Wizard of The Sky God: Salt Magician

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Wizard of The Sky God: Salt Magician

By: Hipolte OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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One sin burned an age. And time stopped for them. As darkness rises softly from under the shadows Heed the call. As the stars fall The Wizard of the sky god will return again Time passed, old stories faded Wizard of the sky god under the blue light When he respawns, the Icebreaker will come for him. Old stories circulated. In an unknown time and place, one of the holy magicians committed a sin. Finally, a punishment that set an age, a people on fire, found him. In this age of monsters rising, as time passes, a voice will be heard again from the depths of the forest and rise from the dark shadows. For the remnants of the forgotten ancient times, the Sky god's sorcerer will heed their call and come back for the final


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According to an ancient legend, Tonka, the holy magician of the Kutsk people, one of the Ice peoples, has been ostracized by her people with her strange movements and spells since she became a magician. One day, he presents a Vora to Igan, one of the two warriors of the Qazaktar people, who came to visit the people of Kutsk. After that day, Igan's life changes. Igan suspects that Tonka is casting a spell on him and decides to kill Tonka to get rid of it. He ends himself while trying to kill Tonka. Tonka, who wants to save Igan, casts a forbidden spell and cannot turn it back. Changing the balance of nature, Tonka will cause the disaster of all the Ice people. Min and Tin, who were sent to earth to punish Tonka, fail to do so and are condemned to live on earth. After that day, Tonka was never seen again. The remnants of the ice people are condemned to a cursed life.As time passed, these ancient stories were spread by word of mouth by the Ice peoples who still live. This day becomes kn
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Fall of Tonka 1
The air here was always freezing to the bone; but today was colder than usual. Although the people of Kutsk resisted, this weather was more than they could bear. They had known for a long time that strange things were happening. But in their tents, they could do nothing but wrap themselves in their furs. After a while, the earth began to shake. A dazzling blue beam of light appeared in the sky. Beams of blue light were seeping through the doors of the Kutsk people's tents and gleaming the speck of ice suspended in the air, as if it had blinded them. How long the light shone no one knew. The whole world seemed frozen as the light descended into the sky. A second, a minute, or a century.Time passed and the light disappeared in the same way as it suddenly appeared in the sky.Tonka swirled around her tent, surrounded by the skulls of all kinds of creatures. The aging walls of the tent were soiled with black spots in places. Limbs of dead bodies hung from the ceiling: a human finger, a
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Fall of Tonka 2
Tonka struggled to keep her balance as the ground under her feet swelled as if it wanted to swallow her. Her black hair was distorted and messy from the horror he experienced. Her pale white fur was stained with bloodstains on the floor. For a moment, her hand went to the necklace, which consisted of a pale pink stone wrapped in a hoop around her neck. The stone radiated light at his touch. This light was quite weak compared to the blue light that filled the tent and quickly faded away. The ground shook and trembled again. An invisible wave came and crashed into Tonka's chest. Tonka scorched with pain and let out a scream. This scream came from very deep and he couldn't stop him. The fire of pain had penetrated to his bones. It collapsed backwards. The stone he used to start the fire in the middle of the floor crashed into the height and fell to the ground. Her head hit a stone. He writhed helplessly in pain. Her heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest. She writhed on th
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Two horsemen were coming on the snowy forest road. Although spring had already come, the snow had not yet melted. The wind was blowing like ice. The breeze had glued the fur of one of the horsemen further into his back. The wind seemed to howl for a moment. There was an unusually heavy silence around. Despite the arrival of spring, there was not a single greenery except for the trees that did not shed their leaves during the winter. Where the trees were thicker, puddles of snow covered the ground. Igan touched his arrow, thinking he heard a little stir in the silence. This was the hardest winter, according to the elders.Even wolves in the mountains were beginning to appear on the plains by the riverbanks. Judging by the deer carcasses along the way, the wolves had already spotted the stray deer. A few people they met on the way said that wolves even attacked herds of horses from hunger and warned them to be careful. The horsemen crossed the snowy roads at full speed. They had been on
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The door to the room slammed shut behind the white-haired woman. The woman turned and stared at the door. Her slender shoulders made her appear taller than she was. On her dress, strange shapes of various sizes formed colorful piles on the floor. “Acuz,” Mayda whispered, looking excited. The white-haired woman turned quickly, her long skirts waving. There was not the slightest line on her face to indicate that he was having a hard time.She was holding a long pointed staff. Her tomato-colored eyes, which were just starting to mature, looked like they were piercing through. Her eyebrows, which stood like a puddle of white bushes just above her eyes, softened her lofty look a little. Tamir was stuck in her eyes after examining her from head to toe. Almost everyone in this country had dark eyes. Apart from Tamir, his family's eyes were also dark and slanted. With his straw-blond hair and ice-grey eyes, Tamir seemed to be shouting that he was a foreigner in this country. The woman said, "W
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While Yelis and David were passing the first barrel through the middle of the bar, Rick was sipping one of David's wines in a glass. The bar's yellow cat, Moose, was slumped on the chair with his eyes closed and his tail wrapped around his feet. A man was standing in front of the big fireplace in the corner, looking across at Yelis and David, who were carrying barrels. The man touched a polished tin can he always carried. The bar was almost empty except for David, Yelis, the bartender, and the man by the fireplace.At that moment, two large men entered. They headed straight for the man in front of the fireplace. He glanced at the bartender as the men entered. But the man who had been standing by the fireplace from the very beginning did more than take a glance and caught David's arm, who had passed him and was heading for the door. A long black leather jacket he wore highlighted the heavy muscles in his arms. His head was covered with a hood, as if he wanted to hide his face. David fro
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Uncanny foreign
“We couldn't find them, we have to go back now,” Artam said, looking troubled as darkness began to fall on the mountain. “They must be dead already” “Does it scare you?” 'Tam asked. He had a vaguely mocking expression on his face. Artam gave him a murderous look. “He is weak, he is weak.” said. “We don't have anything to do with Gluttons or Wretches.” Artam looked quite nervous. "Did they really come?" she asked in a whisper. Artam must have felt what Tamir. felt.Tamir looked up at the sky as if the fog that had settled on the dark mountain was of no interest to him. Artam had already judged that the fog descending on the mountain was the cause of arrivals.It is as if Tamir had read Artam mind, "There's always fog on the mountain at this time of day." He could taste the tension in Artam's eyes, hidden under the hood of his black cloak. In fact, Tamir also shared Artam's uneasiness. He was in Kars for years. When he first came to Kars, all the stories he had heard about Tonka and the I
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Into The Shadows
Tamir disappeared in a swim of blue light. When he opened his eyes, the forest around him and the cold that was burning him had disappeared. He was lying on the wooden floor of a house. A woman with her long braid on her right shoulder hurried to the door of the wooden house. As the woman walked, a sound came from the wooden floor. Tamir moved to stay off the ground, but failed to do so. As she made her way to the door, she looked back and said hesitantly to someone standing in the shadows, "One of the neighbors." “She might want to borrow some groceries…” A young girl with straw-blond hair reaching her waist gently placed the bowls on the table and slowly walked away. The residents of the house seemed unaware of Tamir's presence. “I don't think so—” another man in the room said to the woman heading for the door, and his hand touched the hilt of his sword. The figures of two white snakes entwined on the hilt glowed faintly. The woman approached the door when it exploded open, parts of
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When the light disappeared, David and Ewin rushed over to Yelis, who was lying on the ground. David squatted down beside Yelis, who was lying on the ground, hastily searching her body for something bad, but all she could find was a slight cut on her forehead. While small, that single cut could have been serious enough. Yelis' body was warm. They took Yelis in their arms and left with Ewin.Aunt Abigial tried to be polite as she dressed Yelis, but soft groans interrupted Yelis's low mutter nonetheless. Yelis had been lying unconscious for days after that incident. He had a constant fever, the reason for which he did not understand on the third. Aunt Abigial looked at Yelis' fever again. Such a fire could easily kill a person, but Yelis was still struggling. After wetting a cloth again, he placed it on Yelis's forehead. A doorbell was heard. It was David and Ewin. David: “How is she doing?” ' asked Aunt Abigial. Abigial was unhappy. “Same,” he said.Ewin's spell would keep those men awa
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Death 2
Ewin gripped the hilt of the stick in his hand. Everyone concentrated on the direction the light was coming from. Shadows waving eastward were trying to break through the firewall. The shadows gradually transformed him into a horse and rider with tall bulky shapes behind him. Ewin knew what these shapes were. The moonlight had revealed the rider's hooded cloak. Between the Shadows and Ewin and the others was just a magical firewall. All the shapes were black in the night. The sound of a horse's hooves…. Ewin recognized that voice.Behind the black cavalry, the horned figures appeared in double rows, as if obeying the black cavalry. The sounds of boots hitting the ground sounded like a nightmare. Ewin counted nearly twenty horned shadows running left and right through the firewall. The black cavalry stood motionless, and suddenly raised his staff and attacked the firewall. Ewin could feel the pressure exerted on the wall. He lowered his cavalry staff to the ground, vanishing westward i
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