Heavens Wrath is in my Blood

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Heavens Wrath is in my Blood

By: Billy Bunn OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After 17 years of being bullied by nearly everyone around him, it is finally time for Joseph to awaken his bloodline and join the war effort to reclaim his world from the demons that invaded it nearly 100 years ago. He must dig deep to awaken the full might of his noble blood or the world and universe at large will fall.


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4 chapters
Awakening the Blood
'Bang!' A loud metalic thud rang out down the hallway of the school, a skinny boy of around 17 was being shoved against his locker yet again by the school bullies. No one knew exactly what made them target him so often but no one really cared either since he had no family, and most likely no potential. The thing that pissed these bullies off the most was probably that even without a powerful backing this particular victim of theirs consistently scored better then they did in every category aside from physical. So they ganged up on him to vent their frustrations. "Who do you think you are Joseph!" cried one of the bullies, spit flying from his mouth as he pinned Joseph against the lockers. "What makes you think you can look down on me?! You think your better than me?! Your nothing but trash!" Joseph was used to this treatment so he didn't bother with it all that much, he couldnt even begin to fathom what he had done to make them think that. But unreasonable people will find an excu
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Hells offer, systems warning.
"Blessing Grade: SSS Type: Bloodline Name: Angel of Wrath and Blood" "Angel of Wrath and Blood??!" Joseph had never heard of this blessing before, and he was quite certain no one else had either. He had read all the historical records of the blessings humanity had received and even among the recorded S grade blessings, an Angel bloodline is never mentioned. This manifestation continued on for a few moments before abruptly fading away, taking with it all the pressure that had been released causing the students and faculty to have such difficulty. Once the preassure was gone, no one moved. A good number of the students were still passed out and some of the teachers were no better. The principle simply stared at Joseph like he was a monster, which of course he was. A few moments passed when they all heard an angry and disbelieving shout, "Thats Impossible!! How could that trash awaken a blessing better than mine!! He must have cheated somehow!" This was of course nonsensicle. The
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First Territory, SSS grade gift pack
Joseph didn't quite know what to do, he normally never spoke like that to anyone, even those people he didn't like. But the absolute hatred he felt from inside made him less than polite with the devil, which no one really minded.Joseph was just a little nervous that it might cause Bozuel to target him more agressively, but then he rememberd that with his SSS grade blessing he was undoubtedly the primary target for devil kind everywhere, so pissing off one devil probably wouldn't make much of a differance. After a few moments Marcus came over to meet him, wanting to talk with him about his blessing and maybe offer a bit of advise that could be very helpful in the beginning stages. But he didn't get the chance because almost as soon as the devils gate was gone another system announcement played in everyones mind.'Ding!''Congratulations! you have successfuly cleared the emergency quest 'Devils Envoy' all participants will receive a one time gift pack of their grade to be received upo
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Begin preparations
Joseph was taken aback, he never expected that one so majestic would ever kneel to him. He felt that it should be the other way around, nevertheless he understood that she was his companion and that there was a certain level of respect that was required between King and subject. Still he couldn't bare to see her like this so he quickly helped her stand and smiled at her. "My Queen," he began and then froze as he noticed the slight blush that had sprouted on Liza's face. "I didn't...I wasn't...Oh crap!" He shouted as his face flushed instantly red. He felt so embarrassed that he wished the earth would open up and swallow him so he could hide from her. "This is not the first impression I wanted to make!" He cried inwardly, "Now she probably thinks im some kind of simp or something!" As he was berating himself mentaly Liza was enjoying the changing expressions on her lords face. "He seems quite the character." She mused to herself, "I dont mind that though, just means things will never
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