Ascenders: Rising To Hero

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Ascenders: Rising To Hero

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<<Book 2 of the Ascenders Series. // Please read Book 1; Ascenders: Rising From Zero first.>> After a Fateful battle (see Bk 1), Bayo is left decommissioned to face the secrets of a past ignored. Without the First Born, Ronke, Shin and Hana must tolerate one another, on their odyssey to find a cure. Tests and Temptations, trials and tremors appear on every side. A monster today, a masquerade rampage tomorrow, the chaos is unending while the Ascenders spread out with an uncanny desire to feed desperation and devastation, all of which serving as catalyst to the return of the Mad Prime. The legacy of the Mad Prime shall by the First Born, rise or fall. But what happens when the First Born is out of his league against the siblings and the schemings of Trixius? Who then ordains the fall or who then dictates the rise of a fallen Mad Prime? Whatever happens, Orun has never been this distressed. And with the fate of the entire 7 heavens on the ragtag team of adventurers, only one thing is certain… “The Unity shall not find perfection unless it has ‘Victory’ to overcome, the ‘Grace’ and ‘Patience’ to go about it. For in that alone shall the ‘Perfect Order’ be found.” Bayo Must Ascend and become Hero else the Universe be doomed! ----- AUTHOR's Words.


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1. Excerpt
"Hi, are you two the ones Eno sent? I am Ronke. Is that the charge?" Ronke asked, moving to touch the cart. "Hey, hands off!" Shin growled, slapping her hands off. In terms of height, Ronke, the 5.7ft Familiar only had a few inches taller than Hana and Shin, making her like a big sister with her calculative eyes and calm smile. However, in comparison to other spirit beings, the trio were actually short as most spirit beings had their average height from 7ft and above. "Who are you?" Hana gritted, pointing the tip of her thin, long blade at Ronke's neck.  "Okay, okay! I'm so tired, let's not resort to violence. " Ronke backed out with her two hands in surrender. She rubbed the little finger with the ring. Light glowered and then, on the other hand, the orb, the same orb she used before appeared. She repeated the same motions, clocking and tapping the orb under the watchful gaze of the two. Soon enough, light formed a screen and in
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2. Character Bible (Main)
There are about 21 Ascenders in the Ascenders series but for the sake fo those who might be reading from this Book 2, a brief recap of the major characters would be posted here. That is, only those characters who have an important role to play in this Book II.  Starting with the Ascenders, we would plain out the key players out here with some breifing on them, while we leave the rest of the not so major players to your imagination or, allow you discover them as you go.    *Please note that all the data provided here is based on the events in Book 1[Ascender; Rising From Zero]. Whilst you can read this book 2 as a standalone book, you may not see a lot of character developments here as the characters at this stage are expected to have come into their strengths and maturity. At least, far better than before.  **Only the Known Ascenders would be named here. The rest would be discovered along the way.  *** The Presence of
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3. Power Levels
(SPOILERS—— Skip to chapter 5  if new)Authors Note: You don't have to read the numbers!.Each power level signifies a Class and the amount of energy available to that class.  Classes —— Energy AllocatedBasic Class -               1-20Ground Class/Messenger -            21-999Elite Class -                 1000 - 100,000Omni Class -                101k - 499kLord. —                        501k - 3,000,000Omega —                    3,100,000- 8,000,000Beta ———                 8,000,0
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4. World Powers
Orun is divided into 7 heavens, subdivided into a sum total of 401 Ilu(Realms)each signifying  one of the 401 Orisha(Gods).However, the scaling only exists from the first Heaven up to the fourth heavens and by popular opinion, the fifth heavens as well which is the world of the Orisha and their offsprings, the Emere.However with the exception of the seventh, sixth and fifth heavens, there are left only 1,604 realms in total from the fourth heaven to the first heaven.Below are a summation of the dominant world powers with the number of realms occupied..First Heavens 401 Realms69%Demon Territory,30% is occupied by the Death God Iku in binding down the owner of the Left Path. And overseeing Orun Apaadi.1% Irunmole Controlled Realms(The exact number is not known as the figures keep shifting due to demonic presence and the fact that the first heaven is heavily polluted)&nbs
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-SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 7 if new) -SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 7 if new) -SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 7 if new) -THIS chapter will be updated as author seems fit -If you have suggestions of specie you will like to see in the novel, comment here. *** Do note that all creatures listed here are mostly spirit beings and as such require energy to keep about. (Humans are not spirits so they aren't counted in this novel) ——— Maximum energy levels is the highest energy that is accessible to each specie which will dictate the strength growth of that specie unless with aid of external factors.  Only by studying the Aspectual Laws or the Laws Of Sin May a specie be able to ignore its Maximum Energy levels, pushing it further with the growth in soul classes. Another way of extending the point wall is to push oneself to the limit, usually by absorbing much more energy than is required or combat. Howbeit, the c
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6. Prologue
Bayo stood in shock, in his soul space. He could not connect with the physical, no matter how much he tried his best. It was as if he had been cut off.And right before him, the enormous ball for energy which continuously pulsed, the representation of his soul was in for worse. What used to be vibrant and bright was barely a thinned out ball of almost darkened substance. And all through the form of it, several cracks ruptured about it, the black miasma once again, trying to connect the pieces together as an adhesive. However, try as hard as it could, it could barely salvage the situation, the best achievable was a stalemate. Several strands of miasma rush out to catch the breakaway pieces of the soul, reattaching them to the main part before shooting out again to catch some new breakaways.A hand latched to the shoulder of the frightened Bayo, making him turn his back now.'I warned you, Bayo. I did. This is the result of ignoring the Soul Adaptation period. You
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Chapter 1//7: Welcome To FairWeather
The ship was in for the worse. It was pretty much obvious that it had surely seen so many better days than the one which it was in. And not only that, it was being supersped, through the dreary clouds that had formed in the sky while transporting a not so merry group of mixed race on it. It was the ship which had just been used in the battle against the larger CFR ship which had been in order to recover the ship and then to stop the ex captain of the CFR, bringing her to books. However, they had given it their all, the result being the reason why they all had their faces solemn even as they were cleared of any antagonist. At least for now. The sails of the ship rocked into space, spearing through the clouds, while the blue skinned Hadjan male stood, holding one of the beams while looking far into the distance. After squinting that far and not being satisfied with what he saw or whatever he was looking for, he shook his head in disappointment and then let
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8. The Dual Elemental Giant
The 9ft towering figure made of a condensed mass of tightly paced stones picked his steps carefully as he made his way away from town. The air was fresher at this time of the year because it was the time for the infamous festival of Masquerades in Fair Weather. And as result, the people of the town had done their bit in making it work free and everything a festival time should be. That meant that there was no need to do anything which would present an issue to the air.  And there were fewer people out there on the road, allowing for better ventilation and movement now.  It was this time that he enjoyed the most, that is the figure who was made of stone. He was not like the usual Magmorians who were made of stones too, his own dermatology a little more complicated than those of the race of Magmore. He was an elemental Giant, or rather as the people
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9. Wreckers Not Welcomed!
And then…  Macabu fired out, another burst of energy into his legs as his mass traversed through the air in one mighty jump. In the little distance now, he could see the ship and the now rising cries of those who were in the range of it, at the city center as they cried and ran helter skelter. At this, his eyebrows or whatever was there crunched down in distress now  while his skin tone began to phase back into the Lava Giant that he was.  But ,Macabu would not have it. He once again swallowed his breath hard. He stayed still, holding his breath till all of the fissures and cracks through his skin was once more blue and oozing out chilled air every now and then.  He splayed his fingers forward now and in one gust of wind, a blast of ice exploded outwardly like it was forcefully expelled from a
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10. Iyabo's Reception
“We don't welcome people who want to wreck havoc in our town.” Was the last words that Shin heard before the Lava Giant went all charging for him.  First off, Shin was appalled by the lack of mannerism by the Giant. The fact that they had crashed in this place showed that things had not gone out in the way that it should have been. So then, rather than go all out on them and try to attack them, the first logical thing that could have occurred was for him to at least try to render help. The rest could come later.  At least, that was the norm that he was used to. Certainly not used to the ground quaking and shaking from underneath him while the cause of it all was literally fuming to rip them apart.  He took
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