Rise Of The Defying Paragon

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Rise Of The Defying Paragon

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Jeffrey Miles had a good life up until the time his physique got activated, The Fate Broken Physique. The Physique was not a physique but a curse. Fate was always against him and those close to him suffered or died in one way or the other. His lovers dead, unborn children dead, friends dead. He tried and tried so many times to fight against Fate but how could an average human win against Fate. But what if he became a new being, a being with immense potential, would he finally be able to defeat Fate and break his curse. Witness Jeffrey's cultivation journey as he went from a normal human to a Defying Paragon. * This story is a slow paced novel by the way.* For those who want to support me, please support me on Patreon: p-a-t-r-e-o-n.com/user?u=54454179 That's the link above. Meganovel bans the word Patreon, so I have to use p-a-t-r-e-o-n. Just remove the lines in between the word p-a-t-r-e-o-n to get the right link.


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Chapter 1: Happy Birthday Jeffrey 1
"FUCK!" As the sun rays entered Jeffrey's room and his alarm clock rang, Jeffrey woke up breathing heavily, and with a pale face he quickly looks around. " What happened to me?" Afraid he quickly placed his hands on his chest and looks down. " It was all a dream?" A soft exhale of relief was released from Jeffrey. He laid down on his bed trying to remember what his dream was about though he was baffled since he can't remember the last time he dreamt. As he tried to remember, he keeps on looking at his chest because in the dream he was stabbed in the back and he died? RING! RING! A sound coming from his bedside table wakes him from his thoughts, he turns his head and sees his phone ringing, apparently his mother calling him?. He picked up the phone and spoke, " Hello Mom, is anything wrong?" " Jeffrey have you forgotten today is your birthday?" An exasperated mature female voice could be heard on the other side of the phone. " Huh" Jeffrey looks at the date on his phone which
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Chapter 2: Happy Birthday Jeffrey 2
Are you chill now?" Jeffrey asks as he throws a drink towards his girlfriend whom he had to appease throughout the entire drive home, whenever he thinks of all the promises he had to make, he just gets a headache. " Yeah, I'm okay" Jennifer answers with a smile towards Jeffrey. " Alright, so, the day is almost over and I've not received my present" Jeffrey asks shamelessly as there's no way he'll not get his present after the promises he had to make today and he'll make sure he collects with interest. " Yeah, I thought you'll never ask. Let me get changed or do you want me to wear this cloth?" Jennifer asks as she walks sexily towards Jeffrey to which he gulps and almost choked on his drink. " Why are you asking when you already know the answer, if you keep on moving like that. I'll not be able to control myself, cause fuck you're just damn too sexy" Jeffrey asks while looking at Jennifer up and down like how a predator eyes his prey. " You can come if you want to, you should kno
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Chapter 3: What Is Happening?
Pandemonium, a disaster, that's what could only be described as Jeffrey and Jennifer saw the images on the television. Screams, gunshots, roars, groans and pleas for help could be heard from the television, in fact the sounds became so loud, so clear and so near that Jeffrey and Jennifer had to run to the window and then they saw scenes that should only be seen in movies or in fact dreams. Monsters and zombies attacking humans, the chaos was to the point where Jeffrey and Jennifer could be seen rooted on the spot, their thoughts and expressions frozen for a few minutes but the same question kept repeating in their minds.WHAT IS HAPPENING!!WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!!Jeffrey could not help but remember how they were eating and he got a call from his Father to which he was shocked as his father was always busy in the military, as he was pondering on the reason for the call he could hear an anxious voice after picking the call telling him to watch the news which resulted in their pres
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Chapter 4: Primordial Forest
Inside the spatial crack Jeffrey entered, all he could see was darkness, it was so dark that anybody with nyctophobia will straight up die from heart attack. It felt like he was moving in a viscous liquid, it was uncomfortable and felt slightly painful. He didn't know how long he spent motionless in this viscous liquid but he knew he was moving, he didn't know how he could remain conscious after waking up because deep inside he just somehow knew he should be dead and he didn't know how right he was. What he didn't know was that he was in the void, if any powerful cultivator or being should hear someone or something was in the VOID, to them that person is history, dead, finished. The void is one of the most dangerous places in the universe if not the most dangerous place in the universe. Anybody lost in the void, is lost forever. If the void doesn't kill them, the void beasts will. Some ignorant ones will say the void beasts are the most dangerous in the void but the knowledgeable on
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Chapter 5: Void Phoenix
BOOM!!BANG!!RUSTLE!!ROARR!!!KREEE!!!Jeffrey and Jennifer could hear all kinds of sounds after seeing the giant eight-winged bird and the giant flying lizard. Earth shattering sounds and roars could be heard all around them. All the animals below the mountain and the birds from the tall trees could be seen running away from those two beings.All Jeffrey and Jennifer could do was to hold on to a protruded rock on the mountain so as to not fall off the mountain due to the intense wind generated from the two beings.'Where in the world are we now, are we going to die here' Jeffery had this thought as so many things had happened so recently that it felt like they were in a movie or something. Monsters in their home world, a space crack in his room, the dark liquid place, this world that has trees as tall as a gigantic mountain and animals they've never seen before, a giant flying lizard and a giant eight-winged bird also. Most people would be overwhelmed by all this events happening w
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Chapter 6: Power
When Jeffrey and Jennifer entered the mansion, they were amazed because the interior was so beautiful and well designed that some with weak wills would feel unworthy to enter. Pheona led them towards one of the rooms and when they entered, they felt the space in the room was bigger than it seemed but after all they've went through recently, this one was the most normal to them.Pheona laid on a couch, brought out a bowl of fruits from seemingly out of nowhere and looked at Jeffrey and Jennifer "Now, let's talk more. I have a few questions to ask you and when I'm done you can ask your questions, I'll answer them if I can or want to?"" Okay" Jeffrey and Jennifer answered as they had no problem with Pheona's words, they were even glad that they have the opportunity to ask somebody for information." Tell me both your experiences after entering the void" Pheona said while eating fruits from the bowl." The Void?" Jennifer and Jeffrey were confused because according to what Pheona told t
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Chapter 7: Soul Gem
" Now that I've explained some cultivation stages to you, you should understand that those three realms I mentioned are part of the Mortal Realms. The soul gem is very beneficial to a certain realm after the mortal realm. The person that gave you the soul gem really helped you, you're not meant to be able to fuse with the gem but she helped you with it, if she didn't you'd be dead."As Jeffrey and Jennifer heard about cultivation from Pheona, they didn't know what to think, to them everything was confusing, all the terms were confusing. In fact, they got a minor a headache just listening to the cultivation stages. At first they wanted to ask some questions like what is an ancient, a Primordial, why did it hurt when they looked at her and the dragon, why is the Primordial Forest sealed, why does she have eight wings, but now they knew they wouldn't understand a thing Pheona says at least for now. When they looked at Pheona and saw her smile, they realized she knew this would happen, no
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Chapter 8: Body Cultivation
Jennifer and Jeffrey underwent various emotions hearing Pheona's words, they were happy and hopeful at first hearing there might be a way to go back but hearing Pheona's words made them despair.The first condition was immediately given up on, if getting strong to the point where they'd be able to escape was easy, they knew Pheona would have done it.As for the second option, how could a place where there might be hope to leave be safe. If it was safe, then Pheona would have gone there to acquire the way to go out.Besides if Pheona was still trapped in the Primordial Forest despite there been a chance to leave through the palace then that means it was very dangerous and a place dangerous for somebody as powerful as Pheona was a place only death awaited normal humans like them." You don't have to lose hope, I've not finished what I was saying." Pheona chuckled seeing Jeffrey and Jennifer's face losing all hope but she also couldn't blame them cause if it were any other mortal, they'd
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Chapter 9: Painful Cultivation
Jeffrey and Jennifer looked around, the sudden change in their surroundings was kind of shocking to them, when they heard they'd be sent to their rooms, they thought they'd have to walk to their rooms like how normal people do. Everything has been moving so fast for them and they really needed some rest or else their mental health might deteriorate.They looked around the room and saw how beautiful the room was, the room was as big as Jeffrey's room on Omast but more beautiful. They laid on the bed together and silence permeated throughout the room. " I hope we can go back home." Jennifer's soft and quiet voice broke the silence, it was so soft and quiet that if not for the silence in the room one would not have heard her talk." I know. I also want to go back home." Jeffrey spoke in a low voice while thinking about the feeling he's had ever since he came to this world. He's always had the feeling of danger and fear ever since he came the primordial forest, he thought maybe the feeli
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Chapter 10: Feeling Of Danger
Jennifer and Jeffrey stood in front of a large black gate in awe, as they looked at their surroundings, once again they didn't know what to think. As soon as they were ready to leave Pheona's mansion, she created a portal which brought them here and as soon as they came here, they were shocked because this place looked like a battlefield or more like a calamity happened around here, weapons could be seen on the floor along with dried blood, at some places it looked like a meteorite struck and some places had claw marks and straight line marks, it was so shocking to them.They could not look at the surroundings when Pheona and the dragon were fighting so they didn't know how much damage was caused but looking at their surroundings now, they didn't even know if they'd eventually get powerful enough to cause effects like this.As they looked forward once more they realized that around the metal gate were walls, according to what they heard from Pheona, what's inside the gate is a small
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