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Three years after the exorcism of Asmodeus in the isle of mists, Alastair and Cara returns to a peaceful Elderien, free of all troubles. But when the king of the North mounts his army to conquer the world, Alastair realizes that peace is an illusion. Once again, the Grand Mage must take to arms and go extra miles to protect those he loves.

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59 chapters
Drax dashed through the forest as his breath shook heavily. He gasped as he tried to catch his breath, but it was becoming almost impossible. His legs were tired, his eyes were heavy. He felt like he was going to die!"Ah!"He cried out as he tripped and nearly fell, and the object in his hand gave off a faint glow as Drax continued to run. The object was shaped like a cube and had a large dragon sigil engraved on it. Everything about the object gave off a powerful hue, and the bright moonlight sitting in the sky gave him the light he needed."Please, just a little more...please.... give me strength..." He begged something within him as he kept running. He had no idea if he was going in the right direction or not, he did not know if the roads ahead were safe, but if it meant escaping from the creatures that pursued him,.it was a chance he was willing to take.Suddenly, Drax heard a loud growl and stopped. He froze on the spot, as still as he could, and slowly looked around. The fores
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Peace is an illusion
Alastair watched as Cara took a deep breath and relaxed herself. Her hands were placed at her side and clenched into a fist. Alastair noticed the uneasiness in her form, but he could not say anything to her. It was a training session, and the purpose of it was for her to gain independence from his instructions.He watched as a mage stepped forward and gave him a bow. He returned the bow and then, the mage walked towards Cara. The mage, a young man, gave Cara a bow as well which she also returned.Alastair exhaled as he looked at them"Remember why you are here today. You are both here to horn those particular skills which have been giving you a hard time. Cara, you will spar with Reynold today. This sparring session will be violent. The only rule is not to kill each other.Begin!"Alastair said and stomped the staff he was holding on the ground. It created a wave of energy that thrummed around the training ground and settled on the pillars which surrounded the space. It was an open gr
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The thrumming Cube
Jaghryx roared in the sky as the dragon approached the palace. The morning sun was filling him with extra energy and Alastair couldn't have been more proud. As the beast slowly settled on the large, concrete space outside of the main palace building, the soldiers around all watched in awe and horror.Alastair stepped down from the Dragon and have Jaghryx a gentle rub on the face. The dragon growled softly and settled itself as Alastair walked away. The guards around stood at attention as Alastair approached and they quickly placed their right hand across their chest as he walked past them. That was their formal way of greeting the head mage.Alastair could not believe how easily time had passed. Once upon a time, Master Orion was in this position that he was occupying at that time. He had always wanted to become Head Mage and he was getting there, not until that time when he tampered with dark magic.Then he thought Blaize would get it because he was the most suitable candidate. But
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The King of the North
Cloudy sky.Snow, lots of them. Mountains covered with snow, and rivers frozen on their surfaces. That was the most basic description of the northern continent, the home of the species which were ostracised from the rest of the world. As the soft night wind blew past the frozen trees, making them shed the snow that resided on them, Corvius emerged from the blue river in which he had been submerged. The river was not frozen when he came out but as soon as his entire body was lifted off the body of water, the river froze up. Corvius slowly flew towards the river bank where six young women were kneeling on the ground, heads bowed as he approached. One of them held a large black cloak and quickly proceeded to put it around him as soon as his feet touched the ground.Corvius let out a growl as the coat wrapped around his body. His pale skin had dried up almost immediately, and he gave off constant cold steams. His short black hair revealed two horns on the side of his head and his blue e
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Raise your shields!
The residents of the capital chatted in awe as a thick mist suddenly appeared out of nowhere and began to spread. They watched as the clouds slowly turned dark, the ray of sunshine that had filled the morning with warmth disappearing in an instant.And then, came the snowfalls. Some children even began to get excited as they watched the snowflakes fall from the sky, but their parents knew it was not supposed to be. As more snowflakes fell, people began to shuffle into their homes.The palace was already placed in a commotion as guards jumped from one side to the other, getting themselves arms as they quickly formed a defensive formation around the entire palace. The mist continued to spread and so did the snowfall. The soothing winter cold that soon followed saturated the air, but then, it began to get a bit colder. Weapons began to freeze, the ground was slowly freezing as well. Guards moved back as the frozen spots started to spread, and as they did, Alastair dashed out of the pala
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Kevin sat at the end of the pub with a large cup of alcohol placed on the table before him. There were about six extra cups, all empty, and the last one he was drinking from was halfway done. He took a heavy gulp from the cup and muttered something inaudible, making the people inside the pub gaze at him for a moment.But he did not care.Kevin continued to drink from the cup and when he was done, he tried to stand, but he was too wasted to do so. He tried again, but then, he fell right back into the seat."Hey... Little girl, I need two extra..." He called out to the girl serving him. She was about sixteen, and the look of worry on her face made Kevin uncomfortable."What?" He asked her when she stared for too long."Perhaps you should take it easy, sir? You have had seven cups already and the day just begun. Why don't you take a little break?" She suggested.Kevin scoffed when she spoke. How dare she?"Do you know who I am?" Kevin asked her but she did not answer at first."Speak, ch
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The Attack
Alastair stirred intently at the cube as he tried to figure out what it was exactly. He had been there in that same position for over Seven hours, and he was not getting anything. Alastair was gradually getting frustrated by the lack of knowledge, and for a day that seemed to begin so well, he was not having it easy."For god's sake!"He cursed as he felt a sharp headache. He had even forgotten to eat due to the stress. He knew he needed to figure out the answers to the questions. If he had any hope of thwarting Corvius and his plans, it had to begin from the cube.But, how could the cube serve as a gateway, and how was Corvius absorbing them? It was his first time hearing of such a skill. He felt so weak at that moment.Alastair took a deep breath. Perhaps he was overthinking again. He slowly stretched out his hand towards the cube and as the white light from his hand shone on the cube, he tried to feel for any other forms of energy which he could capitalize on. But nothing came."Co
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Dragon lost
The rapid freezing of the floor and the walls, even the trees and pieces of furniture told Elderien that something terrible had come back barely hours after it left. People watched as the ice spread, and darkness covered the sky.They still did not think it was so dangerous until a man standing close to a piece of creeping ice crunched to touch it. Immediately he did, the man froze on the spot and the people around gasped."Run!"A woman screamed as another man froze in the spot and that was when they saw the large icy dragon flying and roaring in the sky.The dragon roared again and flew down, and as it did, it opened its mouth and shot a stream of ice at the residents who tried to escape from the beast. They froze on the spot and immediately, the beast roared again, shooting another stream at more people.Cries and screams filled the air as the residents of the capital tried to escape the dragon, but it was hopeless. They hid as best as they could but the dragon didn't relent. As a
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Silence.That was the only thing Elderien could hear at that point. There was total silence in all of the capital's minds, and the faintest creaking of the doors and the shuffling of weapons convinced everyone that they were in for something terrible. The energy from the sun's sphere had spread across the capital, forming a yellow dome of energy that gave off little Sparks. The dome was deep yellow in colour, and the heat it provided was enough to warm the capital. But that was not the only problem the capital faced.From where they stood, the Elderien people could see that the outside world had been enveloped in a thick, terrible winter. The clouds had turned dark as well, and lightning could be seen flashing in the sky. The wind outside was terrible, causing a snowstorm to blow. How could the world be under the influence of such a powerful spell? How could they survive?For Alastair, the sight of his dead dragon's outline from the Sparks was one of the things that filled him with
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There was darkness spreading over the capital. The snowstorm was blowing harder than it had been before and the dome flickered while the storm blew. Alastair and Miranda dashed outside to behold what was happening. There were several other guards standing in awe by that time. They looked as the darkness kept spreading and each of them grabbed their Weapons tighter.Kevin showed up behind Drax and stood far away from the others. He watched the whole thing and said nothing in the process. He was not even interested in what was happening, and so, he turned around and walked out of the scene."What is happening?" Miranda asked as she kept looking. The energy from the dome flickered like it was rebounding something."He is trying to break the dome. He wants to freeze it." Alastair responded to Miranda. She gasped softly as he said the words and confirmed her fears. Miranda quickly took Alastair's hand and squeezed it."But he cannot do it, right? The sun sphere is pure sun energy. Freezin
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