I am the King of the Undead

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I am the King of the Undead

By: Matthew CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Richard Cross, born as a bastard, went through many difficulties, but he didn't let that defeat him, being raised with the love of his mother, who kept him going forward. Time passes by, and now he's in his early twenties, with a great paid-off job, a lovely girlfriend. Living his life to the fullest, but it didn't last long... As young and promising as he can be, he lost his life in his own apartment at the hands of an assassin. But not being the end of his journey, he got a second chance to live, and experience the wonders like a Fantasy book But, lucky is not completely on his side, he's born as a bastard again. Nevertheless, he has a power bestowed upon him from birth, and he will make use of it to the fullest. Join Richard's journey to become stronger, to become the KING OF THE UNDEAD.


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120 chapters
“W...why? Is this happening to me?” I ask that question knowing full well the reason this is happening as I stare at the man in suit slowly walking up to me. “Sorry this is nothing personal just doing my job here.” the man in the suit said to me. He was now close to me as I could see the black shoes he was wearing. I slowly brought my head up to see him pointing his gun at my face.  I was on my knees with one hand covering the battle wound in my stomach. That wound was bleeding no stop as I feel my blood leaving my body and this pain was something I never felt before       <
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Ch 1: A boy born under the Red Moon
A blood Moon appears where everyone can see at the same time a woman in the process of giving birth. The two maids inside noticed the red color through the open window while the doctor was more focused on delivering the baby than paying attention to what was happening outside. He kept on telling her to push and she does to the point using all her strength to make one final push. There was no cry, but the woman knew that she pushed out the baby when she became worried thinking that something had gone wrong with the child. “Is… my baby alright doctor,” she asks, looking at the doctor along with the two maids. “Yes, the baby is alright
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Ch 2: Celebration of the King new son
The next day there was an announcement made about the king's newborn son Loren Chandler and that there will be a celebration held on this day. The people cheered with excitement and began their preparation for the celebration. “So a celebration will be held in the honor of your new son's husband.” the queen asked. “Yes it is what I intend for such an event to happen like for my two sons.” the king answered his wife.  The two of them were walking around the castle together like a happy couple while the servants within work themselves to prepare for the celebration that will start tonight. It may seem that way to everyone inside t
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Ch 3: What reason these this powerful sage has made him come tonight
The old man looked around at the people for only a moment seeing that everyone had their eye on him. The old man began to walk himself further inside the party until someone appeared before him.  “What honor you bring us, powerful sage Mack Harrison.” King Vernon's respect spoke to the man as if he was royalty. Well in a sense this old man is a powerful sage who no one should get on his bad side unless they are brave fools who wish to die. This man even earn himself another name to be known as the Blizzard Windgod  Yet King Vernon is no fool, he may speak to this man like royalty, but does not fear at the same time. 
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Ch 4: The boy born Gifted or Curse
King Vernon, Mack, and Melanie soon found themselves a room to talk privately in. The old sage seated himself down on a sofa as he found it tiring to be standing on his two feet for a long time. King Vernon and Melanie sat down on the other sofa across from him where there was also a table between them. “So tell me Mack what reason must we speak privately.” the king asked. Mack looked at baby Loren then spoke. “The reason I ask for this private talk with the two of you is concerning  matters with your son.” “What do you mean?” Melanie was worried to hear the
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Ch 5: The friend of he old sage
7 years later on a cold dark full moon night, a stranger rides a horse to the Pherenth Kingdom Upon arriving two guards standing outside doing their job stop this person from entering their kingdom. “Hold it right their Stranger.” one of those guards took one step forward to stop this person. The mystery stranger did what the guard commanded and stopped in front of them. “What business do you have here in our kingdom?” the other asked with a little damnation in his tone of voice. “I am here to visit this wonderful place along with seeing an old friend.” the stranger answered while getting off his horse.”
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Ch 6: Teach me the dark arts of Magic
The Elf Erhear Slientawk didn't stay around long to talk with everyone; instead, he removed himself to wander around inside the castle. Of course, Erhear has informed the old sage Mack and understands as he too shares the feeling of not wanting to hang around Royalty. Yet the old sage could not freely leave as is stuck since he is an honored guest here in the king and queen home. So he must talk to these people, but the old sage told Erhear to talk more about the boy Loren since he had the chance to meet him. The Elf Erhear spent only a few minutes moving freely around the castle, but soon took a stop in the royal library. He wanted to use the free time he
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Ch 7: The line I walk between two paths
Erhear was surprised along with being confused at the same time from what Loren said to him.” “You want to be this world monster, what do you mean by that,” Erhear asks, pressing closely against Loren's neck creating a small cut. Even with the boy now bleeding a little yet he does show any expression at all so it just stares right into Erhear's eyes. “What I mean is what I said to become a monster yet I can be different.” “How excited do you mean different? You wish to become a monster, one that likes to bring chaos and destruction to this world along with those living on it. There is no such difference.” “Tha
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Ch 8: Buying slaves and making a new friend
2 months later it had gone by. “I am impressed you are doing well in Necromancy for such a young boy it's almost like you were born for this dark magic.” “Maybe I was Erhear.” Loren answers while making a few dead villagers move around under his command. Erhear had Loren start with small things like rabbits, deer, wolves, or any other type of animal. Then moving the boy on to people living or dead doesn't matter as long as it helps Loren learn Necromancy. Over the past 2 months, Erhear has been carefully watching Loren and it is amazing how fast he can perform at such a young age, but the boy still has a long way to go to become a ma
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Ch 9: Let me be by your side to help you
Loren had the 3 other kids sit on his bed with him, he slowly looked at them seeing how quiet they were.   Looks like Loren has to break the awkward slice.   “I take it you are wounding in your little heads about what a boy like me is going to do with you guys.”   None said a word as they were still silent from them Loren sigh then kept on talking.   “Well do not worry as what I have planned for all of you is to train you into people who could be useful for the future to come that means you will be taken care of by me.”   “I want to…. Go home.” the human girl said right in crying along with the other tagging in it.   Read more