Become Invincible

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Become Invincible

By: Mijun OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Arjuna is this boy's name. At such a young age, he had to experience many misfortunes. Starting from often sering his parents fight until one by or the people he cares about leave him. However, all these misfortunes made Arjun stronger in his destiny. It was as of fate was playing a toy on him. Then, how did Arjun try to be strong? Arjun wants to be strong to take revenge on hus father's family, which is the beginning of Arjun's suffering.


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Burning Fire
The woman kept wailing, begging her husband not to go out with another woman——her husband's affair——and to raise their baby together However, the man even cursed his wife harshly. "Look, Yosi! Your son is still young, he is only seven years old. How dare you leave him for another woman." "I have never loved you, Maurasika. This child was also not born of my will, I told you to just abort your pregnancy, you don't want it! It's your own fault. You take care of him! I can't take it anymore!" Her heart hurt even more because it turned out that her husband really didn't love her and their son, even just human affection. Come to think of it, it should be him who couldn't stand it, not Yosi. "Now, my father and mother are gone, I have nothing more to protect her feelings with this separation." "Me! Me and our child!" Maurasika raised her voice. "I do not care!" Yosi no less shouted loudly. "Do you think, I loved you when I married you? You know Hilal and I were in a relationship at
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Eternal Love Death
Arjuna stood at the tomb of the woman who gave birth to him. Love yourself unconditionally, even more than love yourself. A woman who fought hard for herself. Two days ago the angel of death was picked up. As if God knew that her mother was tired, then her life in this cruel world was over. Three years of struggling without any human help to support them. Insults, insults accompany the steps. Not infrequently Arjuna also received bad treatment because he did not have a father figure in his life. His mother was accused of being a seducer's widow. Even though a beautiful appearance is not a requirement to make someone a seducer. It's not her mother's fault if she is blessed with extraordinary beauty. It is her destiny to be a beautiful woman, the negative of the Almighty. Arjuna often fights to defend his mother's good name. He doesn't want to be like he used to be, being a coward in silence when his mother is insulted. Indiscriminately, he beats anyone who dares to say an
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Reluctant to take care of her husband's nephew, Maurasika's sister-in-law suggested taking Arjuna to an orphanage. He was still ten, and could still be brought there. The selected orphanage is also far from their city. Deliberately chosen far. The reason was so that Arjuna would not continue to be sad, because he remembered his mother and ended up staying at the cemetery again. Unmitigated, they took Arjuna across the island. In the end, Maurasika's brother delivered his little brother with a broken heart. Helplessness and a loser attitude, making the only legacy of his sister wasted. He felt ashamed as a man. "Thank you for taking me. Wish you always happy." Arjuna's farewell sentence added to the sadness in Maurasika's older brother's heart. He was the cause of the beginning of his sister's suffering. Just because they want to give the best for their eldest son, his parents owe him a lot. Until you can't pay. Then, her sister became a victim, like Siti Nurbaya. It's
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Arjuna looked at the photo of his mother before going to bed, now it became a daily ritual, before reading the prayer for sleep that his mother always taught him. "Ma, Arjun misses…." At the same time, tears fell from his eyes. Even though her mother often scolded and seemed to be fussy, she still missed it. His mother's nagging, his mother's hugs and all about Maurasika. Lamenting is indeed not allowed in his religious teachings, but his heart can't hold it, as if there is no power to stem the sadness of his mother's departure. He still cries a lot, still confused by the reality. His eyes are always swollen every morning when he wakes up from sleep. Like the previous days, today is also the case. Wake up early, at four o'clock, fill the top ten empty with water that will be used for cooking water, bathing, washing and so on. Four o'clock was done, so by five o'clock he had to be finished if he didn't want to be punished. The punishment is not to eat breakfast and to put all
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Will be Strong
From then on, Arjuna and Agnimaya's relationship became close. They often spend time together when the work at the orphanage is finished. Agnimaya often scolds boys who try to annoy Arjuna. Sometimes Arjuna is embarrassed because he is always being defended by Agnimaya. Even though Agnimaya is five years older than him, he is still a man, he should be the defender, not the side being defended. This year will be Agnimaya's last year at the orphanage. The young girl now often advised her sister to become stronger. No need to cry or be afraid. Arjuna was silent when he heard an impromptu lecture from his sister. Yes, he has since made a vow in his heart, that Agnimaya is his older sister. "Where will you go after from here?" Arjuna asked weakly. Her face is pitiful like a kitten who is not willing to be separated from its mother. In the afternoon, on the second floor, the place to dry clothes is their background. After performing the Asr worship, they went there. Just to p
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