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MagicSystemTeenagerActionFantasyGodweak to strong

Young Mason Whyte was an orphan child living with his aunt, his life was like a living hell, being bullied in school for being weak and having to ability. He received a gift from his dead parents through his aunt. Unknown to him it wasn't just any type of of gift, this gift change his life for the better. Striving to grow stronger to protect his loved ones and those within his reach from the on going war between humans and Invaders(worens). Join Mason as he discover the secrets of nature.

50 chapters
Today was meant to be a special day for the students of Lapadis high school. Because today they were to head for the military academy were their future would begin. The excitement could be felt in the air tangibly as the students were to go home and prepare to leave for the academy, but there was a young teenager who felt none of it mattered, if not for it being compulsory he wouldn't have even given a thought about going to the academy. Manson was his name. Manson was a young handsome silver haired teen, with light blue eyes that were so enchanting. He had a sharp jawline and nice physique. He was walking down the hallway when suddenly someone approached him not for any good reason though."Hey Manson, you know we might not meet again, how about we have one of those our friendly sparring match?" Asked the teen in front of him.Like I want to see you again, Manson thought to himself and scoffed."Not today kane, I have to go home and prepare, said Manson with his right hand tucked in
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Entering into the building he could hear his aunt in the kitchen who seemed to be washing dishes."Manson are you back from school?""Yes aunt Stacy!""Okay go and freshen up while I set the meal""Thanks" Manson replied. He went to his room to freshen up, few minutes later he came back to eat his lunch with his aunt. While eating he talked with his aunt knowing it would be a long time before seeing each other, because he would be leaving for the academy."I'm gonna miss you aunt Stacy""Awwwn, I'll miss you too little Manson"After eating he went to arrange his things so he could head to the academy. While packing his things, his aunt came in with a box in her hands."What's that?" Mason asked looking at the box curiously."I don't know what's in it. your parents told be to give it to you when u became of age. You know they were archeologists, maybe it's something of that sought if I'm to guess" she replied.Handing the box to him, she left the room so he could continue packing his t
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Mason was awoken by his aunt speaking to someone at the door, checking his wrist watch it was time for him to leave, he hurriedly packed all his essentials and put them into his bag."Mason, the liutenant is here already.""Okay aunt, I'm coming right away'', MansM replied putting on his shoes."I'm here, good day liutenant, I'm Mason""Nice to meet you Mason" the liuetenant said. Alright you should leave now, so you won't arrive late, his aunt said giving him a tight hug with a small tear coming from her right eye."Okay aunt Stacy, take care of yourself" Mason replied returning the hug. We should be on our way, the liutenant said with a slight cough."Yeah, goodbye Mason""Goodbye aunt Stacy"Walking out of the house with the liutenant he saw a bus with other students of his age. Twenty minutes after they got on the bus, they arrived at the city's teleport station. They got down from the bus following the liutenant while he led them to the military part of the teleport station."Alr
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Walking towards the nearest person in his view, the person was girl with very dark long hair going half way her back, with brown eyes and pale smooth skin. Just by looking at her you will think she is a model due to her sheer beauty. She looked so captivating coupled with her innocent face. "Hey, please do you know where the registration office is?" Manson asked. The girl looked at him and was stunned by his handsomeness, like his face was screaming "kiss me." She stared at him for sometime before remembering he asked her a question."Uhm...I'm sorry, what did you say?" She asked"I was asking if you knew where the registration office is located?""Oh" she exclaimed, "such a coincidence, I'm heading there too" she replied"Okay, do you mind if I tag along?""Not at all" she replied with a cute chuckle. Their walk to the registration office was awkwardly silient, they only exchanged their names. The walk lasted for about five minutes before they arrived at their destination. Entering
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After Manson finished the test he looked down at the watch given to him by the instructor on his left hand, he could see the number one in the center, meaning his power grade is one."So grade one huh, seems being at bottom is what I do best, so I'm still gonna be bullied" he said to himself. The grade ranges from one to nine. There could be 1.2, 1.3 and so on. The grade one was the lowest. The watch read the amount of MC(mutant cells) in the body of the user, the grade one has the least amount of MC. After seeing his power grade he decided to head to his dorm room. Walking out of the hall there were still some students on the que. Sitting at a corner, he saw Emily looking at the floor. He decided to go past her without saying anything, on reaching the door he heard someone calling his name."Hey, Manson wait!" Looking back he saw Emily coming towards him with her bag, this time she wasn't so moody."What are you still doing here, I thought you had gone?" Manson said lying through his
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"You came?" Emily asked, although it was stupid to ask she was surprised that he'll actually show up. Manson ignored the question like he didn't hear it and said what he wanted."It's already 5:35pm, we shouldn't waste too much time" he said."Okay, let's go" Emily replied, smiling happily.They walked around the school, went to the first year class building, sadly for Emily, she wasn't in the same class with Manson. He was in F-flour while she was in B-flour, the class was a high rise building. After spending an hour in the academy premises, they went into the city. They arrived at a park where they sat and talked about a few things. Manson told her a some things about himself and that he has no ability. She talked about herself too, her life in highschool, it was the contrast of Manson's. Although she is a grade 3, she considered it too low. She was jovial and free spirited. After they were done exploring they came back to the academy. It was just an hour before lights out. "See y
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On the menu screen he saw three different tabs,[Status][Skills][Quests]Thinking of his status it suddenly opened.[Name: Manson Whyte][Evolution: Hydra][Level: 1][Exp: 0/100][Strength: 10][Agility: 10][Stamina: 10][HP: 15][Energy: 50]"Wow, this so amazing" Manson exclaimed."You think?" Aella scoffed. Your HP is so low that if I was in my body, just my breath would be able to kill you, she said."How old are you?" Manson suddenly asked. This question made Aella to start laughing."Why are you laughing?" Manson asked confused."Well if you must know I've been existing from the beginning of creation, after I went into concealment, I lost count". Aella said."Wow, I wonder how you would look, granny" Manson joked."I don't mean to brag but matter of factly I'm ten times beautiful than any lady you've seen" Aella said.Manson then thought of skills, then the skills tab opened.Gauge level 1: [when in use you're able to see the health, name, strength, agility, and stamina of y
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Manson arrived his class by 7:56am, the class was almost filled up, he went to his sit that was at the last row close to the window and sat down waiting for his teacher to come in."Hey, Aella, I was wondering how to level up my skills." Manson said"It will level up with constant use" Aella replied."Okay thanks, I'll talk later", Manson said. The skills he had that could level up were [vision] and [guage]. He chose to try and level up vision.[Skill activated: vision]"Manson, I think you should close your eyes while doing that in class to avoid too much attention," Aella said. "Why is that?" Manson asked."Because your eyes change having a slit like a reptile, and gives off an orange glow", she replied.While Manson and Aella were having their little conversation the girl sitting at his front turned side ways, with the glow in his eyes she looked at his direction and saw the eyes of Mason."Oh shit!" Mason cursed quickly closing his eyes. The girl had a look of confusion on her fa
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The academy gave each student 100 credits a day. That was enough for them to buy food from the canteen and pay for some leisure activities. Mason wasn't hungry so he decided to head to the roof of the building to clear his head. On his way there he could see something students in different groups looking at him and whispering to themselves. you wouldn't need enhanced hearing to know they were talking about him. But he shrugged it off, after going through some certain things for a long time he had gotten used to it. Reaching the top of the roof, the cool breeze made his hair dance like they were alive with its unique silver color. He head footsteps coming from the door. Walking in were three boys."What do you want?" He asked them without looking back."Give us your credit and we'll let you go in one piece" the one at the middle said who seemed to be the leader among them."I ain't giving you my credit, you can go shove something in your backside" Mason said turning to look at them. He
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The beast weapon hall wasn't as crowded as the elemental hall because many people preferred training their ability than their combat skills. As for Mason, he had no ability to train so he would have to train his combat skills. Walking into the hall, Mason could see different types of beast weapons. Beast weapons were made from beast crystals found in a magical beast. He saw the teacher of the beast weapon class standing at the center of the hall before he announced to them."Alright everyone gather around", the man said. They all went standing around him, as Mason was going he felt someone staring at him, looking at the direction the gaze was coming from, he saw a girl from his homeroom class, it was the girl that sat in front of him. Mason began to panic that he had been seen."Aella do you think she saw my eyes at class?" Mason asked worriedly."That might be the case or she likes you," Aella said."I hope it's...shit I can't hope for any of them" Mason replied. "Today we won't be p
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