Spirit Within : Recreation

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Spirit Within : Recreation

By: Adi Kotha OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a realm where humanity is intertwined with the spirits of animals, each person possesses a distinct animal spirit that grants them remarkable abilities. Yet, amidst this tapestry of power, the narrative centers around Ray, an individual unlike his peers. Unlike them, he lacks a animal spirit, In that world people with spirits sees down on one without. Ray's uniqueness transcends the spirits he lacks, finding manifestation in an inherent physical prowess that defies the limitations of his contemporaries. and Ray aims to become the strongest in the world without a spirit and situations changes when a group of masked people attacks on Ray's college to Kidnap his best friend Julie.

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  • Ajay Jasti


    nice book preety good theme as well.easpecally the soul of the story is too damm good

    2023-09-06 00:14:38
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Chapter-1: The Dream
In the realm of spirits, the merging of human and animal spirits bestows incredible attributes upon certain individuals. Those blessed with a specific animal spirit can harness its unique powers, using them to accomplish tasks, compete with others, and even wage wars. The origins of all animal spirits trace back to five central spirits, among which four govern the elements. An intense and distressing scene unfolds in the present moment, painting a vivid portrait of conflict and desperation. Four menacing figures hold a young boy, approximately seventeen years old, in captivity. With cruelty, they subject him to merciless kicks, leaving his body drenched in blood. Nearby lies a girl, severely injured and unconscious, as one of the men prepares to end her life with a deadly sword. The captive boy's heart pounds with fury and defiance, believing he can overcome his captors to protect the girl. As the assailant's sword inches closer to her, the boy's nightmare reaches a climactic po
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Chapter-2: Unleashing the Ancient Art
As the dust settled, the classroom fell into an eerie silence, broken only by the low murmur of shocked whispers. Ray's electrifying display of power had left everyone in awe and disbelief. Even the other spirit users, who had once taunted and bullied him, now regarded him with newfound respect. The masked man who had been sent crashing through the wall slowly picked himself up, his dark cloak billowing around him like a shroud of malevolence. He glared at Ray with a mixture of anger and astonishment. He had not expected to encounter someone with such formidable strength. With a sinister grin, the masked man lunged at Ray once again, fueled by rage and the desire to prove himself. But Ray was ready for him. He stood his ground, his body poised like a coiled spring, ready to strike at the opportune moment. The other henchmen, still in shock, hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to proceed. They were seasoned fighters, but Ray's display of power had rattled their confidence. However,
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Chapter-3: The Unexpected Ally
The atmosphere in the classroom was tense and chaotic as the powerful wooly rhinoceros spirit user continued his relentless advance. Ray lay unconscious outside, a result of the devastating blow that sent him crashing through the window. The man's menacing laughter echoed in the room, intensifying all the students' fear. Frozen in terror, Jenny was unaware of the imminent danger approaching her. Her mind was clouded by the sight of Ray's motionless form and the overwhelming power of the approaching enemy. At that moment, she forgot about the present situation, leaving herself vulnerable to the impending threat. Just as the man was closing in on Jenny, John's voice pierced through the chaos, snapping her back to reality. He shouted a warning, urging her to be alert. Jenny's instincts kicked in, and she saw the man raising his leg, preparing to deliver a powerful kick aimed at her. Fear surged through her veins, but Jenny couldn't afford to be paralyzed. With a burst of determin
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Chapter-4: The Reunion
As Ray's laughter echoed and his aura intensified, a surge of energy coursed through him, fusing determination and empowerment. His presence exuded a unique blend of desperation and strength, captivating those who witnessed it. Amidst this charged atmosphere, a masked figure emerged from the shadows, his curiosity piqued by Ray's extraordinary energy. With cautious intrigue, he took a bold step forward and inquired, "And who might you be?" Ray's laughter continued to fill the air, resonating with a sense of confidence and enigma. Slowly, he lifted his head, his gaze steady and unwavering. His eyes seemed to hold a world of secrets and untamed power. As he reached out, he extended his hand towards the masked man, a silent invitation for a connection that transcended words. The masked man hesitated for a moment, his gaze locked with Ray's intense eyes. There was a palpable tension in the air, a meeting of forces beyond the physical realm. With a mixture of uncertainty and antici
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Chapter-5: Unbreakable Bonds
The POV shifts from the outside of the college to the intense situation inside the classroom. Chaos reigns as Ray lies unconscious, and Julie cradles his head on her legs, tears falling from her eyes as her heart fills with worry and fear. The classroom is in disarray, a reflection of the turmoil that has unfolded. Max, with her commanding presence, takes charge of the situation. She assigns Jenny and John the crucial duty of protecting Ray, should any of the masked assailants attempt to harm him. With determination burning in their eyes, Jenny and John assume their positions, ready to defend their friend at all costs. Amidst the tension, Max's voice cuts through the air, addressing the class with an urgent directive. She advices the students: those who are unable to fight are encouraged to seek cover and safety, while those capable of combat are called upon to shield the weaker individuals. As the masked figures heed Max's words, a surge of motion ensues. Around fifty of them
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Chapter-6: The Plan
Ray's consciousness surged back to life, a surge of energy coursing through his veins as his eyes snapped open. Just as he regained his bearings, his instincts flared, sensing danger. In an instant, his body moved on its own, muscles flexing with newfound strength. With lightning reflexes, he intercepted the masked man's weapon that had been hurtling toward Julie. His grip was unyielding, the force of the impact shattering the weapon into a cascade of shards that tinkled to the floor. The classroom seemed to freeze for a heartbeat, the glint of shattered metal suspended in the air. Ray's focus was intense, his gaze riveted on the masked man before him. In a swift motion that defied understanding, his clenched fist transformed into a devastating punch. The blow connected with the masked man's form, a resounding impact that sent shockwaves through the room. The masked man's form contorted, his body yielding to the force of Ray's strike. The momentum carried him through the doorway
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Chapter-7: The Battle
With the battle preparations in place, the college grounds awaited the impending clash. The army, armed and resolute, marched forward, their footsteps resonating with determination. Ray and Max stood at the forefront, their auras radiating power and unity, a testament to their unbreakable resolve. Ray's aura pulsated with an intensity born from absorbing the energy of the fallen masked men. It swirled around him, intertwining with his own determination, amplifying his strength. Max's aura, a reflection of her mastery over the elements, shimmered with an ethereal light. Together, their auras formed a dazzling display, a beacon of hope and defiance in the face of adversity. As the helicopters descended onto the college premises, the powerful gusts of wind they generated stirred up the dust around them. The air was filled with tension, a palpable anticipation that hung heavy in the atmosphere. Amid the rising dust, the auras of Ray and Max glowed brightly, casting an otherworldly l
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Chapter-8: The Blue Dragon
The sun cast long shadows across the battlefield as the battle raged on, relentless and unforgiving. The clash of steel and the crackling of energy filled the air, a symphony of chaos and determination. Ray, amidst the fury of the fight, found himself drifting into a subconscious state once again. In this ethereal realm, he witnessed a surreal sight. A boy stood in the distance, engaged in conversation with the Blue Dragon. The dragon's majestic form towered over the scene, its scales shimmering with an otherworldly light. The boy's demeanor was calm and resolute, a stark contrast to the turmoil of the physical world. As the vision zoomed in, Ray's heart skipped a beat. The boy – it was Noir, his best childhood friend and confidant. But something was different. Noir's body bore the marks of battle, wounds and damages that spoke of a fierce struggle. The image of Noir, wounded and fading away, etched itself into his mind. The memory was a poignant reminder of their shared histo
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Chapter-9: Past Memory
  The sun began its descent, casting a warm, golden hue over the tranquil scene. The tranquil rays of sunlight bathed a cozy house in a soft, ethereal glow. Within the confines of the home, a little girl with fiery red hair danced and played with boundless joy. Her laughter filled the air as she twirled and spun, lost in her world of imagination.  Unaware of the world outside, the girl reveled in the simple happiness of the moment. Her vibrant red hair caught the sunlight, setting it ablaze like a cascade of flames. She moved with an innocence and energy that seemed to embody the very essence of youth.  But then, a gentle knock at the door disrupted her play. Pausing for a moment, she turned her head, her wide eyes filled with curiosity. The knock came again, a little more insistent this time. As the door creaked open, a figure stepped into the doorway – a woman with hair as fiery red as the little girl's.  The girl's eyes widened in
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Chapter-10: The Red Phenoix
In the midst of Julie's disorientation, she found herself transported to a realm of breathtaking beauty. Nature thrived in vibrant hues, and the air was alive with the laughter of playful animals. The scene was a tapestry of tranquility, a stark contrast to the turmoil she had just experienced. As Julie's eyes roamed the verdant surroundings, a figure captured her attention – a girl with fiery red hair, much like her own. The girl soared through the sky with grace, her scarlet wings beating rhythmically against the wind. With every movement, it was as if she embodied a symphony of nature's harmony. Approaching Julie with a serene smile, the girl's presence exuded a sense of calm and familiarity. As she drew closer, it became evident that there was an uncanny resemblance between them, as if they were mirror images of each other. The shock of this encounter left Julie at a loss for words, her heart pounding with a mix of disbelief and curiosity. "You're the girl from my dreams,"
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