Murder on the 5th floor

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Murder on the 5th floor

By: RedCEE OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Ellie Brooks has always been a mystery-lover, she sees mysteries and conspiracies even where they aren't. One night, there's a murder on the 5th floor, their neighbor to be precise and her sister's DNA happens to be everywhere, despite the fact she has never stepped her foot into that apartment. No one believes Clara Brooks to be innocent except Ellie and she has limited time to prove it. Will she be able to solve the mystery and suss out the killer?


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22 chapters
Episode 1
"Gosh I'm wasted" Clara chuckled staggering on her way home. She has always been this high spirited and free and today, she felt she owed herself a drink and she made a go for it tonight."Good a thing I have no where to go tomorrow" Clara smiled as she approached the building."Ellie should spare me the sermon tonight" she hissed. Clara lived with her elder sister, Ellie brooks, they had lost their parents five years ago and managed to pick the pieces of their lives and start off somewhere. Not that they had no relatives, none except one was willing to help, but they couldn't live by her crazy rules, so they left and luckily, they found a way out of their misery after a year of roaming the streets. They're certainly not at the level they were while their parents lived buh at least they could eat and foot the bills, even if late."Wait for me!" Clara yelled to lady inside the elevator before it could close and she put her hand out to prevent it from doing so."Thanks" she smiled sweet
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Episode 2
"Hi, sorry for the delay and all, what can I get you?" Ellie smiled as she handed the couple the menu."I could start you off with some drinks though" she chipped."Champagne would do, we'd have our orders ready by then" the elderly woman smiled and Ellie slightly bowed before rushing off."Such a beauty" she complimented to the hearing of her husband"Not as yourself" he winked"Oh honey" she blushedEllie arrived with the wine and two glasses, "here" she smiled, placing the glasses well on the table before pouring out the content from the bottle."I'll be right back" Ellie smiled after jotting down their order."The boss wants to see you" her colleague said to her and she sighed."Please help me get these to table fifteen" she said to the girl who nodded and left pushing the trolley along.Ellie adjusted her clothes and her hair, she hesitated before giving a knock."Ellie?" She heard his voice from within"Yes sir"she replied loudly"Come in" "You sent for me?" She said standing b
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Episode 3
From the reports he had gotten... he'd go over the CCTV footage a couple of times looking for God knows what. The robust bastard lived for moments like this, it was his purpose. He wanted a thorough job done, after all, it was murder. "The test results are out" an officer announced walking to his table."Thanks" he managed o mutter without looking up from what he had his eyes fixed on. Not until after the officer had left did he open the envelope he was given. As suspected, they all matched, next in line was to find a match amongst the neighbors, though Clara popped up in his mind at first thought.Looking at the young damsel, he would never tag her a murderer, she looked so innocent but he had come across a few during his working days with such an appearance.Staring at the result, he grunted before releasing a sigh, the Brooks would really be tired of seeing his face.**"Babe over here" Thomas beckoned from the room as Carly catwalked to her bare chested hunk of a boyfriend. The
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Episode 4
It had become a routine between the two, one racing down the stairs with the other chasing after him."Reece please stop, I'm tired" Winter cried."Catch me if you can" he stuck his tongue out at her."You'd be late for school, I'm done with school" she reminded him and he stopped abruptly, she'd always play that card once she's exhausted."Got ya!" She smiled grabbing the little guy by his arm."Cause I let ya" he'd always say.Not like she had this special duty of brushing his teeth and literally bathing him, it had become part of her, she had done the bathing part when he was younger but not now, still he enjoyed her company in the bathroom.They'd tell stories and discuss like they were mates or something."I'd leave without you" Sophia would remind her brother everyday "Aunt Winter would take me to school" he would reply"No I will not, hurry up so you can leave with your sister" Winter urged him and his face fell.Soon, the kids were ready to zoom off after breakfast and all an
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Episode 5
Two months ago...Clara sat in a restaurant down the road, not so far from their apartment. She worked several part time jobs and this was her free time, she decided to eat out. Once in awhile, you treat yourself to a nice meal not minding your paycheck."...they had been caught at exactly 2am...." The news kept going as she felt a presence beside her."I think I've seen you around beautiful" the male voice sounded and she turned to stare."Mr James?" She smiled"You do know me" he smiled"Who wouldn't know the chatty reporter, Mr James Cavendish" she smiled, she was in a happy mood"Brooks? Am I right?" He smirked"I see you did your digging as usual.. Clara... Clara Brooks" she laughed."I can't help it" he grinned."What are you doing here anyway?" He asked"Probably the same thing that brought you here" she replied"Nice answer" he chuckled"Why don't I treat you to a better meal than this" he offered."I think I've got this part covered, I take what I can pay for" she replied cur
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Episode 6
"Detective! You need to see this" he rushed in with the tab in his hand."What?" Wheeler sighed"Here" he placed the tablet in front of him."What is this?" Wheeler asked not understanding a thing."The little CCTV positioned right towards his door in his apartment captured this" he pointed and the detective squinted his eyes."What the..." Wheeler gasped as he stared at the foot that was almost invisible, leaving the apartment, clothed in brown boots."Miss Brooks had black sandals on" he said"Potter?" He called the attention of the man."Yes" officer potter replied him"Get me the footage from that day, starting from morning down to evening" he ordered and potter nodded before leaving."This is going to be hard" he sighed.Mr James Cavendish had been a reporter before he died, it was hard for wheeler to investigate secretly because the press badly wanted the publicity.***"That's the only option left Ellie" Clara said again"Hmm" Ellie hummed"Ellie, look at me? Do you want me to
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Episode 7
"can I come in?" He decided to speak up after minutes of staring at each other."I don't like visitors" she insisted "Oh Nina, we're just neighbors" he smiled trying to persuade her."I have nothing to say to you sir" she said flatly"Oh please, do call me James" he grinned"Mr. James, I have nothing to say to you" she said yet again and tried to slam the door but he put out his foot preventing her from doing so."I heard you make perfect lattes" he smiled"No one says that" "Fine, you caught me" he chuckled raising his hand in surrender, "but I want to find out if you do, I'd gladly spread the word around then" he smiled and shoved his way in while she stared at him"Nice place you have here, so sad you staying alone" he blabbed but Nina remained at her spot with a blank expression."Should I sit or?" Mr James asked"You let yourself in already.." she rolled her eyes."You love collecting artworks huh?" He asked trying to touch a painting but she sneered at him"Painted them myself
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Episode 8
#Flashback"Sorry, my bad" Clara chuckled as she apologized."Jeez bitch watch it!" Carly snapped"Bitch?! I apologized already" Clara retorted"You stepped on me""..and I apologized, but bitch? Take that back" Clara snapped.She had accidentally stepped on Carly's foot while rushing to get to the elevator."You prefer to be called a slut?" Carly chuckled"Too bad I ain't like you" Clara smirked"Did you just call me a slut?!" Carly gasped"I pretty sure I didn't mention that word in my speech earlier" Clara grinned enjoying the anger on her faceDing! Sounded the elevator as the doors whooshed open"See you later neighbor" Clara rolled her eyes but Carly went after her pulling her by the hair"Trust me, you don't want to get in my black book" she growled "Jeez, let go" Clara winced in pain knocking her hand off."You're sick Carly, I don't know what this is all about, but I'm determined to have a blissful day ahead of me and you or no one can ruin that" she spat and walked off.#fl
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Episode 9
Ellie cleared her throat once more before giving a knock at the door. There was no response, she used the bells next, she could hear footsteps approaching from within and she took a step backward. Nina looked through the hole and saw Ellie to her surprise. She opened up sticking her head out and giving her a look that spelt _need something?_"Uhhh... Hi" Ellie gave her best smile but Nina blinked in maybe response."Can I come in?" She asked and Nina sighed before letting her in"Thanks" Ellie muttered as she stepped in.They got to the living room and she sat down"Hi" Ellie started again"You said that already" Nina rolled her eyes."Nina, you do know Mr James is dead and my sister's in jail for it" "Never knew she's the type to kill" Nina chuckled"Cause she ain't, Clara would never hurt a fly, I need your help Nina" she blurted her reason out."If he wasn't dead someone would still kill him" Nina said in her head."My help with what?" She asked instead"As much as my sister is in
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Episode 10
"she's meeting someone" potter reported"A guy" he said"Follow them still" Wheeler ordered."This is one crazy case, ain't it?" Harry chuckledHarry Guerrero had been the medical examiner for fifteen years, he knew his job well, this was little compared to what he had seen in the field."All I need is evidence to plant the girl in there and prolly find her accomplice and this shit is over" wheeler sighed."It's not as you think" Harry clicked his tongue"Huh?" Wheeler asked confused as Harry dropped the file in front of him.Wheeler grabbed it quickly tearing it open and glancing through immediately."It's worse enough that new suspects keep popping up, now this?" Wheeler looked up."You sure about this?" He asked"You care to do my job?" Harry retorted "Nah, I know you, this is your tuff" wheeler smiled knowing he had pushed a button"Wanna grab a drink?" Harry asked"Sure, just one last report from Potter and I'd be standing before our old man" wheeler grunted as he stood."Mr Eva
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