Demon High Academy

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Demon High Academy

By: Lord of Hallows OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"Who am I?"... Born extraordinary powers that gravely superseded any race born into existence, Evox Delhade embarks on a journey of self-discovery, in am attempt to learn the truth and secret behind his ability and existence.

1 chapters
Hierarchical System and Stuff...
Baronet/ LadyBaron/ BaronessViscount/ ViscountessEarl/ CountessMarquess/ MarchionessDuke/ DuchessGrand Duke/ Grand DuchessArch Duke/ Arch DuchessDemon Emperor/ Demon EmpressDemon LordThis is actually a standard Hierarchy of the several Aristocratic titles procured by several Noble Demons as well as Demons who has accumulated a large amount of wealth and power.These titles are also the generic classification for each Demons Infernal source of power. As A Demon matures and cultivates his or her Source, they experience breakthrough, allowing them to move down the scale.Although, as one dives deeper down the scale, the harder it becomes for one to breakthrough, thus, causing a halt in progress.Note; There's a difference between A Demon Baron and A Baron Class Demon..A Demon Baron is a Noble or wealthy Demon who has attained the Title through either wealth or a Noble deed in service to the Infernal realm.A Baron Class Demon is a actually Demon who has attained a certain amor
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