The White Crow

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The White Crow

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Luis, a 25-year-old young man, who is a professional dancer, not because of his desire, should be calmed down, but forced by his unloving parents, when they saw that talent, they forced him to dance to fill their pockets, one day during a show after receiving the innocent words of a girl "I hope you can reincarnate like all the protagonists of the books I have read and enjoy your own life without chains" suffers a cardiac arrest and is reborn in a new world, where he will try to live a life without chains


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34 chapters
1- A Desire
"You shouldn't let a girl's state affect you, you have to have to be in top shape for today's performance." It wasn't her condition, the one that affected me, what really affected me were her innocent words, maybe I talk too much with her. Have I done wrong by telling her the sorrow of my life? "Calm down Tom, I'll be fine when I hit the stage" Tomas my secretary and friend, he has always been by my side since I was in school until I entered the dance academy, he must already know my regret even before I realized it. He saw me again with a serious expression, analyzing my status as a doctor just as I have had to study different styles of dance, he for some reason has studied certain careers to support me on my journey, his help has even become essential. "Come on Tom! Relax a bit, you know that whenever I put my feet on stage I forget about everything” I could see how his expression changed to a more relaxed one, but he was still a little tense, he simply sighed and adjusted his
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2- I am Lu-ci-a
-Lucia Leib The nervous sensation that runs through my body intensely did not stop despite my attempts to distract myself with different things, in my arms my younger brother had his gaze fixed on me, he seemed sad but it was a sadness of happiness. He most certainly feels my joy and my nervousness, I have been told that newborn babies somehow feel the emotions of people, and here in my arms quietly is my brother, Abram Leib. His small light blue eyes look at me as if he were going through my soul as if he wanted to convey his calm, his peace, what I don't have right now, when he saw my hands that held him he could see the slight tremor. I closed my eyes to calm down, just a few minutes ago the Water Wizard arrived to heal my mother, but I don't have that much faith in him either, although I should have, I don't, healing wizards who aren't adventurers or specialized doctors are unreliable to me. look. He could even say that it is a natural distrust, so much so that my Uncle who w
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3- Mana
-Abram LeibI still don't accept it, even though several weeks have passed, I still haven't accepted it, having been reborn in a new life, in a new opportunity where I can live a new life, I'm still afraid to open my eyes and get up on the stage where I could deduce that he diedThis baby's appearance bothers me, I can't control my body I want to, and I still can't speak even if it's calling my older sister, who is quite attentive.Even though he is in charge of the housework while my father, Bor, a man of few words, began to work in the surroundings after the death of my new mother, without leaving home since, according to my sister's understanding, he had to do jobs where you had to constantly leave home.My deceased mother, her name was Sara, just like that girl who wished me reincarnated. Is it a coincidence or just a bad move of fate? whatever it was wouldn't let me sleep in peace, since I couldn't thank him for this gift.The world where I was born was not very technologically a
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4- Promise
My mother's brother, Arnol my uncle arrived just at the beginning of winter, he brought several silver coins, enough to survive the winter without lack of money, but in the same way, my father did not remain calm and continued working in what he could.Get heat medallions, they are like heating, they are placed in the corners of the house on the ground floor and that keeps the house warm, I was worried the first time since I expected them to release a small flame or something and that nothing will burn the house.But my sister alleviated my doubts by explaining how they work, which relieved me greatly.I'm about five weeks now, I'm almost six weeks old, it's not something to celebrate either, but my sister is very excited almost that she would like to make me a cake but she preferred to give me something different, carrot puree.It was nothing special but it seems that in our town getting carrots is much more difficult, like other foods, it seems that we have perfect conditions to pla
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5- Ritual
-Lucia LeibWinter has passed and the snow melts quickly, the uncle is preparing to sell the house that was in our hometown, Currint, and he was already preparing things for the mana core ritual, which would take place within a few days; besides that, he has already preparedMy uncle wanted us to celebrate my with a cake, my birthday but I don't feel like eating a bit of cake, I crave more, the bad cake my mother cooked even though I long for it intensely.My brother has been in pretty good health, plus he is very calm, he only cries when I have to clean him, plus he has started to move around the house more, although I try to keep him always in the living room while I cook, now I have a direct view and I can help you if you need me.And it seemed like a good environment, for my brother to grow up in, if I can get a good mana sensitivity, I could do low-level dungeons to keep them and give him a good education, plus if I go to the capital, the Dungeon quests will be more frequent and
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6- "...Give me back..."
-Lucia Leib About two days passed before we were ready to go on a trip to Desamp, the capital. Being a dancer, I have to see what reasons I would have an affinity for and I will have to train from an early age. Uncle Arnold told me that we will hire a maid to take care of my brother while I studied and trained, I think if he hadn't offered me that, I would most likely have waited a couple of years before I could train without having to worry about it. my brother. I had everything ready in the cloth bags, although I would like to take the whole house, I can't, I tried to pack everything necessary, my brother's blankets, the cream that I put on him too and his clothes. My brother is already four months old and he has grown a lot, the neighbors told me that he has even developed and moved as if he were already a year old, but he is only 4 months old, that only shows that my brother has grown well. Right now I have to focus on myself too, I have to start training my water magic and
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7- The mother crow and the baby
-Tanya"I'm sorry, you've been coming your years, I think the best thing is that you stop trying"His words hurt me greatly. Is it wrong that I want to fulfill my dream?Although I've been trying for a couple of years now, I still can't get pregnant, my fertile years are about to end and every time I realize that these years are almost over, I feel much more hopeless.My husband, Dram, although his dream is to enter the Black Feather army, he has been supporting me in my dream, while he waits for my childbearing years to end.It is customary for the father to stay with the mother to take care of the baby, although if my husband had not married me he would have already joined the army.But even so, knowing that he would have to wait more years before he could enter the army, he married me, and we lived a happy married life.A good house on a good branch of the tree, our nest is very cozy and we have everything we need.My husband, not to be bored, has become a guard at the border of th
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8- Crow's nest
-Abram LeibAlthough I couldn't see, I could hear perfectly what the woman who kept me in a feather cloak was saying.I spent several days being bitten by those beasts, it hurt a lot, I cried several times and wished it would stop or someone would come to my rescue.Truly the body of a baby is quite fragile, I still hurt and I think it is inevitable that I will never forget this pain.When this woman appeared I felt relieved when she looked at me with her black eyes I was filled with hope and I felt the same relief as when I was reborn, whoever this woman was owed her life.Just thinking that I just got this new life and it was almost taken from me saddens and worries me, it worries me knowing that this world is extremely dangerous for the weak, for fragile things like me right now."Come on, Abram, don't make noise until I finish talking to my husband."The woman carrying me in her feathered cloak smiled at me sincerely and warmly.Somehow this woman emits a great affection, all the
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9- A human in a crows nest
"I see you are nervous. Is something worrying you?" "Just a little mom" Tanya, my mother came over from the side to sit at the table where I was lost staring at nothing. In these years I have become very fond of this family to the point of forgetting the parents who raised me in my previous life, from time to time I remember my previous life and I wonder what it would be like if this couple had been my parents? "Tell me" "What's going on? My mother sat in the chair next to me and gave me a warm smile, which gave me the peace of mind to talk about what a little knot of nerves is making me.Read more
10- A fighting style decided by Fate
After passing through the spearmen's stall, I went to the swords' stall.   Where he failed the test, well not exactly, he nearly poked one of the contestants in the eye, as he somehow kept instinctively using dance steps.   If in some way I could alter those memories of my other life I would do it, the few memories where I danced joyfully and purely I would keep them; and for those that don't, I would just throw them away as garbage.   I ignored several posts, just looking at them out of the corner of my eye made it clear that they were not for me.   I don't think I have the strength or the motivation to fight with a simple shield or with axes, if there was a magic position I would join or even see what kind of test
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