Strongest Summoned Creature

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Strongest Summoned Creature

By: Ideabadar OngoingFantasy

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What will happen if Kenan, a young man who is mentally stressed because he is always bullied, doesn't even dare to come out of his room and makes his mother always sad? In another world, there is Aeera, she becomes a witch who is bullied and belittled by her friends. Until she used summoning magic to summon the Strongest Being, that was, Kenan. How can Kenan become the strongest summoned being? Check out the exciting story, and exciting adventures await their journey...


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9 chapters
1. Aeera's Summoned Creature
Crypton Academy, One of the Magic Schools in the Toman continentFar from the gates of the Crypton Magic Academy. A beautiful girl, in simple clothes, was in the open field. The training ground for magicians who are studying magic at Crypton Academy.The most powerful and most sought-after magic power in the whole world is the Necromancer. Summoning magic."You bastard! You won't be able to perform summoning magic, even until you're old and become an old granny!” the voice was from Monica. She is Aeera's partner in learning magic.Aeera looked down and her lips trembled. She bit his lip slowly. A sign of bitterness has been her life all this time, only being a bully for friends at Crypton academy.Monica summoned her creature and was already in third place. She called the big Frog, the frog obeyed Monica's orders. She showed it all off to the other students."Right! Until the apocalypse, you will not be able to summon any creatures! Ha ha ha..!" Samuel joined in. Samuel was at the sec
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2. Remove Me From This World!
Jakarta City, daytimeA young man in his twenties. He locked himself in his room. He was holding a pen and had his hand on the paper for a long time. I don't know what he's going to do, write something? However, he didn't do anything and just shook his hand.It has been two years since the 21-year-old man locked himself in his room. His name is Kenan Kalandra. Shame and self-doubt had filled his entire life. Live in extreme fear and shame.The events of more than two years that happened to him, made the young man a closed person. His mother, Gina could do nothing but wait and be sad every moment. Her son, Kenan, became a victim of bullying and was even humiliated at the high school graduation party at that time.Ghina couldn't do anything, she just found out her child was a victim of bullying during the three years she was in school. The children of the rich man, have ruined her son's future by humiliating him."Kenan! Eat, son," Ghina, the mother gave her food as usual. She couldn't
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3. Aeera and Kenan
"Is it a dream?" Kenan opened his hands in each direction, he opened his hands. The pen was still held in his right hand. It feels very cool and it is a very comfortable place. Dreams are beautiful, sleep is the best way to relieve fatigue and anxiety.Kenan's eyes were glued to see a white and very beautiful face in front of him. The woman looked very simple, her face was like marble on a full moon. Beautiful. But, her clothes are like the clothes of a... witch? A white shirt and a vest on the outside. She wore a dress similar to that of a witch.“Spirit Master! I beg you, defeat the Demon Roksan. He will destroy us all! Protect us!" the beautiful woman said again.Kenan was surprised, he looked around once more."Is it a dream?" Kenan asked.“No Spirit master, this is reality. I summon you with my full power as a mage. Please defeat the Demon Roksan to protect us!”Kenan was still confused, he looked at the beautiful woman who looked worried. Two people behind him were around thirty
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4. We Will Meet Again
Wuss!The light glows. Kenan's body seemed to be sucked from the sky and he disappeared into the light and he was suddenly in his room with the light remaining. He was like a person on a stage and bright lights were shining on him. The light disappeared and he almost fell.Kenan's hands held his body on the study table beside his bedroom. Where is this? Have I woken up from a dream? Kenan thought.But..., it wasn't a dream. That is reality!Correct! It was too strange to dream. That girl named Aeera, can't even be forgotten by Kenan. It was a very beautiful and innocent face. It wasn't a dream."Call me again, Aeera!" Kenan shouted, but there was no answer and only silence.“Please call me again, Aeera. Please, call me again! I don't want to live in this world anymore! Let me live in that dream world again!”Kenan dropped his knees on the floor. He was down, feelings of anxiety, fear, and shame mixed again. Lord, let me be free and no longer feel anxious. That's the prayer said by Ken
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5. Happy Cry
“Please call me again Aeera! Please call me again, please ...” how many times has Kenan said that? He was shaking, moving from one side of his room to the other. He moved from the corner of the room, then moved again in the chair, in the room, and circled walking here and there.He looked at the window, waiting for lightning to strike. He even really wanted the lightning to come soon. No matter what!"Was it all just a dream?" Kenan closed his eyes as if only a dream. Why is it too real to be memorable? That face, Aeera's very beautiful and innocent face. Previously, Kenan prayed to God that someone from another dimension or any world would call him and take him away from his world.But, it's been a week, and there's no magic in that dream anymore. No more about summon magic! Was it just a dream?Internet!Kenan finds out everything about summoning magic, it could be that the world is really real and exists in this world. Previously, Aeera said that it was earth. Is there in the hemis
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6. Grotai Monster
Wuss!Kenan began to feel his body and soul being sucked from above. And like a tremendous acceleration and its speed can't be measured. He seemed to lose consciousness very quickly. And he's already somewhere and he's starting to recover his senses. It was as if fragments of his soul were still starting to form and collect.Where is this?“Master Kalandra, master Kalandra!” faint sounds, but everything seems a bit vague. A female voice, a soft voice. Where is this? It was as if he was swimming in very still water, very calm and like his skin was in contact with the cool water.Water? Kenan shook his head, a little heavy. Is this really in the water? Kenan came to his senses. He slapped his face with the palm of his left hand. His eyes opened, and in front of him, a woman was struggling to move with her hands and feet.That is..., Aeera? He was trying to get out of this water. She's drowning! Kenan swiftly saw Aeera and immediately used both hands to swim towards Aeera. The energy use
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7. Low Divine Mana
The three people who were arrested by Kenan were; Asin, Samuel, and Monica. The three of them are now in a large spoon that can accommodate them. Kenan's magic was able to enlarge the previously small spoon."Is that your summoned creature, Aeera?" Monica hesitated a little, she started to no longer bully Aeera since the previous incident. The moment, Aeera defeated the Demon Roksan.Previously, the students from Cyprus Academy were about to cross the waters. There, there is a human place that produces plants and magic materials. Plants are used for healing and healing, while magic materials are used to strengthen magic items and also as a means of increasing their magic abilities.They all had to level up, thus requiring healing and magic items to increase their energy power. As their level increased, the power of the summoned creature would increase even more.Across from the water is the city of York. There, several hidden human places are also used as places to buy powerful magic
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8. Learn Divine Mana
Splash!The fragments of Kenan's soul began to unite again. He had appeared in his room again, in front of him was food and the spoon was gone from his hand. So, this wasn't all a dream! This is the real reality.Now, he is a Summoned Being who will be summoned by the beautiful mage Aeera. Suddenly Kenan's smile widens. If that was true, then God answered his request. He was summoned by someone from out of what world and dimension. Kenan doesn't understand yet, he will ask that when called again by Aeera.But before that, Kenan remembered something. Correct! Aeera cannot summon and maintain it for long in the world Aeera occupied. He needed what it was, Kenan remembered something. Like..., defense or magic?Kenan immediately cleaned his hands with water and took a rag. Even though his soul was still a little dizzy from just changing dimensions. He forced himself, he looked at the laptop screen and turned on the internet.Kenan found out about all the magic theories. All can go with a
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9. The threat of Sylorg!
Ten people, both students and magic teachers from Crypton academy arrived on the mainland. They all survived because of the summoned creature Aeera summoned."Aeera, what is the name of your summoned creature?" Monica asked, she felt guilty for always bullying Aeera. However, Aeera even saved him from the monster Grote. Monica herself was surprised, she had never seen a summoned creature with a human-like form. Never existed at all."He is called Mr. Kalandra, he is indeed great," said Aeera without hesitation, she always smiled when she remembered Mr. Kalandra and how he stylishly defeated monsters as well as demons.“How did you do it, Aeera? Have you known your summoned beast before?”"No Monica, I don't know him at all. It's possible, he is an Immortal."Immortal is the opposite of mortal. They were like creatures that had a long life and great strength. Within this world, there are races of monsters and demons that rule the land. They were all feared by humans and their lifespan
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