Outcast Son-In-Law revenge

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Outcast Son-In-Law revenge

By: SinichiKudo26 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Vincent grew up having no social life as his billionaire father always told him that he is privilege person and he should focus only on running their business. However, when he discovered that his father has underground businesses, he wanted to get out of his their mansion. But when he escaped, Mr. Gonzales, the mortal enemy of his father hit him with his car with the intention of killing him. Vincent survived the accident but he lost his memory. Two years later, he regained his memory and vowed to avenge those who considered him a trash, including his wife and her family.

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Marco was in a deep sleep when Elsie, his mother-in-law yelled at his ears, waking him up."It's already 4 am in the morning and you should started washing the clothes of your entire family!" she thrown her clothes on his face. "Go ahead and wash my clothes first, you stupid jerk!"Elsie was so mean to Marco ever since he became a husband of Shiela. He and his wife had no other choice but to endure the harsh words of his mother-in-law as they could not afford to rent their own house. It has been three years since they lived in this house whom he considered a hell. His forehead knitted in anger as he could not bear the irrational behaviour of Elsie and for the very first time, he bravely fight back."Mom, please do not yell or throw your clothes at me. I am your son-in-law and not a servant of this house. I felt so embarrass being treated this way!"Elsie just turned a deaf ear and slapped his face. "Don't you dare talk to me like that, I am the most respected person in this house and
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Seeing Shiela and his evil mother-in-law leaving, he clenched his fist in extreme anger. He has a hunch that they are up to something. Whatever that is, he knew it concerns him as well. He walked silently until he reached out the outside of his room overlooking the ground floor of their house where his father-in-law was waiting for them and not too long, they got in his father-in-law's car and left. Without any hesitation, he followed them using his rusty bicycle.It was a very tiring journey for Marco, but he knew that he had no other choice left. Curiosity led him to follow them. Two hours later, his father-in-law's car stopped, and the three of them walked into a huge modern building. Marco felt an extreme headache and a blurred memory suddenly came into his mind. He took his chewable medicine and felt relieve.The building is owned by the Mr. Gonzales family who owned most businesses worldwide. However, Marco forgot that his wife brought him here few days later after he was found
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"Marco might be a trash, but I could not deny the fact that he is also a good person. Maybe I am not the one meant for him!" she looked at Simon in the eyes. "Father, I am not yet done. I will go out with Mr. Gonzales but Marco should also have his share, this is just to pay the emotional damage I might inflict on him."Simon was pissed off with what he just heard. He was not expecting his daughter to be such straightforward and give her husband a little bit of concern."I told you, I despise that man from the very beginning. Maybe you are tired of hearing this but he is pretty damn useless. I could care less what he would feel when he finds out about this. Afterall, he is still depending on us to survive, what makes you think that won't be enough to compensate the so called emotional damage we inflict to him?" said Simon who glared at Sheila."I could not disagree with that," added Elsie. "I hate wasting my time to explain this to you, Sheila! You are too blinded to see the larger pi
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"Of course. Why wouldn't I? The contract is worth 100 million and all you have to do is to be with me for a few days. There is nothing more to it!""There should be a contract between us, I want to make sure that it's written so our agreement has a valid proof!""If you need anymore confirmation, then you should ask your father.""There is no need for that anymore. I believe that my father knew exactly what he was doing. Is it okay if I call them right now?""Well, I would like to ask if you wanted to do this because you want. Truly I tell you, I hate forcing someone to do something against their will. However, let us face the fact that the main reason for this agreement is money!""It was an abrupt decision but I am willing to go out with you for a few days!""Before anything else, I would ask a little favor from you, Sheila!"Sheila has a weird feelings about Mr. Gonzales' favor and she thought he was trying to outsmart her. Still, she got curious and asked hesitantly. "And what is
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"Well, frankly saying I'm kinda upset with you right now!" He turned his head on the other side and avoided looking at her eyes, "I am your husband but you have not told me where you were going so I followed you!""Look, I have a lot in my mind right now and I am sorry if I am not telling you what is happening to me!""No, you are not really sorry for what you did to me. If I did not pass out and was not dragged here, you would not say such ridiculous things!"Marco was still upset and Sheila knew that arguing about trivial matters is not right but she did not tell about her deal with Mr. Gonzales to him, not in his condition."I wanted to know if you want to keep our relationship or you want to dump me. I am a loser and I did nothing but become a burden to your family!""I want you to know that I am not gonna let you leave my house unless you already gained your memory!""There is now a way that's gonna happen... not when I am still trapped in this situation. I've got to go to somewh
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The man in the red hoodie jacket turned his back at him and replied. "There is no need for you to know who I am and the only reason why I am helping is because I also have a grudge against someone who buried you alive, so please stand on your feet and remember those people who inflicted pain upon you and made you feel you are like a trash. It is much better as well if you keep your true name to yourself, in that way we can make sure that you are safe while preparing for your return."How do I find you?" asked Marco again."I don't think we will meet again but once our path crossed, do not considered me you ally anymore! Trust me, you will regret that I saved your life!"The man with the red hoodie jacket disappeared left while Marco crawled until he reach a nearby palm tree to cover himself from the heavy rain. Realizing that there were no people around, he shed tears while remembering all the things that have happened to him until this very moment. Thus, the word trash keeps popping
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The moment they left, Marco was still unconscious and a flash of memory suddenly appeared on his mind. But the first memory that came to his head is when he was inside the mansion, talking to his mega-rich father, Ricardo Montreal while having their intimate dinner and were surrounded by their twelve royal guards. Since Vincent was a kid, his mother died of an accident, at least that's what he know. Since then, the only one taking care of him is his father."Vincent, I trained you hard enough to so you can sell guns and illegal weapons on the black market. Afterall, our underground businesses are the main reason why our legal businesses remain afloat-"At the back of Vincent's mind, he wanted his father to stop trading underground and the only way he could stop him is by learning it himself. Additionally, he left with no other choice but to follow what his father wants."Are you not afraid that someday, someone might expose us to bring us down?" said Vincent.Ricardo Montreal was very
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"I'm sorry father, but there is no way you're gonna outsmart me. As a matter of fact, I already come up with the plan B!" Vincent boasted, he pointed his gun at the switch behind his father and the lights turned off.He used this opportunity to escape, since he knew exactly the route of his house. Bringing nothing except his clothes.Vincent has lived a lavish life under his father but he never wished for it. He felt he was a normal person since he does not know what it feels like to have a social life. All he knew is to run a business and manage their own affairs. The moment he stepped outside, he would have to abandon his old life and start a new one. With the knowledge of the dark website, he has access to all the illegal activities of his father and it will be useful to him as he exposed him.Upon digging, Vincent realizes that his father has done more complex works than he could never imagine. In his mind, the illegal activities have to stop before his father takes over the Atlan
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Mr. Gonzales has left the room as if he does not care about what the doctor is planning on Marco. But his conscience was saying not to harm his patience. Unknown to Mr. Gonzales, the father of his patience had saved his life once and to return the favor, he wanted to make sure to spare the life of his son.He laid Marco's unconscious body on the bed. He patiently waited until Marco woke up three hours later."What is going on?" asked Marco. He seems to forget that he just passed out earlier.The doctor sat on the chair next to the bed and looked Marco in the eyes. "Listen to me, you tried to force yourself to remember your past. That is not necessary for you to do, let us wait for the miracle to happen!""I can't seem to understand... why I have no family left? Only if they were here, I could have easily remembered everything about myself. Please doctor, I have a feeling that something is fishy here and I would really appreciate it if you tell me the whole truth!""Pardon me Marco, bu
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