I Can Enter Any Body For Twenty Days

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I Can Enter Any Body For Twenty Days

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Life is a gift, a journey that everyone walks on their own. but what if it became a punishment, not a horrible one but a different one, a godsend in disguise? Part one -------- I am jack. For some reason I was punished to enter different bodies for twenty days, to experience their life... A system by a great programmer. Read my life story and those experiences which I am gonna share with you in my book... ********* part two -------- I am Era, I was a simple girl and a brilliant doctor, bullied to death. I become a system soul after my death, and was allowed to enter a body to take my revenge with the help of my system and host, Eva. ********* Please don't forget to share which of Jack's trails was the best one. Warrior, Prince, Baby, Notorious Mafia don etc... -------------- And also tell me about whom you like most Era or Eva? I appreciate all my readers and reviews and comments... please add to your collections Thanks for choosing ""


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92 chapters
Prologue ...
I am Jack, I am a programmer, and gaming and programs are everything to me.I envy the people around me and feel jealous of those who babble about their relationships. Because I don't have one. it seems normal, isn't it?But it is not, I am a bad boy, I developed a system to spoil their relationships, and they break up, and this system gave me a different satisfaction... I was happy with my life...but suddenly... one day I met with an accident, It was just like a normal death butnow the greatest programmer is playing games with me...Creating a dangerous strategy, a system in which...I am a soul ...and I was punished to enter different bodies for Twenty days....to experience different situations of different people.On the twenty-first day, I'll be in a different body...
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My jealousy and anger...
In the morning I was in a hurry to enter the class, and I bumped into Ronit, "hey... you hit me, dude" he said chewing gum, to avoid the smell of the cigarette he just smoked," oh...sorry, don't mind, I was in a hurry", "that's fine, well where were you last night?"that question sucks, I know why it came, not because he wants to know what I was doing, but because he want me to know about his excited xxx with his girlfriend in the garden, well, I need to answer, "hmm... I was in the garden, last night?" he was shocked, "What...!!where...?"I laughed, I mean it, I hacked his phone, I know his activities, I came close to him and muttered in his ears, "I know what you were doing Ronit, so keep calm" I think that will save his breath...but he will stare at me for the whole day,I rushed in, the class was already filled just a few spots were empty, I went to the first one, besides, Tara, "Hi, Jack," she said while showing off her thighs, clinging to me doesn't work for me, my
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Meeting the greatest programmer...
I was dead... being dead is truly hard... I don't know how long I slept, but I opened my eyes again, to find myself in a wonderland that was bright, so bright, brightness that it hurt my eyes...but completely empty...no one around... I looked at myself to check if my body was ok or did I have to fix it with some glue. but my body's visualization was alright. I tried touching myself, but I can't feel the touch...my hand passed through my body as if I was made of air... that was thrilling but fearful too...I vanished from the world... my degrees, my programs, and my achievements all are nullified, I was not satisfied, I shouted..."Is anyone here?" no answer, "Am I the only one here?" nothing... no sound..."Why?... why am I here?" I started crying louder... harder so that someone can hear me out, "You brought it to you, Jack"a bold voice echoed around me, " Who...?? who's that??" I asked in fright, "Please show yourself..!! what do you mean, I did it to myself, what did I do?
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Is it that simple...
She explained everything and I was wondering how to stop this body owner, from sinning,If I am here currently, that means he did something in these twenty days and is what I have to control,well, that's manageable, this is so easy to be a test...I was happy that my first trial was so easy to handle, and became carefree. It was more than a treat for a boy like me, laying on a bed, a maid to serve, not that which we usually think, She was cooking for me, cleaning my body, and taking care of me the whole day, it feels good to live with an identity of a duke... I wish I could live a life like this as my second chance,It was afternoon, the sun was at its peak, and I was taking a nap, "My Lord, hurry please hide," she came running in, I was shocked, "What happened?"she was Panicked so much that her breath was not stable, "My lord, they are coming, with their destructive weapons and their soldiers" I was aghast...I wanted to take back what I just wished, what...!! do I have to f
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His wife and family....
After two days, we departed from that cottage to go to the capital, that maid with me was fine, she was quite talented in herbal medicine, I recovered too,It was a long journey, I miss my bike though,Riding a horse only looks good in some tomboy movies, but in real life, it was so tiresome, may that was the reason, why our ancestors discovered, other transports, She showed me the path and I followed her, It took us more than five days to reach the capital city, and it felt good, I can finally take rest, my legs were sore, but she was fine, maybe because I am not used to it, when we reached Edward's mansion, my eyes were stunned, "So this is where Dukes live," I thought,it was a huge mansion, with beautiful architecture, mind-blowing, I was welcomed grandly, as I returned after fighting a battle just now, of course, it wasn't me, and in this welcoming ceremony, I completely forgot about that thing, my ten days were already over and the remaining ten days, I wanted to spend enj
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My second trail...
I closed my eyes to count...one... two...three...and when I opened my eyes, I was in...a room, it looks like a small one, but who I am in, I need to find it out...I got up from my bed and went outside, an old woman was coughing badly, that sound irritated me..."Bob..."called that old woman coughing vigorously, she wasn't able to talk, I wondered who is Bob, Is she calling me?I ran in and looked around, nothing more in that shabby house, there was a half-broken mirror in the corner, I went there to look at myself, my new look for the next twenty days...and the main thing was, I was worried that the face I hate the most shouldn't be mine..."no...!!, shit...!! shit..."It was...I fall on my knees, to plead." Please... not this... I can't be the one, I wanted to kill, I can't, he is disgusting.... no not this... I would prefer being a dog rather than this... please get me out..."but I was not the one to control this system, and he does not want me to have this as I please
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Hating myself...
I was dying to see who the hell was that boy who hit me for no reason, a boy came in from the door, I knew it, that was Jack, I was amazed to see him, "Hi, Jack," I said feeling so good seeing myself, but his glance was emitting disgust, anger, and hate, For some time I was swayed by the feeling but I got it back when I remembered how much I hate this boy, Bob."Are you here to get my money again?"he said resenting me but, it hurts... I wanted to tell him the whole story, but my mouth was glued, I can't say a word about it... I understood that the system doesn't support, "No, I am here, just to see you, I am sorry for what I did", I said that to mend the unnecessary hatred between us, but he disgustingly answered, 'no need, your sorry won't do good"he ran away and I thought to myself, "was I this hateful?"So I understood that I can't help it,Mother Sabrina brought some food and gave it to me, " I know my child, it must be so hard for you to survive, on your own, I can tak
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A different level...
I felt guilty, about how I hated Bob for no reason and destroyed his life by complaining about him.My head was hanging down in guilt, and a bold voice called me out of my darkness, "what did you learn this time my child?" I opened my eyes and found myself in that bright land again, "I messed it up again," I said in grief, He laughed loudly, making me disgust myself."I am a sinner, I admit, please stop this, I don't want this anymore" I shouted, pleading to him.A voice announcement from my system, a lady's voice disturbed me, "Player leveled up""What...? are you playing with me?" I inquired, He laughed again and I was annoyed, "You leveled up, kid?" I was confused, what system was it that even failure can level you up, then I took my chance, "so what power do I get this time?""hmm... it was not your failure, but you learned to regret it, didn't you?" though I don't want to admit it, I know he was right, I do regret my resentment against them, I kept my head down with m
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His little secret...
Sam's father took me to a dark room and searched for the switches to on the lights, but I think even he didn't know where that was, "you stay here I'll be right back with the lights" his dad left the room and I was curiously trying to see if I could find anything...I touched the wall curiously, he came in five minutes with his phone light, went to the switch, and pressed it, the whole room started glowing, I rolled my eyes in surprise, It was an enormous room with royal decoration and many huge portraits were hung on the wall, " See grandfather, he finally proved that he has your blood" his father started talking to one of the portraits, I stood there calmly observing him, he turned back and dragged me along, " come here, my son, meet your ancestors, it's a rule that until they don't act brave, we can't introduce our offspring to the ancestors, today you made me proud" I swallowed my spit in surprise, what kind of shit rule is this, but I'll leave after some days, what will he
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Do it again...
When I opened my eyes, I was in the bright land, I slapped the floor with irritation, screaming and yelling, "I spent more than fifteen days on that game but....!! shit...!! It's all shit...now" I yelled, "I want to go back to that body, please... send me back" But this programmer was cruel than me, he didn't give me an answer, I sat there imagining what might have happened there, Did he break the system?will Sam be able to protect or revive the game?I didn't notice until when I was sitting there but it was long enough that my anger cooled, I heaved a big sigh, " can we talk?" I screamed, a grunting sound echoed all around, "hmm... so now you are back to normal," "hmm... much better, but can you show me what happened after that, I worked my ass out for fifteen days and nights, without being out for fun, please I'll skip my choice for the next trail" I begged him, " ok... remember that the next trial will be of my choice"That ice reflector was back again, it was so c
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