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No friends, no family, bullied in school, and betrayed by his girlfriend, Harry found no purpose in life and he became addicted to playing Rise of Empires as a mean to escape the reality of life which he later used as he was reincarnated in Narnia as a substitute prince. In order to return to earth, Harry needs to win war against overwhelming number of enemies. Now that his kingdom's fate rests in his hand, he has to become a modern hero!

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Thirty minutes before the class started, Harry went to the comfort room to wash his face. Looking at the mirror, he could not help but see the sadness on his face because today is another day where he and his girlfriend Coleen got into an argument after he saw her kissing Lance on his lips —the most bullied person in his life.Speaking of the devil, Lance and his friends Jared and Larry went inside the comfort room. Harry quickly wiped his face and wore his bag when Lance shut the door and spoke with a calm yet intimidating voice."Just where do you think you are going bastard?" He asked while glaring at Harry.Harry let out a frustrated sigh. "Please... I don't want to be late in the class. Professor Alfred already warned that I would be dropped if I attended his class late again!"Lance's forehead was puckering with a frown. "I don't give a damn about your performance, ugly piece of shit. Every time I see your face, I could not help but to be annoyed. Can you please disappear foreve
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All of them were shocked with what happened including Lance who dropped the baseball bat and wiped the blood on his head."Why did you bashed his head? Are you fucking insane?" Coleen exclaimed.Larry's whole body shivered in fear. "Bro, we'll be in a big trouble! What are we gonna do now?"Lance could feel the panic inside him, the frantic strength that increased with every swift beat of his hear beat. Then with a shaky voice, he replied. "I... I... did not kill Harry! He is obviously pretending to be unconscious so we won't torture him like we've initially planned!""Torture? What the hell are you talking about!?" Coleen asked.Lance grabbed Harry on his hair. "Hey, stop pretending that you're hurt, son of a bitch!"Fearing to be involved, Jared and Larry ran away from the crime scene."Hey bastards, why are you running away?" Lance yelled to his friends but he got no response. He watched them until they disappeared behind the trees.Coleen crossed her arms over her chest. "See that
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The beautiful princess wore lavish clothing that was adorned with jewels. Her gown was covered in intricate embroidery and she has a crown on her head. She stood up and walked towards Harry, wearing a smile on her face."Finally, the one that we've been waiting for has finally arrived. Hello I am Princess Dianne of Narnia. It is nice to meet you!""It is nice meeting you as well, my name is Harry!" he replied. "Are you the one who summoned me on this world?"Harry looked around but he could not see the Goddess who brought him there."Indeed! I summoned you here for a special mission: to defeat all the empires and make our nation the greatest empire. Prince Malik has been in a bad shape so you are here as a substitute Prince!"Princess Dianne kneeled down before him. "I beg you, nobody can rule this place aside from you!"Harry could remember what the goddess told him earlier. Unless he defeats all the enemies, he won't be returning to planet Earth!He dared not utter a single complain
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"And what are those?""The fire nation, the wind nation, the aquarions, and the golems. Like you, only the king or prince possessed magic powers but perhaps the strongest of them all is King Prometheus of the fire nation, but he was defeated by Prince Malik and until now, I haven't heard news about their new ruler so we may save them for later!""Will they also summon a substitute Prince from the other world?" Prince Harry asked."I seriously don't know if they know about summoning but you need to prepare regardless of whom you're up against. The fire nation is a serious threat to Narnians as they undoubtedly use the strongest element. Seriously, it was a miracle that Prince Malik was able to beat their king so they retreated!""I see. How about the rest?""Like the aforementioned king, they also possessed such tremendous powers!""So like me, only the highest ruler has the capacity to use power?""Precisely. Prince Malik was about to absorb the power of King Prometheus when he collap
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They mounted on the horse and put traps on the borders of Narnia. They even put high walls made of brick stones to make sure that nobody can pass through. When they returned, Prince Harry went upstairs to practice using his magic. He never gave up even though he was already exhausted. Yet he was not able to master it.Chasing his breath, Prince Harry got pissed off about himself. "Damn it! I really need to master using this magic in a short span of time. There are many things left for me to do!"Princess Dianne, who was watching from the corner got worried about Harry so she approached him."Please do not push yourself to limit. Mastering magic ain't something you can do over night. You should rest!"Prince Harry was stunned to see her so he refrained from practicing. "Pardon me, I just could not help but to remember what happened earlier. I am still offended with what I heard from the Narnians. It seems like the previous prince of this nation was really great!""Prince Malik has been
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Solomon and Prince Joe were eating while having a conversation. There are plenty of foods on the table which Harry never tasted before."I have never eat nor seen any of these foods on the planet Earth!" he said as he craves. "I have a big appetite for today!""These foods are only exclusive only for a prince. You have been stressed because of the heavy workload on your shoulder so you need to eat plenty of foods to regain your strength!" Solomon said."Thank you. I really appreciate it. On the world where I came from, I never experienced being treated this way. I was a trash in everyone's eyes so having this kind of experience really makes me emotional!"Tears fell down on his face and Solomon tapped him on his shoulder."You are the king of this nation and we put our faith in you. That is why we prepared foods as a way to welcome you! I almost lose my hope ever since Prince Alexander got severely wounded in his last fight against the King of Fire nation. But now that a substitute Pr
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Tomorrow morning Prince Harry roamed the vast land of their kingdom together with Princess Dianne. He could see that Narnians were either avoiding making an eye contact with him or they leave."The Narnians are very distant to me. It seems that what happened yesterday are still fresh to their memories!" he whispered to Princess Dianne."Don't worry everything will change once they realize that you are a great ruler!" she replied.They stopped at the vast land where a lot of farmers are busy planting different seeds in a traditional way. Everyone seems to be tired working under the heat of sun.Princess Dianne proudly introduced them to Prince Harry. "They are working really hard to provide foods to approximately two thousand Narnians everyday!""No, I don't like them to plant the traditional way. I need to put all them out of their misery. We need equipment like winnowing machines, threshers, and harvesters to make their work easier!"Solomon then spoke. "I think it's better if we sec
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King Abaddon took the knife from Prince Harry's hand and threw it away. "I don't want to use the weapon you offered. Since you came from a different world, you might have something up your sleeves. To ensure I cut off your finger, I will use my own sword!""Pardon me King Abaddon. Believe it or not, I don't have any tricks with me. I am here to humbly ask you to withdraw from this meaningless battle. I begged you, please do not harm the Narnians!""Prince Harry, I don't know what you are trying to prove here but fine. Hadn't you offered your finger, I would have cut off your head. Your offer is gracious so I will accept it. But the next time, you should prepare your warriors because I will show you no mercy even if you offer your hand to me!"Without hesitation, King Abaddon uses his long sword and cuts Prince Harry's right thumb."Wahhhh!" Prince Arthur yelled in pain.Malik came to attend Prince Arthur's wound. Then King Abaddon returned his sword back to his scabbard and with a lou
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"Prince Harry, your wounds are still fresh. Would you like to rest for a while?" Malik asked."No!" Prince Harry disagreed. "We don't have much of a time and I don't know if other nations are coming to conquer our land. There is nothing more I can offer to them. For now, let us focus on strengthening the line of defense.We will put another trap I learned from playing the Rise of Empire game and deploy many warriors who will watch for any possible threats. This time, we will put a long deep trench to make their horse and camel unusable then we will plant and improvise bombs underneath the trench."What are bombs?" Malik asked."I believe it's something that came from your world, Prince Harry?" said Princess Dianne."Indeed. Luckily I am more knowledgeable in Chemistry. We split the uranium atom. The energy released when this splitting, or fission, occurs is tremendous--enough to power a bomb. It will be triggered once they stepped on it. We will dig below this land to get nitrate este
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Three days later, the land of Narnia remained peaceful and there was no trace of enemies found on the borders of their kingdom. Prince Harry decided to launch a full force attack against the wind nation as he assembled his troops and war tanks before him."As I see, the enemies have no plan on declaring a war against our nation, therefore we will be the ones waging war against them. Our main objective is to conquer the land of wind nation and bring King Abaddon down to his knees. This time, I will not pity on them even if he offers his finger or body to save his nation. And on this battle, the victory is ours to take!"Malik raises their flag. "Everyone let us fight for the sake of our new Prince!""YEAH!"The warriors prepare their guns."The war tanks will go first. They will destroy the barrier or high wall defense of the enemy. All of you shall march after them. When I raised my hand, throw your bombs at the enemy. Is everything cleared?"Everyone bowed their heads to Prince Harry
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