Devil's Enthronement

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Devil's Enthronement

By: Royal phoenix Ongoing

Language: English

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Long ago, legend had it that a demon ruler over the village of Riskwood city with an iron fist, killing off people at any slightest provocation but at the arrival of a sorcerer the demon was demon was defeated and caged up. But after many years-when people had forgotten about the demon,a great wind shook the cave causing the release of the demon and fulfilling what the prophets had foretold, the demon hovered the city possessing living beings and causing chaos. Rivers turned red, lives were lost, who was it that would stop the devil's enthronement . Ancient prophecy had it that they were to be born years after people had forgotten about the demon and its story. Who were they ?, What were they like? , that was the question on everybody's lips . They were...


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Chapter one
            Dark age                 RISKWOOD CITY, EDEN-SECT                               1600 BC   Though it was noon but the clouds of Riskwood city was dark,it was always dark because the spirit was controlled by a spirit that possessed dark magic.The spirit ,Malestofelis ,once lived a thousand years ago was awaken and it possessed a man ,Derus,a kind and gentle man who loved staying in his space.   It happened early that year when he was dusting his old library-the library which his ancestors had passed down to him, as he was dusting a book caught his fancy he took out the book and read the title, the title read "Descendants of Shaitan" he scoffed and put
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Chapter two
                    Breaking dawn   Ryker was a blind widower who was fed and taken care of by his neighbours and caring friends. He had lost his wife and children some years back to  a fire accident which broke out whenever n his house,he has  travelled for a work and when he returned he was greeted with the sad news about his wife and two children and that he had no house,it pained him deeply that he didn't hear their voices for the last time as he was not able to see them. His neighbours and some caring  friends decided to provide his daily meal and take care of him,he was always greeted with baskets of food, loaves of bread and sometimes people who come to wash the dishes and clean the house.   " I am here my lord but I don't have anything to give,see my lord,I am just a poor blind old man who depend on people for daily br
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Chapter three
                     A light in the dark.   "Jared, Jared,Jared, what a brave man you are, you took a really bold step, no man can dare to think of what you did,your bravery will one day be rewarded". Ryker spoke loudly from his cell   "Old man I know you are already mentally retarded but I'd appreciate if you keep it down". The cell guard warned   "If only you know what great deed a young boy like you did you wouldn't be speaking to me in that manner"   "And what great deed is it you speak of?"   "The fact he didn't cowardly join the palace guards to gain favour from the king is enough great deed to speak of"   "Are you trying to insult me old man?"Read more
Chapter four
                Peace like the river.   Eugene, the sorcerer who was sent by the high priest was some what over zealous but was very skillful with his magic . As they got to Jared's house, he told that he wanted to go and confront the king right away but Jared protested telling him to wait and observe how Derus operated . Eugene who was unconvincible took a stand that he was going to confront the king immediately. Jared tried convincing him further but Eugene was not open for any advice after listening to Jared talk he smiled at him and ran out the house finding his way to the castle.       Derus was seated on a couch in his courtroom with a lady whom he wanted to take blood from when he heard the door which he had locked open with a loud noise startled by the noise turned to the door to find a stran
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Chapter five
      RISKWOOD CITY,EDEN-SECT                     2060( 21st century AD).                " Dad, I'm leaving for school". Kiara shouted rushing downstairs. " I had cereal for breakfast, I'm rushing to school now , I have a make up test for my math which is due eight,bye love you".she shouted and ran off the door"Stay safe and make sure you come back early . Love you". Her dad shouted to her retreating figure through the window. "She's perfect, just like her mom was". He said smiling to himself as he watched his daughter run off to schoolKiara had lost her mother at the age of five leaving only her and her father. Kiara was a beautiful girl,tall and slender, smooth milk skin, long blonde hair which she always packs in a ponytail style and green eyes which added to her beauty. Her school , Riskwood high was situated at t
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Chapter six
                Chocolate and spaghetti.  Kiara wasn't surprised to hear it was Dylan because he picked literally on everybody and mostly Ashley but she hadn't quite expected him to do it even before school began for the day.  "What did he do this time?""What has he not done?" Ashley threw back the question at her " I am tired of pointing out what he does, the fact that he doesn't allow me have my peace is too much for an action. I get tired at times when I remember I'll meet him in school, spoilt brat". Ashley said rolling her eyes." Spoilt brat indeed". "What ? Are the two of you so in love with me that you keep mentioning my name, you shouldn't hide the fact you have something for me,free to confess your feelings to me ". Dylan said as he walked towards them."How are you sure we were talking about you". Kiara asked visibly irritated by his presence.
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Chapter seven
               Detention."I told you not to do anything." Ash said as Kiara came back to the table." At least he would learn not to mess with me again". Kiara said and left."It's going to be a long day for Kiara". Imogen said shaking her head. After school Kiara and Dylan went to Mrs kate office and she led them to the detention room. In the detention room, Kiara was focused reading her book, Dylan folded his arms looking around and drawing at intervals while Mrs. Kate watched them like a hawk. An hour and thirty minutes into detention, Mrs. Kate's phone rang distracting everyone from what they were doing. "Hello" Mrs kate said with furrowed brows trying to dictate the voice of the unknown caller."Am I speaking with Kate Manchester the wife if Oscar Manchester?""Yes you are. How may I be of help to you?""Oh I wish you could help me but you husband needs it most r
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Chapter Eight
                      The loner     " A library in their name?" What do you mean by that". Travis asked turning to face Kiara. " Uhm....I....I meant I saw their name in a book I was reading at our school library" "It was a history book. They didn't say anything about them, their name was just listed out." She added quickly to prevent further questions. Travis nodded looking at her and slowly turning to the program he was watching. " How was your make up test if I may ask?"  "Yeah, it was fine. I wasn't late and the questions were simple, I prepared well for it you know." " I know you would ace it, you are the smartest daughter ever" He said and placed a light kiss on her forehead, Kiara smiled and adjusted her head well on his chest.   The room turned quiet as Travis returned to watching the TV and Kiara laid noiselessly on him after some minutes of sile
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Chapter Nine
Sextuplets in trouble 1 After Dylan left, Kiara walked to her locker and took out the books she would be needing for her class and advanced to her class. "Just one day of detection and you are already clinging tenaciously to his side." Ashley said as Kiara came to her seat. "Don't forget that we hate him." She added."And who is that if I may ask?" Kiara asked turning to face Ashley."Oh please Kiara,we saw you with that stupid boy some minutes." Said Imogen."You mean Dylan?" Asked Kiara."Of course you know it's him.""Guys,I was only talking to him and not clinging to him." Kiara said stressing on 'clinging'. "And I figured he isn't too much of a bad guy.""Really? " Imogen asked. "He taunts Ashley everyday and you say he is not a bad guy.Can someone please tell me where Kiara Hunter has gone?""Dylan's spell has affected her and now she will join the crew of the stupid people that crush on him."Co
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Chapter ten
Sextuplets in trouble 2    Dylan caught enough breath an stood up to face Lawrence who was still glaring at him."Nice try." Said Dylan as he rubbed his neck. "Nice fighting skills, your teacher must be a great Sensei." He teased.As he made his way to catch Lawrence's hands but Lawrence was fast enough to push it away and as he wanted to punch him in the stomach a hand caught the punch in the air, pushed him to the side and pulled Dylan by the hair as he dragged him to sit him down. "Enough of this nonsense both of you." Zach who was now standing in the middle of the class said."Why did you stop me? I was not yet done teaching this fool a proper lesson." Lawrence said."You are lucky he saved you, I would have made you bleed till you beg for your life." Dylan replied fuming."The both of you will leave here with a missing tooth if you don't stop this nonsense this minute." Zach said."And
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