Paths of Extinction

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Paths of Extinction

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Zeke, a student in the prestigious school known as Erys, is leading a monotonous life in which he is bullied due to his inability to manipulate Aether. However, upon coincidentally seeing a falling red star, his life drastically changed. He was granted the Paths of Extinction System. What was a first a mean to empower himself quickly turned into something beyond his control.


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192 chapters
Chapter 1 Paths of Extinction
The sun rays pierced through the worn-out window curtains, signaling the beginning of another monotonous day. A boy, seventeen years of age, groaned in annoyance and reluctantly got off the bed. Apart from the usual lack of sleep and absence of enthusiasm, the teenager felt frustrated over the fact that he had to go to school and, as always, be subjected to unwarranted bullying. Zeke absent-mindedly stared at the wall for a good minute or two before changing his clothes and going downstairs. His parents, as was their wont, were at work and his big sister was living in the school’s dormitory, thus he had to eat breakfast alone. The unwillingness to head to school was almost overwhelming, nevertheless, Zeke purged any thoughts of skipping due to how ludicrously expensive it was to get admitted in the first place. To begin with, only a selected few individuals were accepted into Erys, his school. All thanks to their ability to manipulate Aether. However, Zeke was one of a handful of s
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Chapter 2 Daily Tasks
Alas, this peculiar occurrence was abruptly interrupted by Julia, who waved her hand right in front of his eyes. As he snapped out of it, he realized that the light vanished and the sky returned to normal. “I asked you a question.” “What?” He stared at her with visible confusion, his mind still wondering about what he had just witnessed. He wasn’t crazy enough to see such a realistic hallucination, nor was he on drugs or any substances, therefore, he was certain that it wasn’t just a simple trick. “I said; Why don’t you grow a pair of balls?” “...” Still not understanding, Zeke contented with silence, which only irritated the girl. She pushed her long auburn hair to the back and leaned her face closer to his. “You’re a man, aren’t you? How can you let Azmer boss you around?” He swept his eyes across Julia and her four friends then calmly responded, “I don’t see how it is any different than what you are doing.” “What? You think I’m bullying you? You should be glad Azmer is an
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Chapter 3 Fists of Furry
 “Thank you for helping me. Your name is Zeke, right? I’m Amelia from class B.” “...” Even after she introduced herself, Zeke was still confused about her slightly odd behavior. He was certain that she did not follow him just to express her gratitude. However, as a defect, he always felt disinclined to socialise with people as that could make life worse, for himself and his friends.It wasn’t that he preferred solitude, but that his circumstances led him to be alone. He was a Defect, a student incapable of manipulating Aether, therefore, it was better and safer to be alone rather than implicate other people.When he first enrolled into Erys, Zeke did try to talk to people and make a friend or two, but w
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Chapter 4 Urgent Mission
The fact that he, even for a moment, Zeke was able to manipulate Aether and even shoot a literal bolt of lightning should be a celebratory cause. However, as someone knowledgeable about Aether, Zeke knew that the dizziness he was experiencing was due to the lack of Aether within his body. Ever since arriving on this planet, the human bodies saw a dramatic change and an irreversible change. One generation after the other, the humans adapted to this different environment and their bodies necessitated Aether as much as oxygen, meaning that, without Aether, one’s body would cease to function. In essence, Aether has become a fundamental necessity for survival and though the majority of the humans living on The Aether Planet cannot wield this form of energy, they still have it lingering in their body. This self-sustain
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Chapter 5 Spark
As he anticipated, dumping PE into a main path was extremely beneficial and seemed to be right play, rather than unlocking multiple paths without focusing on just one.   [You obtained the skill ‘Spark’] [You gained 3 Aether]   [User: Zeke Orland] [Race: Human] [Level 2 (5/30 EXP)] [Strength: 26] [Agility: 25] [Aether: 13] [Paths: Martial Arts (1/12) inactive | Aether Voltage (4/22) active ] [Skills: Fists of Fury(Proficiency 100%) - Aether Control(Proficiency 2%) - Voltage Zap(Proficiency 20%) - Spark (Proficiency 0%)] [Available PE: 0]   After activating the Aether Voltage Path, which was an easy
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Chapter 6 Retaliation
With no distractions and ample time, Zeke spent Saturday and Sunday either researching comprehensive and informative books about Aether, or completing the Daily Tasks and going a step further to increase his stats by surpassing his physical limits. Unfortunately, obtaining stats through sheer effort was easier said than done. Within two days, he only managed to increase his Strength and Agility by 2 points respectively, which was a welcome but less than satisfactory result. His physique was slowly but surely becoming better, though there had been close to no change in terms of appearance. Excluding the regular exercises, Zeke focused on his Aether, specifically ‘Aether Control’, ‘Voltage Zap’, and ‘Spark’. After a relatively long meditation session, following the emptying of his Life Aether through the use of two consecutive ‘Voltage Zap’, Zeke tried to see if ‘Aether Control’ could be used as a regenerative alternative instead of simple rest. Alas, his experimentation was uns
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Chapter 7 Groundbreaker
It took Zeke a lot of effort to return home as his body was beaten and battered. Previously, when he retaliated against Rodrick and helped Amelia, he felt slightly satisfied. However, those cheerful emotions were drowned out after Rodrick humiliated him.Never had Zeke felt so useless and angry, it was almost overwhelming. He looked at his reflection in the mirror: A bruised face filled with cuts from the violent slaps, stiff lips that had coagulated blood, and a still-bleeding nose. “Oh Rodrick… I will come for you first.” The teenager spoke to himself as he controlled his rising rage and walked away. With no one to tend to his wounds, and the adamance to seek his si
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Chapter 8 The Challenge
“You two.” Saturday morning, as class E was preparing for Professor Nayro’s practical lesson, Julia approached Azmer and Rodrick. She first made sure no one was looking before giving both of them a piercing glare. Azmer frowned and kept his stand but Rodrick stepped back fearfully. “What did you do to the Defect? It has been four days. And don’t try to bullshit me.” Although he was inferior to her, Azmer didn’t obediently answer, he clicked his tongue and acted oblivious. Upon seeing his adamant silence, Julia raised her hand and oppressively poked his chest. “If you’re not going to speak then you better be prepared for later…” As she turned around, Rodrick couldn’t help himself and spoke up. “W-wait.” Azmer tried to warn him but it didn’t work. “The loser asked for it! I… I mean we had to rough him up a bit.” “We? There is no we, Rodrick.” The blonde-haired student snorted and opted to walk away rather than get involved. Thus, left alone facing the menacing Julia, Rodri
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Chapter 9 Tests
As instructed by his teacher, Zeke headed to the front of the Administrative Bureau building once all the lessons for the day were done.There, Christopher Balrant, Erva Erayne, and Professor Nayro were waiting for him. The three were the main teachers of the First Years, and each was distinguished in one or two fields of study. “Zeke, my boy! Right on cue!” The Zyth’s round and black eyes arched upwards as they fell on the approaching student. Christopher was as gloomy and serious as ever, and Erva had a slightly worried look on her face. “Zeke, how are you?”She faintly smiled and inspected him from he
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Chapter 10 49th
The day after the test, in the main hall of the First Years building, a large crowd was gathered in front of the gigantic Rankings Board.Zeke, who was feeling apprehensive and, for the first time ever, went out of his way to check the board, couldn't get close enough. Eventually, after a bit of shoving and squeezing around, he managed to push through and get a good look at the list.In total, there were five classes for the First Years; A, B, C, D, and E. Zeke was in Class E, however, the Rankings were for all the first-year students.Excluding the Defects, which included him until yesterday, there were exactly 121 ranked on the board, with the 121th being the weakest in terms of prowess. Zeke knew he had performed rather well in the three tests, especially the last one. Nonetheless, he did not expect a high ranking, after all, many students had remarkable abilities. Much to his surprise, Zeke found himself ranked 49th, which was above average and a worthy feat as
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