Ocean Lord

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Ocean Lord

By: The Supreme writer OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Prophecy of the Ocean Lord The protector of the Realm and the Destroyer of The skibats, The Lord of the seas and King of the Atlantians. Prophesied to end the evil works of the Dark Lord Gasp of the Skibats. A young billionaire Teenager with no knowledge of his powers shall become a warrior of Light. He shall be the Ocean Lord


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❄❄ OCEAN LORD🔱🔱 WRITTEN BY WONDER BROUGHT TO YOU BY SUPREME SUPERNATURAL STORIES   🌊🌊 PROLOGUE ⚔️⚔️⚔️..BROUGHT TO YOU BY SUPREME SUPERNATURAL STORIES ..  Hell yes!!  Who wanna see fishes fight??  Who wanna see the battle underneath the oceans?? Be ready to be welcome into the world of mystery, action and suspense filled.    You all see the wonderful oceans with great and wonderful creatures inside. And be welcome into the world or I should say the kingdom of atlantis. WHAT IS ATLANTIS??       Atlantis is the realm underneath the vase oceans. The Atlantis has be guarded by the great god of the ocean.... NEPTUNE.  WHO IS NEPTUNE??  NEPTUNE is the great god of the oceans, he went into slumber after defeating the great god of chaos and bounding him into the realm of Paigai (Torment). <
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The Vision
#WRITER..LOCATION UNKNOWN ..Birds chirp happily, The reflection of the sun were shown vividly on the hot island ground. Birds hovered above the islands, wild animals roamed in the island freely, while the calm breeze blew. Ocean water surrounded the island, the waves of the oceans flowed calmly, while the atmosphere was suppressed by the magnanimous auras evolving around the island. Inside the ocean was filled with ocean wonders, beautiful creatures both fishes and other aquatic animals swam freely around the oceans salty atmosphere.Underneath the vase ocean, A pathway is seen as it was covered with an invisible barrier which leads to the ancient kingdom called. The ATLANTIS. Atlantis was heavily guarded at the gate, The warriors were prepared for anything that comes there way as they tightened their fists on their golden tridents with their armor on them. T
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Addicted to the Ocean
LOCATION  SUNNYDALE BEACH..#WRITERS..The cold wind blew gently, The reflections of the sun beamed down to the beach sands, The movements and voices filled the air as the beach was crowdy. People later flat on mat i facing the sun and doing what they were doing. Life guards were on their duties as people swam in the ocean, the ocean waves was calm and melodious as fishes swam in the cold salty ocean. The scenario was indeed beautiful to be behold by the beholder. " Pls help me... Do you guys see my son "" He is small, he is age 4 "" Pls do anybody see a short blond boy "The voices of a male and a female kept repeating as two figures could be sighted as they were in hurry and their faces held fear. They were looking for their little son and they showed anybody his picture immediately they asked them. They ran helter scatter as tears flowed freely from the female f
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