Demons of Society

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Demons of Society

By: JJ Dizz OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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One of Satan's many children, Luci, flees Hell for Earth to escape the lonely life of being a prince. Ready to start fresh after his escape, Luci meets a little girl named Nana. Upon meeting one another, their lives forever change.


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32 chapters
I'm always running, aren't I? I just want to breathe that sweet, sweet breath of relief. I wish to be free. Free of the fear of disappointing another. Free of the shame I've felt for so long as one of Satan's many children. Free of any guilt I've felt shackled to for so damn long. "THERE HE IS!" A voice cried. "QUICK, GET HIM!" The voice demanded. Wait, what is this? Is this what you can call freedom? This is the farthest I've ever made it... C-can it be? Luci's eyes widened, his breathing getting raspy. His knees were beginning to buckle beneath him.Despite this, he wasn't giving in. He wasn't giving up his final chance for freedom.
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Son of Satan
As he took a deep breath, Luci leaped upwards, taking flight with his wings. "This is it...!" He cried in astonishment. "GET BACK HERE!" The voice angrily barked. "YOU CAN'T RUN FOREVER, SON OF SATAN!" Just as he touched the portal with the tips of his fingers, Luci's eyes widened.* "Sir?" "Sir, are you ok?" Luci heard a concerned voice calling out. He slowly began opening his eyes. As he did, Luci found himself lying on the ground with a handful of concerned bystanders standing above him. "We just saw you were lying there; we thought you were a goner!" One person cried."Oh, thank heavens!" Another person exclaimed. H-Heaven...? Luci quickly sat up. "A-Ah, are you sure you're able to get around in such condition...?" Someone asked, concerned. "N-Nah, I'm fine." Luci smiled, standing up with e
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As Luci waited for the appetizers to be prepared, another man walked into the bar. The man was wearing a pair of sunglasses. Luci, tapping his fingers on the counter, looked up as the man sat a few seats down. "H-here you are, sir...!" The bartender said, handing him the appetizers. "Sorry about that whole scene; that girl just doesn't know when to quit." He chuckled nervously. "Thanks a lot, pal!" Luci said with a wave as he left. He then narrowed his eyes. "Now to find that girl..." He muttered.* He then sniffed the air, his eyes widening. That way. He thought to himself. Ah... I guess I can take my time getting places finally, huh? He thought, smiling. As he turned a street corner, he sniffed the air once more. "She's-" "Oi." A voice called from behind. Luci's eyes widened.Read more
Fading to Black
As Luci kept running, he quickly came to a stop."I'm picking up her scent..." He looked up, noticing a run-down home. He slowly walked up to the door. He looked around cautiously, then proceeded to knock. There was no answer. He knocked again. Nothing. He peered into the peephole. As he did, his eyes widened. The girl from earlier was in the house standing next to a bed with a woman tucked in. Luci put his ear to the door to try and listen. "Mama..." "Mama, please..." "Please, mama..." "MAMA!" The girl shrieked. "WAKE UP, MAMA!" She sobbed wildly. Luci's heart sank. As he leaned on the door a bit more, it creaked open. Crap! He thought to himself. The girl quickly looked up. "Who's there...?" She whimpered. " me!" She ple
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Heaven or Hell
Mama, where are you... Please, mama... I'm scared... Please... Please don't leave me all alone...! As the girl began to stir, she quickly sprang up. She looked around her surroundings.This wasn't her house...? Better yet, why was she lying in what seemed to be a hotel bed? "Oh, good, you're awake." The girl looked around frantically. "Hey, over here." Luci waved his hand, clicking his tongue. The girl's eyes widened. "Y-you're..." She stammered. "Yeah?" Luci questioned, narrowing his eyes. "Spit it out." Suddenly tears began trickling down the girl's cheeks and onto the bedsheets. "Mister..." She whimpered. "I-is my mama..." "Dead?" Luci interrupted. The girl opened her mouth
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Until the Sun Rises
"H-" "Heaven or Hell?" He asked once more. "I-I don't know..." She mumbled. "Hm?" Luci raised an eyebrow. "How boring." He frowned. "W-what do you want...?" The girl whispered. "What do I want?" Luci questioned, taking a seat on the bed. "Here." He sighed, handing her the bag of appetizers. The girl slowly opened the bag, rummaging through it carefully. Her eyes widened. "H-how did you know...?" She asked. "The more time you spend worrying about what I may or may not have done, the colder your mozzarella sticks will get." He said with a wink. "Thank you..." The girl whispered as she bit into a mozzarella stick.* After she finished eating, the girl was fast asleep. Luci stared at the sleeping girl. She must've been starving... He thought to himself. "Well then...
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"Eh?" He asked. "Stay with you...?" He looked at her, then frowned. "M-mm..." She kept her gaze focused steadily on her lap. "Ugh!" He groaned. "Fine!" He grumbled, sitting in a nearby chair. "Luci!" She squealed, clapping her hands together. Luci turned away, blushing angrily.* As the night progressed, Nana was sound asleep. "Man..." He sighed as he flipped over the newspaper. "I'm bored!" He groaned. "Huh...?" Nana muttered. "Nothing, go back to sleep, you brat." He grumbled. "Ah," he began, looking out the window. "It looks like the sun is coming up." "Hm...?" Nana grumbled, sitting up and wiping her eyes. "Well," Luci stretched, standing up. "The sun's up, kid." He said. "O-oh..." Nana whispered. "Luci..." "Hah!?" He cried.
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Exchange Deal
"Your sister...?" Luci questioned. "W-why would your demon sister b-" His eyes widened. "Was she..." "A victim of the human-demon exchange deal?" The man interrupted. "Yes, she was." He exhaled. "The only clue I ended up getting was that she ended up somewhere in this city." "Fortunately, this city just so happens to have one of the few housing apartments solely for demons." "Wait!?" Luci cried. "Why the hell didn't you say that sooner!?" "Uh..." The man began, dumbfounded. "Perhaps it was because I was trying to capture you, bring you back to hell, in exchange for possible information on my sister's location...?" He muttered sarcastically. "Being sarcastic to your prince..." Luci smirked. "Heh, you've got balls for someone who I would have had slaughtered if we were back home." He laughed. "Luci..." Luc
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First Friend
"J-just a minute now..." The man said, chuckling nervously. "What do you mean by us'?" He asked. Luci looked down at Nana, then back at the man. "Sorry, I meant me." "Luci!" Nana puffed her cheeks. "Listen, kid..." Luci began, kneeling. "Don't take this the wrong way; it's just..." He paused, staring into her eyes. He quickly looked down. "I-it's just demons and humans...there's no way we can co-exist peacefully..." He whispered. Nana's eyes widened. "S-so you are a demon...!" She cried. "Oi, oi, keep it down, Little Miss." The man hushed. "See?" Luci asked. "That's exactly why you can't come with me." He said. "B-but..." Nana whimpered. "Y-you can't leave me..." She whimpered. "We're friends...!" She cried. Luci's eyes widened. Friends...? He
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No Promises
"So please, Luci...!" She began. "Please take me with you!" She said. "I'll behave, I promise!" She pleaded desperately. "PLEASE JUST TURN AROUND!" She cried. As she said that, Luci stopped walking. "Your majesty...?" The man called out. As he turned around, he noticed Luci walking back towards Nana. "H-hey, your highness...!" He shouted. "L-Luci..." Nana whimpered. "S-sorry for shouting..." She whispered, looking down. Luci didn't say anything. "Please don't be mad...!" Nana cried, picking her head up, her eyes filling with tears. Her eyes then widened as Luci began to laugh. "D-don't laugh...!" Nana cried, puffing her cheeks. However, Luci kept laughing. "Luci...?" She whispered in concern. "Who knew humans could be so cute..." He chuckled, wiping away a tear. "Th
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