Bimeathest vs Armageddon Rise of Liah Natas

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Bimeathest vs Armageddon Rise of Liah Natas

By: Richard OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Liah Natas is one of the main protagonist of Bimeathest vs Armageddon that ventures into her origin. Her work is often based on literature contents that entails prehistorics or historical record of her time being. During her years on earth she was often known as the Messiah whom people thought to be the second coming inform of a woman. Liah throughout her life time is over six hundred and sixty six thousand years old, why she might look and appear as a teenage girl at the age of twenty, she's far more experienced than any human on the planet. Her past lives of reincarnation of gaining gnostic and enlightenment of the human nature from both worlds (physical and spiritual) has come to redeem mankind from destruction once more. Bimeathest vs Armageddon is nowhere related to Bimeathest which is based on a biblical events, why Liah Natas is the mentioned in Bimeathest, she's an inspiration to this context of literary work as it's been inspired by Bimeathest which revealed the secret of wonders. Although most references were made in this context as a term of inspiration but not as a means of continuity. Why Liah Natas battles with the forces of her mindset, she discovers that they are others just like her and her past lives of reincarnation is the key of overcoming the illusions of reality.


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Lost in time (A call from the future past)
After the great war fought between the humans and deities which paved way of enlightenment for the future generations. Stories were told from generation to generations about the legends of old and their testaments. I for one have wondered where it all began, why must the human race suffer for their ignorance and atrocities. My name is Liah Natas, I'm over six hundred and sixty six thousand years old, and how do I know that... Well I just know. I was born just before the great war was about to end, an era were our forefathers once saw God most especially God's, they at a time fought side by side and against humans and demons, so I was told. I mean for whole world to come to an end, hell yes, the universe itself to end, my dad, the king, who is an heavenly host or at least was an heavenly host saved the entire human race and not just the human race alone, he saved the entire creation. Am talking about eternity, infinity and beyond.&nbs
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Knowing (Part 1)
I walked across towns miles away, a young boy who came to me asking to spare a quarter as soon as I gave it to him I could see myself during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, I'd thought it was a fan-fiction told to kids to believe in deities. Throughout my entire life of reincarnation figuring out who I am, what I am, and as soon as I turned my head the opposite direction, I found myself in Zhou Babylon formally known as the Zhou to Jin kingdom now called the city of Babylon an in an instant I could see every possibilities and events that had occurred, and where I stood was the exact same spot God fought with my father the king, why me? I said to myself, why these visions or trans, is it real or a figment of imaginations, am I in a comatose state. I slapped myself several times just to know if I could get consciousness into the real world. Is the universe trying to communicate with me. I took a route that led to the twelve tribes of Judah. Seeing a still water o
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Knowing (Part 2)
The next day was the big day, the preparation of the unknown. No one knew what it was or what was installed for us, for all we were meant to do is follow orders and abide by it's rules and regulations. For we had devoted and dedicated our entire lives for this moment, we all assembled in unity in an upper chamber so wide that it contained each and everyone of us. Numbers were given to us as to know which row we were to seat. Luckily, destiny had put Sophia Peters and I together. Mine was 99 and she was 66, numbers weren't arranged in numerical order. As we all located our various seat to sit, been trapped in our seats, we were unable to move and just then, an image popped up from a monitor. It was the chancellor who gave instructions on what we are about to face ahead.She made mention of travelling into the unknown, to seek, find and know. She never spoke much of what we were about to face, as Sophia looked at me in a terrific way. "It's going to be okay
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Knowing (Part 3)
Incorruptibility that gave Adam the power of speech. Her beautiful presence, like that of the divine image that appeared in in the waters, arouses the Archons once again. They respond with their second attempt to grasp and defile a manifestation of the female Spirit from above. Then the Authorities came up to their Adam. And when they saw his counterpart (f.) speaking with him, they became disturbed in a great disturbance; and they became enamored of her. They said to one another, “Come, let us sow our seed in her,” and they pursued her. And she laughed at them for their senselessness and their blindness. And in their clutches, she became a tree, and she left her shadow resembling herself before them; and they defiled (ⲁⲩϫⲟϩⲙ[ⲉⲥ]) [it] foully. And they defiled (ⲁⲩϫⲱϩⲙ) the impression of her voice, so that they made themselves liable to condemnation by their modeled form and [their] image. In this second attempt to defile a female manifestation of the Spirit, the Rulers t
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Knowing (Part 4)
He took me and again placed me in the east at the course of the moon. He showed me the other course, that of the moon, twelve great gates, crowned from west to east, by which the moon goes in and out of the customary times. It goes in at the first gate to the western places of the sun, by the first gates with thirty-one days exactly, by the second gates with thirty-one days exactly, by the third with thirty days exactly, by the fourth with thirty days exactly, by the fifth with thirty-one days exactly, by the sixth with thirty-one days exactly, by the seventh with thirty days exactly, by the eighth with thirty-one days perfectly, by the ninth with thirty-one days exactly, by the tenth with thirty days perfectly, by the eleventh with thirty-one days exactly, by the twelfth with twenty-eight days exactly. And it goes through the western gates in the order and number of the eastern, and accomplishes the three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter days of the solar year, while the lunar
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Forgotten story of Gilgamesh (Part 1)
The woman will overcome the fellow as if she were strong. When the animals are drinking at the watering place have her take off her robe and expose her sex. When he sees her he will draw near to her, and his animals, who grew up in his wilderness, will be alien to him." He heeded his father's advice. The trapper went off to Uruk, he made the journey, stood inside of Uruk, and declared to. Gilgamesh:    "There is a certain fellow who has come from the mountains, he is the mightiest in the land, his strength is as mighty as the meteorite of Anu! He continually goes over the mountains, he continually jostles at the watering place with the animals, he continually plants his feet opposite the watering place. I was afraid, so I did not go up to him. He filled in the pits that I had dug, wrenched out my traps that I had spread, released from my grasp the wild animals. He does not let me make my rounds in the wilderness!" Gilgamesh said to the trapper: "Go, trapper
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Forgotten story of Gilgamesh (Part 2)
forest. Where Humbaba would walk there was a trail, the roads led straight on, the path was excellent. Then they saw the Cedar Mountain, the Dwelling of the Gods, the throne dais of Imini. Across the face of the mountain the Cedar brought forth luxurious foliage, its shade was good, extremely pleasant. The thornbushes were matted together, the woods(?) were a thicket ... among the Cedars,... the boxwood, the forest was surrounded by a ravine two leagues long,... and again for two-thirds (of that distance), ...Suddenly the swords..., and after the sheaths ..., the axes were smeared... dagger and sword... alone ... Humbaba spoke to Gilgamesh saying:"He does not come (?) ... Enlil.. "Enkidu spoke to Humbaba, saying: "Humbaba...'One alone.. 'Strangers ... 'A slippery path is not feared by two people who help each other. 'Twice three times... 'A three-ply rope cannot be cut. 'The mighty lion--two cubs can roll him over."' ... Humbaba spoke to Gilgamesh, saying: ..An idiot' and a moron sh
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Forgotten story of Gilgamesh (Part 3)
He will have the people of Uruk go into mourning and moaning over you, will fill the happy people with woe over you. And after you he will let his body bear a filthy mat of hair, will don the skin of a lion and roam the wilderness." As soon as Enkidu heard the words of valiant Shamash, his agitated heart grew calm, his anger abated. Enkidu spoke to the harlot, saying: "Come, Shamhat, I will decree your fate for you. Let my mouth which has cursed you, now turn to bless you! May governors and nobles love you, May he who is one league away bite his lip (in anticipation of you), may he who is two leagues away shake our his locks (in preparation)! May the soldier not refuse you, but undo his buckle for you, may he give you rock crystal(!), lapis lazuli, and gold, may his gift to you be earrings of filigree(?). May... his supplies be heaped up. May he bring you into the ... of the gods. May the wife, the mother of seven (children), be abandoned because of you!" Enkidu's innards were churn
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Lost in time
"This could only mean one thing", Liah said. "Gilgamesh is Noah's reincarnation". I began to wonder within my own thoughts, why the stress and all of this, one of many God's and yet they toy with humanity for their pleasure. "Why many would not know of this", Nathan said. "It's best known to them how they view it, separated stories forgotten". "But it is time to know what happened after Eden", Nathan said. "Eden", I replied softly, wondering if there was another mystery within it. "Yes, Liah! There's", Nathan replied to my thoughts, as he showed me where and how it all began". "The crystal sea", Nathan said as we arrived. "God commands Adam, expelled from Eden, to dwell in the Cave of Treasures. On the third day, God planted the garden in the east of the earth, on the border of the world eastward, beyond which, towards the sun-rising, one finds nothing but wa
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Apocalypse (Part 1)
This is the story of Adam and Eve after they had gone out of Paradise. And Adam knew his wife Eve and went upwards to the sun-rising and abode there eighteen years and two months. And Eve conceived and bare two sons; Adiaphotos, who is called Cain and Amilabes who is called Abel. And after this, Adam and Eve were with one another and while they were sleeping, Eve said to Adam her lord: 'My lord, Adam, behold, I have seen in a dream this night the blood of my son Amilabes who is styled Abel being poured into the mouth of Cain his brother and he went on drinking it without pity. But he begged him to leave him a little of it. Yet he hearkened not to him, but gulped down the whole; nor did it stay in his stomach, but came out of his mouth. And Adam said, 'Let us arise and go and see what has happened to them. (I fear) lest the adversary may be assailing them somewhere.' And they both went and found Abel murdered. I by the hand of Cain his brothe
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