,” his mother, Kate, tilted towards him, but kept her eyes on the kids kicking the ball around. “… when you were about their age, you really sucked at football,” she mocked with a laugh.“Yeah,” he chuckled softly, running his fingers through his black hair. “I never really was one for such sports,” he defended, his joy growing as he hadn’t even been the one to initiate the conversation, and it was going in the directio
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°°° Blackmailed To Blackmail °°°The rest of the drive to the Whites was uneventful. They’d given Sean quite a tour of downtown Louisville. The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory was one Mr. White and Andrew were most excited about. Mr. White promised to visit with them before Sean leaves, but Sean and Jason weren’t that excited. When they passed by the Muhammad Ali Center, they both could hardly contain themselves. They immediately made the decision to visit no matter the cost.Arriving at the Whites, Sean immediately went up to Jason’s room.It was a shared attic bedroom. Initially, Jason and Andrew shared a room till Andrew decided he was ready to have a room to himself. Jason loved the idea of an attic bedroom and decided to move out, insisting on the shared attic bedroom design he’d seen online. He was relentless with asking and finally got his wish after convincing Andrew to help him out by asking their parents to sleep in his room every now and then. Seeing as Jason’s bed was
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°°° Feets °°°Sean woke up to a knock on the room’s door.“Jay… you are gonna be late for school,” Ann’s voice followed the knock.'I almost forgot. Jason still has school this week,’ Sean yawned and turned in his bed. Jason wouldn’t be able to skip school until tomorrow when his class’s excursion trip begins. 'Funny how time and events aligned for this visit,' Sean smiled rubbing his eyes as he sat up.“Yo! Jay… Jay!” he called out standing up. “Jason,” he yelled, peeling the blanket off Jason’s body, forcing him to open his eyes.“Hey… what gives,” Jason cried out, squirming in his bed.“Dude you are gonna be late,” Sean said throwing the blanket back on Jason.“No… I just need a little bit… more,” Jason groggily said and yawned, hugging the blanket.“What the hell bro… you still bed wet?” Sean said with a tone of disgust.“Huh?... What are you…” Jason spoke with sleep still in his voice then stopped as the words sank in. “What?” he yelled, sitting up immediately, pulling the blanke
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°°° Lost °°°“Isn’t Sean having breakfast with us this morning,” Andrew asked after sitting at the table. He was clad in his school uniform, black pants with plain white long-sleeved collar shirt. His blue neck tie with white leftward diagonal strips was a bit lose from his neck to allow him eat comfortably, but he looked smart regardless. His dark Navy Omari Suede Italian leather drivers sat on the floor as he ate his breakfast. From the way his feet twitched, one could tell just how excited he was to deep his feet into the brand new shoe.“He went out for a morning run,” Jason finally answered after almost thirty seconds of ignoring his brother.“What’s with the mood? It’s just a question,” Andrew rolled his eyes.Jason gave him a look. He was still mad that Andrew had walked in on their conversation the previous night, but more angry that he couldn’t stay home with Sean. His mood wasn’t what it usually was.“Leave your brother alone Dee,” Ann ruffled Andrew’s Havana brown hair. “He
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°°° Interrogation °°°"Hey Mom," Sean slumped into a sofa in the living room, earphones plugged into his phone."Sean… how are you doing?" his Mom's voice came through the speakers."I'm great. How are you? How's work?" he smiled staring at the ceiling."Hey, I called you… I'll be the one asking the questions here," Kate replied, sounding stern, before bursting into a round of laughter, making Sean laugh at her inability to pretend."How's the hood?" Sean shuffled in the leather sofa. "Hope no burglar came knocking?""Well… one did last night. Said he needed your help to break a friend out of holding," she replied, successfully pulling off a serious tone. "I told him you'd get back to him when you returned from your current jailbreak in Kentucky.""Damn ma… you been practicing," Sean laughed. "Your lying skills are getting really good.""What can I say… I learnt from the best," she chuckled."And who's that?" Sean asked with pride in his voice."Who else? Your father of course," Kate
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°°° Behind The Scenes °°°The tweeting of birds up in the trees and the calm winds built an atmosphere of calmness in him. Sean had been jogging since he left the house. In sixty five minutes, he had visited every route connected to the one Dan had asked him to take. He figured that not only was Jason inconsistent with his runs, he was also a lazy runner. He never spent more than fifteen minutes on any route, going to and fro, at least according to Feets."Deactivate in ear instructor," Sean said sitting under a tree. The electronic voice went silent, and at his command, the sound of 50 cent's 'I don't know officer' track ended as well.He opened his bottle of water and drank from it, steadying his breathing pattern. The arm band suddenly beeped and he looked at the screen.||Your Sugar Level Needs A Boost||The words kept flashing with an annoying beep. He sighed as it was at least the fifth time, and the beeping was much louder and the light brighter despite the presence of the risi
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°°° Self Sabotage °°° The rest of the day went by quickly. By six forty five pm, Ann and Dan were both home and were seated at the dining table alongside Jason, Andrew and Sean. Ann had prepared her mom's signature Black Rice with chicken and salad. "So…" Ann started a conversation as the dinner was oddly quite. "How was school today boys," she looked at both Jason and Andrew. Andrew lifted his head up, stared at his brother to know if he should speak and what to say. Seeing that Jason wasn't going to reply, he spoke up. "School was… well school was school. Today was actually tasking." "Huh. Well I'm all ears," Ann smiled. "It wasn't tasking in the academic sense. It's more of a… social thing. You probably wouldn't understand," Andrew tried to select his words carefully. "Try me," Ann challenged with a smile. She knew Andrew was trying to keep something from her, she didn't know why, but she knew that challenging him would get him spewing details. A smug smile slowly appeared on
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°°° Bad Decisions °°°Sean could barely sleep throughout the night. He kept having recurring dreams about the snatching event.It was either he was crushed under the wheels of Melvin's car, sandwiched between Melvin's car and the store, stabbed to death by the slow one who'd intentionally dropped his pace so as to take him unawares, broken his head, neck or spinal cord from his double flip stunt, missed the tree and fell endlessly, or the one with the bag shot him dead.The dreams woke him up almost every eighteen minutes into each sleep.He heaved a sigh of surrender and decided to use the opportunity that sleeplessness presented to pack up his things.In a few minutes, he was done. He wore a black hoodie over a white inner shirt. His Dark blue jeans looked black in the absence of light, as did his dark brown footwear.He walked to Jason's bed and took a picture of the napping lad, laughing softly at the funny face he was making in his sleep. He quietly walked out of the attic bedroo
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