Tour In Titan

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Tour In Titan

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Jon wakes up in the body of Cole, a simple mercenary that participated in the war, but when he wakes up he realizes the world he is in. TITAN. His favorite fantasy novel. Jon knows the story of this novel like the back of his hand and he also knows the looming disaster in the future. However, "I am NOT a HERO!" Jon doesn't have any intention of becoming the hero of the story, instead he wants to survive and to do that, he will take advantage of the story itself. He will keep the story intact, even if he needs to sacrifice a lot of people, this is the only way to protect his future. While preparing for the catastrophe that is about to come, Cole will also travel the world to enjoy the different sceneries, the dream of Jon that he wanted to fulfill. Join Cole in his adventure to gain wealth and power in order to secure his future. While preparing for the catastrophe that is about to come, Cole will travel the world to enjoy the different sceneries.


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I wake up in Titan
… … “Argh!” I can feel the solid ground pressing on my face. I caught a whiff of both earth and grass yet, it’s not the only scent that I can smell. I could also smell something burning, a mix of burned wood and meat, and… something… very pungent, a smell of rust. I open my eyes and the first thing I see are dead people covered in blood. Their metallic armor loses its shine and is now painted in red. Weapons scattered on the ground above the pool of dry blood. The scene in front of me put me in shock and I immediately pushed myself to rise up but a sudden burning sensation crawled in my right upper leg. “What! What?!” The pain prevented me from standing up and I kneel down as fast as I push myself up. I turn around to look at the source of that burning sensation. A spear with a half broken shaft was stabbed behind my right leg. “Ahhh… Ahhh…” I panic, I turn around looking for help instead what I see can only be described as a nightmare. Dead… Dead… Dead people. Both soldi
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Aren't I Lucky?
I travel back to Slothub after gathering everything I can in Siocas Plains. I spend another half day gathering more loot and end up with 9 gold worth of money, this is almost a 3-month worth of living for a family of four.Other than gold I also gather other stuff like rings, jewelry, crystals and potions. For the jewelry and rings I will sell them in other countries or kingdoms that I will visit. I’m not planning on selling them in Slexor just to avoid any complications or problems.This is the second day of my trip and I haven’t seen any monsters yet. This is probably because of the large-scale march that happened just the other day. Monsters will be startled on those large movements and they will flee their nest just to ensure their safety.In addition to that, I also gathered some plants.I’ve been carrying a makeshift backpack since I left the Siocas Plain. That backpack is full of mustard colored flowers called Dungdung flower and an eight leaves purple grass called Octalion gra
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I am now in front of a wooden house, my lock is just a simple knob and I have the key in my pocket.My house is a simple studio type house, I have a restroom, a kitchen and an open area. In the open area, I can easily see the bed and small table and chair.A smell of dry fish, dry meat and rotten trash that are coming from the neighborhood rush inside when I open it. Cole is already familiar with this kind of smell and I am not in any way shape or form disgusted by it. However, compared to Jon’s lifestyle Cole’s lifestyle is really terrible.“I will eventually leave this place. I will endure it a little bit longer.”I lock the door behind me and move towards the table.“Let’s see.”I put the ingredients on the table.1 pc of human heart4 spoon of grounded high quality monster core3 bottles of small red potion.“Hmmm…”“I got everything.”“Let’s begin.”What I’m trying to do is something that the villain Heart Reaper did in the story.Heart Reaper is a ‘One Timer’ villain in Book 8,
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First Mission
I’m currently inside my house.I get up, take a bath and then I look at the mirror near my bed.I look at my face and move it side to side.I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I have a scar on my forehead. The scar is a diagonal line from right to left covering only the left side of my forehead.Overall, I am not a handsome fellow… more on a regular looking guy.After that I scan my body.“My body…”It's packed with muscle, I have solid chest muscles, my biceps and triceps are prime and even my leg muscles are conditioned very well. I remember my body as Jon and this is like heaven and earth compared to Cole’s body.The question is…“Who am I?”I both have their memories.I have Cole’s body.The question is which personality I have.…“Do I have Cole’s personality? Jon’s? maybe both of them…”I dressed up and sat down on the bed.“Cole…”I try to think of Cole’s personality based on his memories.“He’s a hard working guy just like Jon. (chuckled) But Jon is a hard working guy in his
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First Mission (2)
A full moon shining brightly in the night sky.The cold breeze of the night caresses my skin as I travel through the mountains. The branches and leaves slowly sway and follow the movement of the wind like how a musician follows its conductor on every sway of its hand.But even in this peaceful and serene night I am feeling agitated.(I made a wrong calculation.)Avoiding so many ‘monsters’ on the way here made my travel time much longer.(I hope… I hope I’m not late.)I know that if I lose this opportunity it will greatly affect my movement in the future.I continue to climb the mountain until I see the small cave near the top of the mountain. I sped up my walk to get inside the cave immediately.When I reach the entrance of the cave, I use Enhanced Sense to determine if there are any living beings inside. The ‘presence search’ stretched as far as I could push it, I noticed several creatures below me but that doesn’t matter right now. I then use my ‘hearing’ to listen for any noise or
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My Power?
TitansThe most powerful beings in this world, some people even revered them as gods. They are at the very top of the food chain and no amount of lower creatures can kill them. Their power is already in the realm of gods. They can destroy a country within seconds, ability to freeze a desert and they can even cover the sky with darkness.With their absolute power they now rule their own territories and even humans will have to bow down to their might.But what are Titans exactly?The main story line only touched on this topic but didn’t fully discuss these might beings.However, the author provides the fans with ‘additional content’.Titans: Legends and Titans: Origin.Titan are monsters. Period.They are monsters that break their limit and traverse to the unknown.However, not all monsters are equal.There are only three types of monsters that may reach the level of Titans.The Dragons.Lizard type creatures that are equipped with strong claws, nearly indestructible armors and blessed
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Second Mission
A bulk man with short brown hair and muscular body is standing on the small podium inside the adventurer’s guild. His face and arms have visible scars on it and he is emitting a leader like vibe as he slowly walks towards the podium.Bollea the guild master of Slothub.As soon as he arrives at the middle of the podium he surveys each and every person involved in this operation.“Varic Bandits have been attacking various merchants from Northern to the Eastern side of Slothub for quite some time now. We have lived our lives in Slothub for many years but we haven’t encountered this kind of despicable bandits… this group! These animals! they murder! Everyone! Man, woman and child. They don’t care who you are! what you are! they will kill everyone! body! without mercy!”He looks around the guild house.“These monsters! cannot be left alive anymore. We already secured the help of Duke Nicolas soldiers. They will encircle the hideout that is located here.”Tap!He pointed at the map on the b
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Let's Run
I calmly walked back home.Unlock!Pang!Lock!I lock the door behind me.“Hoooo…”My hand started to shake.I remember when the adventurer admin pointed at my pouch.“I thought she caught on.”Dum! Dum!I look at my shaking right hand and grab it with my left hand.“I’ve secured something great.”I close both my hands.“Am I lucky or… No (I shake my head)… not just lucky. I analyzed the books, went into forums and talked with the other fans. I spend a lot of time reading books. I’m not just lucky.”I then slowly pulled out the dimensional bag that is in my ‘hidden’ stash.A simple string brown bag with a leather texture. The design is simple and common but the texture of the material will catch the eyes of those people who know the value of items.I smiled.“Jackpot.”Yes. I don’t care if there is nothing inside this bag.The dimensional bag alone is already a treasure.In the first place, I didn’t expect anything in that mission.In the story, Ellie only receives some gold and recog
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The Fruit
Everything falls into place.That’s what I am feeling right now.I thought that Varic’s mission was just a simple ‘I hope I will earn money from this’ type of quest. I didn’t know I would gain a lot from this mission... and saying ‘a lot’ seems disrespectful.I gain an ‘enormous’ amount of wealth and power in this mission.Aside from the dimensional bag, subspace ring, bags of gold and magic crystal.The real treasure is the black magic book and…“The Fruit.”I feel like I am lying on the soft cotton candy cloud right now as I said that.The Tree of the Beginning.It is the most ancient tree in the world, this tree supports the world from the moment it is born. The source of all life as the author says.In the book, the author provided an art for the fans to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent tree. The Tree of the Beginning is located at the very center of the world. It is in the middle of the ocean and part of its tangled root can be seen above water, and the majestic truck is goin
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The Black Mage
I folded my map.“Subspace.”I put the map inside the subspace, pulled off the ‘Divine Book’, I decided to call a book full of divine tier spells, and after I picked up the book then I closed the subspace.“I should arrive there 2 days from now.”I am currently hiking in the mountains and my goal is to arrive at the village inside Kilswin Kingdom.I avoided the bandits and monsters in the area using my very reliable Enhance Sense.While I travel, I look at spells inside the Divine Book. I still cannot believe that they spend a lot of resources for their mission and the funny thing about it, I’m the one who will benefit from their hard work.(Thank you evil dudes for working so hard and spending so much money and resources for me.)I made a silent prayer.However, I still wonder about something.“30 pages of Divine Domination… where can I use them? Who will I dominate?”Tap! Tap!I raise my finger.“The most common to dominate will be monsters.”I nod my head.“But I don’t want just an
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