Artificial Superintelligence: Infinite Possibilities!

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Artificial Superintelligence: Infinite Possibilities!

By: Huang Sp-Wang CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Ethan is the heir to the wealthy and powerful Alexander family, but he falls victim to a scheme orchestrated by his cousin, Conrad Alexander. As a result, he is expelled from his home and forced to leave his homeland. Ethan travels southward. By a twist of fate, he signed a contract to live with the Edwards family and marry their daughter, Melanie Edwards. Within the Edwards household, Ethan is constantly belittled and humiliated, with no one caring for or defending him. Even his wife remains distant and cold. Stripped of his inheritance, Ethan lives like a dog in a hostile environment. However, one fateful day, Ethan stumbles upon the ‘Artificial Superintelligence: Infinite Possibilities’ system. Infinite wealth, infinite power – he gains access to it all. But the ‘Artificial Superintelligence’ system is still in its experimental phase, requiring the completion of tasks to unlock its features. Thus, if Ethan fails these tasks, he will be left without money. But how could he possibly fail? Ethan is determined to conquer the ‘Artificial Superintelligence’ system, reach the pinnacle of power, and return to exact his revenge, reclaiming everything stolen from him!

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445 chapters
Chapter 1: Artificial Super Intelligence System.
"Captain, my wife just had an accident, and I need to get to the hospital urgently. Please let me leave work early!"However, the older man stared at the young man with a fierce and mocking gaze, his face showing a hint of ridicule as he sneered."Fine, just submit a resignation letter, and I'll let you go early.""Sir..."The young man's name was Ethan, and he was initially from the prestigious Alexander family in the capital. A few years ago, he was betrayed and expelled from his family, forced to move south, and eventually married into the Edwards family.The petty and vindictive captain held a grudge over a trivial conflict and made things difficult for Ethan, looking for every opportunity to get him out of sight."Don't look at me like that, and you've already taken more days off than allowed this month. If you want more, quit and take care of your wife!"The captain's indifferent and sarcastic tone, devoid of empathy, turned Ethan's face red with anger and resentment.Ethan's wi
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Chapter 2: Donating Blood.
Ethan was unsure how he had arrived at the hospital. Everything that had just happened in his mind was truly incredible. A device had somehow entered his head and operated a system within it.However, the most crucial aspect is that this machine can transmit a vast amount of knowledge Ethan had never read before directly into his brain.This device also possesses the unique functionality of analyzing the physical condition of others by scanning them multi-dimensionally. It can discern feelings and anguishing personality features by examining facial expressions and neural activity.Simultaneously, it can predict situations and specific objects through its analyzed data. Right now, Ethan's gaze falls upon a young woman walking down the street. He can see her emotional state and physical condition in remarkable detail.Tazanna Smith: 21 years oldGender: FemaleEmotional Index: 11 (negative)Identifying features: A red mole under the left corner of her right eye, dark brown eyes, straigh
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Chapter 3: Request For Divorce!
"Don't worry, Mom. I've already provided enough blood for Dad. The doctor said that his surgery could proceed as planned." Ethan reassured her, despite his mother-in-law's apparent aversion.However, Mabel simply ignored him, intentionally turning to look at Toshan instead. It was only now that Ethan had a chance to observe the man: dressed in a vest and leather shoes, he exuded an air of sophistication and success, truly the epitome of an accomplished man."Toshan, you've heard as well. Melanie's father will have his surgery tonight. Thanks to you, the operation can proceed smoothly!"As Mabel conversed with the man named Toshan, her beaming expression was entirely different from the one she wore when speaking with her son-in-law, Ethan. This made Ethan feel slightly uncomfortable.Toshan, for his part, responded to Mabel with a smile: "Auntie, it's my responsibility to help out. Melanie and I are not strangers; I'm familiar with your family. I'm no longer planning to go abroad and w
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Chapter 4: Memory Evoked...
When he woke up, Ethan was lying in a hospital room with a female nurse diligently taking notes: "May I ask, what time is it now?" With his weak, hoarse voice, Ethan asked the nurse. At that moment, the nurse seemed startled and hurriedly turned to look at him, her face showing a layer of red blush, embarrassed."Oh, you're awake now? I warned you earlier, but you didn't listen. How do you feel now? Are you much better?" As if trying to avoid her embarrassment, the nurse quickly hid the paper behind her back and incessantly inquired about Ethan's health. Ethan didn't notice the nurse's confusion; instead, he looked around at the walls, then asked a seemingly unrelated question: "How long have I been here? Who brought me here?"Whether Ethan was dizzy from blood loss or troubled by something in his heart was unclear. At that moment, there was no light in his eyes, only a layer of hazy, dark, and desperate mist."You've been here for over an hour. A man named Toshan brought you here e
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Chapter 5: Troubled Girl!
"Jump now. If you want to jump, why don't you?""You... you... you can't come here... I... I'll jump!"As Ethan drew closer, the girl became increasingly agitated. In a split second, she stepped back, lost her footing, and nearly fell."Ah!!! Help me!!!"At this point, the girl's scream was so high-pitched that even Ethan, standing more than ten paces away, had to cover his ears."What are you yelling for? Haven't you fallen into the river yet? And, if you wanted to commit suicide, why are you so afraid of dying?"Hearing Ethan's sarcastic tone, the girl no longer wanted to end her life. Instead, she was filled with resentment and continued to scream."You're despicable, you wretched man! If something happens to me, you're the murderer who killed me! Even as a ghost, I won't leave you alone!"As the girl continued to shriek, onlookers driving by cast suspicious glances. Ethan sighed, hurried over, grabbed the girl's hand clutching the railing, and shouted."Come up here. Stop yelling
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Chapter 6: To Be Unexpectedly Attacked!
"Don't get the wrong idea; I just wanted to repay you for saving me earlier!"While fleeing, Tazanna explained to Ethan as they ran side by side. However, Ethan's gaze remained fixed on her back, his eyes filled with complex emotions.Until this moment, he finally remembered that this girl was the same one he had met in front of the hospital. At that time, he was scolded by her. Unexpectedly, they would meet again now."Huh, what are you staring at? Do you believe that I can gouge out your eyes and rub them under my feet?"Feeling Ethan's gaze on her, Tazanna couldn't help but speak sarcastically."Ha ha ha!"But as soon as Ethan heard her familiar tone, he couldn't help but burst into laughter. Tazanna seemed to remember their previous encounter at the hospital and angrily kicked Ethan."Oh...!"Whether intentionally or accidentally, her kick precisely hit Ethan's lower body, instantly stopping his laughter. He widened his eyes, turned pale, stared at Tazanna, and continuously clutch
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Chapter 7: Not Everyone In This World Is Evil!
Witnessing the nurse shake her head and sigh, Ethan's heart pounded. However, upon hearing Tazanna's situation wasn't too dire, he breathed a small sigh of relief.Although they had just met and Tazanna had caused him to be misunderstood and beaten by thugs, Ethan couldn't help but hope she would pull through this ordeal as he wanted to ask more about her condition.A group of bodyguards in black vests quickly approached the operating room. Leading them was a middle-aged man with a stern, cold expression.Seeing these imposing individuals rush in, Ethan couldn't help but worry about their identities. However, it didn't take long for the angry voice of the leading man to address the two bodyguards next to him."What on earth happened? Why was my daughter stabbed and hospitalized?"The man's voice wasn't loud but carried an authority that left no room for defiance, startling the two bodyguards. One of them hurriedly began to explain."Boss, the situation was completely unexpected. We ne
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Chapter 8: Agree To Divorce...
Initially, saving someone's life shouldn't come with the expectation of gratitude. However, after witnessing the man's swift change of demeanor, faster than the flip of a hand, Ethan couldn't help but feel uneasy.Of course, he didn't save Tazanna for money or any favor from this man. At the very least, the man should have shown some sincerity and offered thanks for saving his daughter. Instead, how he treated Ethan differed significantly from how he had just treated the hospital doctor.Nonetheless, Ethan didn't harbor any ill intentions, so he ignored Wynstan's threatening words and responded indifferently: "I just happened to come across your daughter on the street. If you think I saved her for some ulterior motive, let me be frank – not everyone in this world is as wicked as you imagine. While I may be poor in wealth, I'm not poor in morals like you. Excuse me, and I have to go now."After saying this, Ethan resolutely turned and left, disregarding Wynstan's furious gaze.At this
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Chapter 9: Payback In Full And Give Extra!
However, no matter how Mabel tried to persuade her, Melanie stubbornly refused to put the knife down. In her anger, the knife was even pressed closer to her throat, leaving a cut that caused blood to drip onto the blade.Finally, Ethan could no longer hold back and spoke up."Melanie, I know you never loved me, and our marriage was just a misunderstanding. Now that you no longer want to be with me, I've given you freedom. What are you still doing this for?""Who told you I don't love you? Who told you I wanted to marry someone else? Why are you treating me like this? Do you know how much my child and I need you?"In her uncontrollable fury, Melanie screamed, leaving everyone present dumbfounded."Your child and you?"However, what caught Ethan's attention the most was this statement. He hurriedly rushed over, grabbed the knife in Melanie's hand, and anxiously asked: "Do you mean you're pregnant with my child?""I don't have a child with you, so whose could it be?""No, I mean... I mea
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Chapter 10: Legal Solution.
"Are you all family members of the patient Bahjat Edwards in emergency room number seven? Mr. Bahjat has been taken to the intensive care unit. Our hospital deeply regrets having to inform you that his condition is beyond saving. We hope you can take the time to see him one last time!"A hospital nurse entered the room and gave the news to everyone. The atmosphere suddenly turned icy and suffocating.Immediately after, Mabel's voice trembled."How could this happen? How could this be? Didn't you say that surgery would save him? Why couldn't you save him? Why couldn't you save him?"The louder Mabel spoke, the more her voice echoed through the hospital corridor. At this point, Melanie completely collapsed, falling from the bed and fainting.Fortunately, Ethan quickly caught her before she hit the edge of the bed.Meanwhile, Toshan's expression was very gloomy, as if deep in thought.At that moment, only Ethan remained calm. He looked at the nurse and softly said,"Nurse, please help me
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