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Five hundred years ago..... The earth was destroyed and a new world was created. The survivers were taken to that world. The world were you can survive if you have a talent/potential. The talents were divided into groups. Born after many years passed, Aurora is born different. She is the daughter of one of the most hated group (the miscreants). Her life changes when she got entangled with one of the supreme lords ruling Sirenna. Will love bloom between them? Even though it was forbidden for a supreme lord to fall in love........

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New world
Years ago, the Earth was destroyed by a group of scientist who wanted to change the world by creating monsters in humans. They succeeded but instead, the Earth was destroyed. An immortal being sacrificed herself to create the new world we now live in. Every surviving humans went into the new world and the Earth was totally destroyed to annihilate the monster. The new world was named Sirenna, after the one woman who created the world. The new world had strict rules, limiting the human to a lot of things. We are the fifth generation.The people were divided according to their talents and potential. When we reach the age of eighteen, we are selected according to a test carried on us to choose our talents and potentials.I will be eighteen tomorrow and that means I will be chosen, but, I am different from the people. I have the blood of the enemies, the people who are believe to destroy Sirenna in the nearest future if not stopped. They are the MISCREANTS. I have the blood of a miscreant
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I do trust you
"You don't have one?" Elena asked with widened eyes. Of course I have, I wanted to say, but tomorrow will be my last and my dream won't happen. "A councillor will be the best for you. I can sense it. You are good at giving laws and honest judgement." Liya said wiping her mouth with her hands while staring at me. "Liya is right, you been a councillor will change the world cause we will have a honest person with that talent." Elena said.I smiled at them for their comments. Maybe if I wasn't a miscreant, I might be chosen as a councillor. Now, I can't help but pray tomorrow nevers comes. "Let's just believe, our talents will be better than we think." Elena said. "Is this Elena saying something sensible?" Liya asked. Elena rolled her eyes and continued eating.I watched my friends eating while making jest of each other, and I felt a big space in my heart. All this, all this happy moments will be over after tomorrow. After some few hours, they left le
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Warning, a freedite
Now the other groups are the OUTCAST. They are the people without talent or the people who left their talent behind. They are the poorest and are treated like trash. The next are the ERUDITES. The scientists, physicians and everything related under science are the Erudites. We have the FARMERS who deals with our growing crops and rearing animals. We have the ENTERTAINERS who has the talent of singing, acting ex cetera. Then lastly, we have our RULERS. The rulers aren't selected during the chosen day, the positions are earned. The highest hierarchy is the supremacy power. The Supremes are the most powerful rulers of Sirenna but no one knows who they are, how they are, or what they look like. All we know is that they are ten supreme lords, who rules us. They have never shown themselves.I sat down alongside Elena and Liya as more young adults together with their parents kept trooping in, filling up the empty seats. The leaders of each groups sat down at the podium with each holding a bo
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A councillor
"Are you sick?" Liya asked, looking at me with worry.I nodded and put the pill in my mouth. I wasn't sick but I guess this is the way to make me take the pill without been suspected. My father leaned closer to me, "You will really feel sick darling. You will not know what is going on again in few minutes. This is the only way that can help you out of this situation. Don't worry, I will be with you." he said. I nodded and focused on the podium. "Aliyah Khepri." the vice president called. Aliyah smiled and left for the podium. She was chosen as an Entertainer. Happily, she joined her new group. "Aurora Lee."I was called next. I stood up but found it difficult to move. My whole body became weak and my head seems to be spinning round. I felt dizzy, weak and nauseous as I kept walking with difficulty.......Alfredo watched his daughter as she walked to the podium sickly. He had a worried look on his face as she neared the podium. He was told the pill wi
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My life starts very soon
"I was chosen as a stauncher." Elena said eating the peanuts dad had left for me. It's more like we were chosen according to what our hearts desires. I had the dream of working with the councils and I got it. Elena wanted to be a stauncher, and Liya wanted to be a musician. I rubbed my hands and looked outside the window, relieved I still have the chance to. Mother I am a councillor now. I will make you proud of me....... "My life starts very soon." Liya said drawing my attention to her. She dropped the glass of water she was holding and rubbed her hands together. "Let's spend a whole day together immediately you get discharged and are released to go home." she added. I nodded, "Sure...... Let's do that." I replied. ..... The vice president walked in to the president's office with a file in his hand, humming to a song. He opened the door and walked in, looking at the president whose eyes were on her computer, typing down a report. He dropped the
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The test
A lady walked up to the podium with a stern look on her face, making everyone quiet in the hall. She stopped and stared at our faces before she switched on the computer in front of her. "I am Felicia Hookman, the leader of the councillors." She looked at her computer and backs to our faces. "Most of you know me and most of you don't. Let's keep it that way cause we don't want familiarity to be the cause of failure. I hate failures. We are the councillors and are the best in everything we do. I wouldn't let anyone spoil the reputation we have built over the years. Everyone of you should work hard and be the best cause that's what we are." she said earning an applaud and cheers from the crowd.I am the best at what I do, I am a councillor. "This test will determine which department you belong to. We have so many department at the councils. Some lawyers, some administrators ex cetera. Each department has their head and everyone should be respectful towards them, they hav
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Wisest new councillor
"You are in a room with two women who had a heated argument....... They were walking together on a street. One of them suddenly screamed and pointed at the floor, 'Hey there is a diamond on the floor.' she said. The second woman saw it and picked it up. Now, the two of them want the highest share, what will you do? Who will take the highest?" She asked.Obviously, the one who saw it should take the highest, but I smell something fishy here. The councils wouldn't ask a question this easy.My father once told me that, the councils are cunning people, they only take what benefits them and they favor those who are ready to walk with them. As simple as the question sounds, I know there is a cunning answer behind it. But what is that answer? Think Aurora.I clicked my tongue when an idea came to me. "You said a diamond?" I looked at the two of them. "You found the diamond on the floor. On Sirenna's ground. The diamond isn't for any of you, it's Sirenna's treasure. But since you two
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The supremes
Aurora povI walked into the house and searched for my father with my eyes, but he wasn't in the living room. The empty room created a space in my heart. If only my mother was alive, she would have been happy.Father told me that mother has always wanted to be a councillor but she was a freedite and it was impossible. I remembered the day my father told me about my mother. I had no memory of her and only know how she looks like through the pendant she gave me.That night when dad and I were watching a movie, I had asked dad why we freedites were called evil. Why we were called miscreants. He told me the freedites had all the talent and were special born people. The other groups were angry at that and saw them as threats. They brought the proposal to the supreme lords and it was approved. The freedites were known as villains. Even a new born child.I picked my shoe and headed towards my room but stop when father came out of his room. He smiled at me but I sense it was a forced smile. H
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A lawyer
AUTHOR POVThe three girls sat by the sea shore looking at the bright stars pinpoint on the sky like many diamonds, radiating it beauty reflecting itself on the sea.It was a beautiful sight to behold, as the two girls laid their head on Aurora's shoulders. Aurora smiled sweetly as she took in a deep breath, perceiving the scent of water, sand and a sweet scent she couldn't identify. The sea is her favorite place in Sirenna as it beauty is something she wishes to see all the time. The stars were reflecting on the sea making it look like the sky was divided and they were at the middle. "Aurora..." Elena called in a tiny voice, with her eyes closed. "Hmmm?" "Will earth ever be restored again?"Aurora looked up at the sky and took in a deep breath again. Will Earth ever be restored again? It's being more than five hundred years now and the earth still remain in it ruins. She looked at the sea and her eyes sparkled with the stars. "Maybe one day it will. B
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Like a dream come true
AURORA POVI came out of the cab and paid the driver. The big headquarters of the Councils was staring right in front of me. I was in the place I have dreamt of my whole life. I adjusted my bag and sighed. "Here I go." I said and walked into the building.My mouth tell opened seeing the inside. The people were all dressed corporately. It was more than I expected.A lady walked to me and held my hand. I immediately recognize her as Lalisa, the girl I saw at the city hall. She smiled at me. "What department are you in?" "The lawyer's department." "Great, we are in the same department." she smiled widely. "We are to go to the lawyer's head office and we will be assigned to a senior lawyer who we will work under." she said and dragged me towards the office. We entered the room and bowed to the woman there who I perceived is the lawyer's head. "Good day ma'am." Lalisa said with a smile. She sure has a lot of energy. "We are new lawyers and were told
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