Lancelot (Fire breather series)

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Lancelot (Fire breather series)

By: Nicholas Morgan OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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in a world where both Elementals and Humans existed. Demons have long hindered the rise of a true Elemental god king. The Night family have produced heirs who have been continually killed and prevented from uniting the Elemental Kingdoms and saving them from extinction. This story portrays the rise of the first True god King of the Night family, He is going to challenge Hades in hell and the gods in the god realm. He is going to reign supreme...


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222 chapters
Chapter 1: Lord Paige Kalliester!
For over 2000 years, the air breathing nation has proven and established its dominance over the rest of the world.They have managed to assassinate all major leaders of other nations as a means to subdue them and prevent any form of uprising.The major population of the present elemental world was made up of air breathers while those of other nations were either serving as slaves to the air kingdom or are savages and deserters who have found a way to escape slavery.While the rest managed to protect their nation biding their time in anticipation of a possible revenge mission.They held on to the belief as stated in the prophecy that someday someone would rise from one of the elemental nations and conquer the present tyrannical air breathing nation, while reuniting both the elemental and the human world.This dream has lasted for the past 100 years with no one stepping up to fulfill the prophecy. This has made many deserters and savages to lose hope.There are 8 currently known element
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Chapter 2: Blood Nation!!!
Chapter 2: Blood Nation!!!The Blood nation was desolate and empty as the air swept into lots of empty homes, carrying dust and debris along with it.Both the blood nation and the air nation share a border, making it easy for the air nation to monitor every activity of the blood nation.A young male in his late teens could be seen inside a blood nation temple, wearing a maroon-colored robe with Golden linen extending from the neck of the robe to the base of the robe around the ankles.The teen knelt in front of the altar where a statue could be seen of a man controlling a liquid substance in his hand."Dear Blood god, I pray to you, please avenge me of the death of my father, which came by the hands of these despicable Air nation pigs,please help me, rescue my people from the brink of extinction, I am weak and my powers are sealed, please save me and my people"He continued to sob and pray quietly as he heard footsteps rushing into the temple, he could also hear the Air nation soldier
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Chapter 3: God Fire!!!
Chapter 3: God Fire!!!The god-fire is a special element of the fire nation known to many because of its destructive capabilities.Only two beings have been recorded in the history of elements to have possessed the God fire.The second was the founder of the fire nation 'Khumal'. Khumal was an existence that many fire nation members and heroes always wanted to emulate.He had mastered the fire element to such an amazing degree before he died, such that, when he snores, flames would escape from his mouth momentarily, which could be lethal to any life form, and when he sneezes, he could cause a random wildfire to start and burn through a whole community.Khumal lived such a long life while perfecting his control over the fire element, making him into being one with the fire element.He was so connected such that when he died he turned into a special kind of flame, that burns in the very heart of the fire nation is said that anyone who touches the flame would automatically incr
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Chapter 4: Capture!!!
Chapter 4: Capture!!!Dice, Lancelot, and his sister Cherry all trudged hurriedly through the tunnels in a bid to escape any approaching air nation soldier.As they hurried through the tunnels, they could hear strong wind currents which seemed to follow them as they moved.~Woooosh~Initially, they didn't take it seriously, but later on, they grew weary, as they all noticed that it was perfectly following their every movement."That sound seems to be following us," Cherry said with a perplexed expression."That's the wind tracer spell, that is the signature spell of Lord Paige Kalliester, he must have been on to us"Lancelot sensed fear rising within Cherry, hemoved towards her and patted her shoulders gently;"We'll be alright, Young Lord Dice will protect us, Lancelot said as he tried to encourage his sister and instill courage in her.Dice looked stunned as he heard that and he thought to himself, 'Protect who? , Or you would protect me, my powers are blocked can't you see'Dice
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Chapter 5: Escape!!!
Chapter 5: Escape!!!In a dark dungeon, with wet ground and a musty smell, Lancelot lay on the ground, gradually recovering from the multiple internal Injuries he had suffered at the hands of Lord Paige Kalliester.Dice stood by the only window present in the dungeon, staring at 12 Air nation soldiers, seating around a bonfire, eating, chatting, and playing games to keep themselves occupied.The heat also served as warmth for them during that cold night.However, unknown to anyone, a small part of the flames were moving of their own accord and gathering around the body of Lancelot.This was gradually healing him until eventually when he was completely healed.Some sort of strong force permeated the entirety of the dungeon, and some even collided with Dice, slamming him against the wall and the floor.The force entered Dice's body and was healing him gradually.By the time Dice stood up, he was completely healed of any Injury, also he discovered that the seal on his powers was gone.He
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Chapter 6: Basilisk!!!
Chapter 6: Basilisk!!!After leaving the blood nation, Lancelot descended whilst also gradually lowering both Dice and Cherry, till their feet touched the ground.Ever since they left the blood nation, Dice had been lost in his imagination.He has been unable to tear himself from the picture of Cherry's privates, which he had been able to see during the episode of the clash with Lord Paige Kalliester.This had also created an undying urge to start a conversation with Cherry but every time he stares at her and their eyes connect for even a second, it would seem as if deadly flames were flying out of Cherry's eyes and attacking him on the spot.Cherry always had a look of disdain and hatred towards Dice and she even stopped showing him any form of respect.Unfortunately for Dice, he couldn't control his feelings.Lancelot on the other hand was however unconcerned with the development of things,In fact, to him, as long as whatever develops from this dynamic, does not affect the team's
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Chapter 7: Beast Nation!!!
Chapter 7: Beast Nation!!!Lancelot could see the sleek skin of the Basilisk as it started to move closer.It slithered rapidly closing the distance between itself and the wolf which was busy devouring the goat.The Basilisk swallowed both the wolf and the remnant of the goat in one rapid mouth-grabbing motion.The whole process took a few seconds as it swallowed the wolf and goat reminant as though it was swallowing sputum.It then eyed Lancelot as if staring at its next meal.It then turned and closed the distance between itself and Lancelot in one rapid slithering motion.However, just as it got within touching distance it turned away to protect itself, as an unbearable level of heat suddenly scalded its sleek skin.It didn't go far before the crimson flame struck it and consumed the snake within seconds.What was left of the enormous basilisk was a large pattern of soot on the area previously covered by the basilisk.The after-effect smoke fizzled out of the areas covered by the
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Chapter 8: The Prophecy!!!
🐒Chapter 8: The Prophecy!!!Dice caught sight of the movement, of the culprit, responsible for throwing spears atLancelot.The attacker stood far behind in the crowd of rowdy beastmen.He was busy preparing himself to launch another spear to injure Lancelot, unaware of the attack of Dice.Dice stretched forth his hands to target the culprit and almost immediately, the blood in the arm of the attacker that held the spear, congealed on the spot.The hardening of the blood tore through the flesh like a knife through melted butter and the entire arm fell off.The huge cut on the shoulder arm bled so rapidly that the attacker could not replenish quickly enough as the attacker bled to death."You attacked us just after we passed the land test, are you not ashamed of how distasteful those actions are?" Dice asked feeling a bit self-righteous.He was also trying to stand his ground and be as intimidating as possible.The crowd of beast-men cleared a path from the front all the way to the po
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Chapter 9: Plot!!!
Chapter 9: Plot!!!Lancelot, Cherry, and Dice became comfortable within the beast nation land and thanks to the stellar accommodation, they were able to settle in quickly.They were given a place to stay and treated like royalty, in a beast nation sense of the word.On this particular sunny afternoon, Lancelot sat with all the leading Chiefs within the beast nation land.Every major family had a Chief as both a leader of the family and the representative of the family in the beast nation.Over the years, a lot of Chiefs have been chosen but whoever had a higher display of strength and wealth had preference, making it an easy choice to be referenced as the top Chief of the beast nation land.While Lancelot sat with the leading Chiefs, Dice took the opportunity to get ample sleep.Also, Cherry had the time to practice her element more.She felt that a way for her not to be a burden to her brother with the increasing risk and battles was to grow stronger, so she constantly practiced her
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Chapter 10: The return of Kendra!!!
Chapter 10: The return of Kendra!!!Days have passed by quickly in the beast nation and the tension caused by the air nation has built momentum to a point where some desperate beast nation members had gathered in seclusion around the quarters where Dice, Lancelot, and Cherry stayed.High Chief Goro had already seen through this possibility and assigned some of the most lethal guards in the beast nation kingdom to guard their quarters.Lancelot had told Chief Goro not to worry, that he could handle anyone who came to look for trouble, but high Chief Goro had refused to take away the guarding patrol around their abode.Lennon and his gang had halted their plans due to this, waiting for a better opportunity to make their move.On a bright and cloudy afternoon, a strange cloud formed in the sky above the beast nation, and droplets of water fell from this strange cloud, but what was more shocking was that before the droplets reached the ground, they coalesced and formed a crystal that had
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