The BloodBath System in another World

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The BloodBath System in another World

By: Azurian Element OngoingSystem

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Hinata Fujuzuki, as always he was returning home after a long day at the office But a robber thought it would be better if he killed him. He now dies and his soul is sent to Hell, to be more precise He was chosen by a system as A God Candidate [[ Information: A small settlement is Housing 54 villagers. Their daily lives are normal They live just like everyone else, They can fall in love, get married, Have kids, and die of old age. They are your quest) Quest: Massacre everyone in the village within the Time frame of 24 hours.) Was the first Quest He received. How should a man who has lived a Normal life in Japan react to the certain demands he has been given. A New road filled with blood is being Curved For Ruthven the new Hinata Fujuzuki ************* check the discord server where you can give your comments


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Quest Failed
An artificial female voice echoed silently in the Dark rainy sky********** A young middle-aged man was laying in the middle of an alley. Short Black hair, Dark-colored Eyes. He was a salary Man on Earth and his name Was Hinata Fujuzuki, He had been caught up in a robbery and was stabbed to death. He held a sorrowful expression with knife wounds all over his body.As the rain poured down on his body, The pool of blood would slowly grow.His tears flowed down in a bold red color. He slowly rose his hand as he tried to grab the seemingly close Moon." why..... now?" he said in a dying tone.***""His hand slowly fell as He coughed blood and listened to the voices of those who passed by the alley in the streets as they slowly withered away and his eyes slowly closed with them. This was the awakening of the artificial voice in his head.*******
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Those were the last words he heard as he passed out in the grasslands.****** Hours later he woke up With a clueless look on his face as if his Memories had vanished. "Where am I?". "Who..... am i" He asked Those Question as He looked around the Vast Grasslands With a dazed look on his face.His mind had worked like a firewall Wich caused him to forget everything that had happened, This was to stop him from going crazy and Like a naturally formed river a name echoed in his head " Ruthven " he didn't know why, It was like a forced name for him but he still understood that That was his name, He thought and thought but no other name came up. Although it didn't seem right as if it was a false name he still had to accept it. After thinking for a while He accepted it and began to wandered around in the grasslands. it was like something told him to walk it didn't matter where He just had to walk walk.*******<15 minutes before The Tutorial Q
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Village Massacre
Ruthven's eyes opened as he was standing at a Familiar location, The forest path." Looks like it's about to begin" his voice had no enthusiasm in it. He took a deep breath, "Alright let's begin"With a stern look on his face he followed The path. As the light began to Peirce through the forest he stopped on his journey." This should work" he said as he stretched his body and climbed a tree. Starting at the giant System panel on top of the village, "What are you" He questioned the existence of the being that caused his deaths. "Hahaha, This truly isn't the regression I imagined" You could feel the pain behind those words. Before The sun could set Ruthven was Observing The village that was marked as his Target. Night soon came " This should work" Ruthven said as he started to set out.The village gate was guarded by 2 young men with Sticks in their hands. Taking the Darkness to his advantage He began to Snick his way in through the wall. After climbing ov
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BloodBath System
Having Finally accomplished the Quest Ruthven began to breathe in peace as he fell asleep. ______The vast grasslands continued peacefully as ruthven was sleeping. the wind blew and then the ancient tree sang a calming sound as its leaves danced to it.ruthven was tired, he was busy all night taking lives as he was ordered. the way he slept showed that he had no conscious of what he had done, that's because of the system" if i blame the system then it wasn't my fault" he kept repeating those words inside his head. This was a way for him to let go of his responsibility as a murderer. For Ruthven who came from a peaceful era Murder wasn't something that was allowed and Ruthven still held the same mindset he had when he lived in Japan That's why he didn't want to accept his actions.Hours later he woke up, he began stretching and began to take a walk.Ruthven had noticed the panel on the tree, he just wanted to prepare for what was coming, so
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The Great War[Bonus Quest (1)]
"BloodBath system" he started to create this image and words in his head. " The Curse of the BloodBath System"Time passed since the System Last showed itself and Ruthven didn't care where it was as long as it didn't bother him{Diit}The system showed itself once more.Ruthven paid no attention to the system as he was bound By chains. Without saying a word He closed his eyes as He was thinking what would happen if the system was allowed to have control.The system sent the notification again but Ruthven never paid attention as his eyes were the only ones that moved.Days started to pass and the same Notification would pop up about 250 times a day. Soon months began to follow. day after day, month after month The same massage was heard. Ruthven's mentality began to be tested as a Year passed.His Hair now
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Completion [Bonus Quest (1)]
The Death Flower -(Higanbana)
Ruthven could understand the Other stats that were extremely high, But he still didn't understand one thing and that was his age. Not even a year had passed Since he was in the war but his age had already increased by 85 years. Seeing as His age kept increasing Ruthven started to act more like a child as he did not like the idea of being old."Man am I that old" he folded his hands and shook his head as he looked down. Ruthven moved around the now chaotic safe zone, And that's when he noticed it his clothes and hair were messed up." How long do I have to wait till I can wash my hair "He pouted?What the system had said was important to Ruthven as it involved the mission, But he didn't pay attention to it as he only Heard the chance to prepare his clothes, Hair, and face. ((This does not mean he can change the way he looks)). While in
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After the Great War
The teleportation had already begun and a Man Wearing a red Tuxedo but not too bright with a black coat that reached his knees, and his hair Tied up in a ponytail position. Ruthven had been teleported into a forest." What a familiar scenery" He thought as he remembered the Village. Ruthven put his hands in his pockets and began to walk, He didn't know where he was going but he felt that the was something ahead of his path.He slowly began to live in the forest as he noticed the light that kept growing on his coat. Getting out of the forest he was greeted By a giant Game panel that could be measured above 50 meters ." Huh looks like this is gonna be Troublesome" he said as he put a dissatisfied look. Ruthven slowly started to understand the Quests, And if a Quest Panel was that big, It meant that the Quest was on a Large scale. Even Though Ruthven was Dissatisfied he Started to read the Contents.<[Information (1)] Thousands of Years have passed after the Great War, The battle that had
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The Human Territory
Ruthven was now following the path he had found himself in, It was a long journey ahead of him and it would be lonely if he was alone. "Huh ....what do you mean" Ruthven still hadn't made true peace with the System, But if the system were to disappear How would he keep tabs on The Quest was what he thought.Ruthven held his cheek as he was thinking of what this meant. " okay... So how long will the update take" He was satisfied that the system would be gone but he was not happy as well.That's when Ruthven Noticed that the quest that had been given was to keep him busy as The system was updating." Hey... are you trying to keep tabs on me" Ruthven's voice sounded worried. The system's Voice wasn't artificial as it said those words the was a hint of emotion in
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Nicholas Orpheus
" Stop your assault," He said as he showed them a Black badge with a one-eyed pattern on it."Hey isn't that The son of the Orpheus Family" The Crowed mumbled as they saw the black badge. "Yes sir" The soldiers Stopped their assault and bowed at the sight of the young man." Huh... Don't tell me" Ruthven saw the badge and turned his eyes back to normal while letting go of Raiz and Going to the young man." Nice to meet you my name is Nicholas of the Orpheus Family" The young blonde man put his hand out and introduced him as such.Ruthven ignored him as he took the badge that was held by Nicholas. " You got to be kidding me right," Ruthven said as he knew that the badge was meant to represent someone important from the demon race." What do you mean" Nicholas said as he was flustered." Hehe, Nothing I was just surprised " Ruthven gave the badge back as he began to walk towards the gate."Stop," A soldier said as he put his hand out to block Ruthven's way. Ruthven sighed as he responded "
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