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Grey is back
Light Novel Brave CEO
..Grey Robinson is a heartless and business minded man . In this world, he strives for only one thing and that is to be very rich and have power over everything and everyone in his rich . Hurting one’s feeling to get what he wants is something that he never even gives a second thought . He does it without even giving it a second thought as long as he had to get what he wants.That is how everything is until that fateful morning when things turn upside down.  The long awaited Incorporation with the Feedline leaves him completely penniless . He realizes that he had been robbed of all his wealth . On top of that , he is supposed to get married to a woman he hates most as  a way of compensation .To make matters worse Mariana Wills plans to have him to kille hid but little does she know that he survives that fire coming back more dangerous than before. Mr. Grey , forgive us is a story majorly on greed for wealth, love and Revenge that you should not hesitate to give a second thought before reading .
Return of the supreme Consortium heir
Emotional Arrogant Cruel
Flourish Tony
Blurb: Brandley Stark and his mother Stella endured relentless humiliation from his step father Jacob Morgan and his half brother Alex Morgan because of his wretched way of life. Brandley's suffering reached a heartbreaking climax when Via Turkey, his girlfriend betrayed him by becoming engaged to Alex his half brother. Deceived by Alex his half brother to come for a family meeting, Brandley and his mother meets a party instead. It was the engagement party of Alex and Via. They were both humiliated and thrown out of the party after his step father forces his mother to sign his divorce papers. Someone from the party recognises Brandley's true identity as the son of Philip Stark son to the most influential family in the whole of Westend country. Empowered by his lineage, Brandley vowed to rise above his circumstances, to seek justice against the Morgans for all the pain they inflicted upon him and his family and to exact revenge to reclaim his dignity, determined to overturn the injustices he had endured. Will he succeed or will the secrets buried within the Stark's consortium drag him down? Find out!
The Lost Heir
Manipulative Emotional Obsession
Ferdinand Johansson suddenly had a tragic accident and had to be declared dead unilaterally. His sudden death caused his family's business empire to collapse because Andie, his cousin, did not want to take responsibility for choosing to live a life of luxury with the women he hired. What will happen to Ferdinand in the future?
Winston Empire: Battle Between Heirs
Marriage Revenge Love
Bee Pen
Joel Brown-Winston, the sole heir to the Winston Empire, survives an assassination attempt and goes into hiding. However, his enemies tried to destroy him... Joel inherits the family business, but an even greater threat looms unknown to him.  A dangerous enemy hidden in the shadows threaten to destroy everything Joel holds dear.  Can Joel defeat this  enemy and save the Winston Empire from destruction?
Intelligent Emotional CEO
"You are nothing but a poor rag doll, who will never become anything!" Vowing that he would never give love a chance, after his ex girlfriend dumped him, he decided to give love another chance with a lady he met in Los Angeles. However, a misunderstanding occured between them, making him feel like she betrayed him. With the bitterness in his heart, he promised to make her regret it. Unbeknownst to him, she was facing the dark side of life, and to top it all, she was pregnant for him. When he found out the truth, it was too late for him, as Quinn had already left the country, after being pressured by Harrison's ex girlfriend. Will she give him another chance to prove his love for her? What will happen when his ex girlfriend stands in their way of love?
The Greatest Heirs
Marriage Crazy Love
Pena Hasrat
After a tragic accident that befell his parents and the betrayal of his adopted younger brother, he rose from his ruin by taking over the Wayne Corporation company, a hidden legacy of his grandfather. On a journey to take revenge on Christian and his accomplices, Gerald creates dramatic changes in his life, controlling the entire global market, thereby elevating his identity so that his arrogant mother-in-law has to call him the greatest son-in-law.
CEO Billionaire Protective
On his twenty fifth birthday Theodore was publicly embarrassed. He thought his father was going to give him the company since he promised to, and he had been working hard for so many years but he was wrong. His father gave the company to his half brother instead. Surprising him and the press. And only after confronting his father did he find out he was an illegitimate child. His mother's mistake. Surprised his girlfriend who was so kind and loving had been cheating on him for nearly three years with his half brother Theodore was heartbroken. His half brother Albert kept looking for ways to make him suffer. They even sent Theodore out of the house. His stepmother Dalia who was happy Theodore was out of the game felt threatened by Theodore's half sister who wanted to make a claim to the company. She knew how strong willed Karina was, she was smart and very diligent and somehow she knew deep down that Karina might win the fight so she decided to end her. If she was dead she wouldn't be able to fight now would she? Theodore found out his birth father was the richest man in San Diego after his reputation as well as his mother's was ruined Theodore felt nothing else but rage and he wanted revenge. Especially after finding out his sister was poisoned. Accepting his father's terms he decided to get his revenge. Would Theodore be able to get his revenge or would his enemies get the upper hand?
Revenge Of Adopted Children
Intelligent Reliable Arrogant
Khairin Zee
Zach's perfect life was destroyed in one night. When his parents said that, Zach was just a child they adopted from an orphanage. The power that his parents promised to give to Zach, was instead given to his younger brother, Alan, who is the biological child of his parents. It turns out they only used Zach as a tool to make it easier for their biological son to occupy the throne without having to make any effort. Finally, Zach was thrown out of the big house without a penny. Will Zach be able to rise up and take revenge for that insult?
Alexavier's Heirs
Optimist Revenge Second Chance
Gavin Halsley Alexavier. The youngest son of the Alexavier family who has always been nicknamed the family trash. He had an accident while driving a car. However, instead of going to the grave, Gavin experienced a time loop three years before his accident. Given a second chance, Gavin began to prove that he was not weak. He started building businesses and became a billionaire. In addition, Gavin's return is not without reason. He must solve the puzzle of the Alexavier family. Until a truth is revealed that shakes up the business world.