Black Liver & Silver Fangs

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Black Liver & Silver Fangs

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A nationwide manhunt has begun across the vast land of Astasia to counteract a viral outbreak of Lycanthropy and Black Magic. The crusade has caused tragic circumstances to impact a young witch and her werewolf brother who was caught between the tangles of 2 dangerous worlds. Silvia and Amich had to do whatever they must to escape as well as survive the pursuit of both knowledge-craving researchers and devoted holy-driven crusaders; these foes who wanted to exploit their unique biology for selfish gains. Throughout this ordeal, young Silvia found romance with someone from a distance time; truly a relationship of the centuries. Their encounter created certain chains of events that cause an uproar in both worlds. Together they were hoping to assist each other with their overbearing burdens. However, their chaotic lives would never cease or receive an ounce of peace until they overcome the calamitous storm that struck them abruptly. Authors Note: Feel free to share your feedback, drop a comment, leave a review and big thanks to everyone who supports this story.


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Chapter 1 - The Bloody Witches Must Die!
Early 14th century, Vermont Province, the central region of Astasia was in a major uproar. The once peaceful and prosperous capital that was famous for its inventive minds, intricate architecture, coupled with its noble bloodlines and largest cattle form was currently under siege by a devoted group of armed crusaders who were deployed from the cardinal Cathedral in south Verbeck.The city was being pilfered for silver and other scraps as these saintly crusaders, clad in white vestments decorated with the holy cross, went from door to door with their oppressive mien demanding various cooperation from the citizens who were deep in fright.The Commanding Knight of the lead squadron that was currently roaming the commoner’s residential district was reading from a special papyrus scroll while being closely guarded by his fellow devotees.“Citizens of Vermont this is a royal decree from his holiness of Verbeck Cathedral, Ezeus Teppesh! The Grand Inquisitor has commenced a nationwide manhunt
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Chapter 2 - The Hidden Witch Council
Soaring towards a mountain range east of Astasia was the witch with the wounded leg who had escaped from Vermont Province. Along the way she was surprised to see that the Grand Inquisitor’s pagan hunter troops had already invaded Percule, which was the name of the small settlement located at the base of Guillume Mountain.Though the sun was at its highest in the sky, the purifying flames that engulfed Percule were bright enough to reflect their brilliance in the witch’s eye.Staring below upsettingly, she cursed, “Those wretched bible lickers have already reached this far? I hope I am not too late.”A look of urgency was painted on her face. She redirected her focus to the summit of Guillume Mountain. However, as soon as she did so, a threatening arrow whooshed passed her face and scraped her cheek.“Huh! It’s them?” The witch glanced in the distance behind her and noticed Commander Dreylude and his squadron of horseback riders chasing at her tail. “They followed me all the way from V
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Chapter 3 - Taking Guillume Mountain By Storm!
“Grand Inquisitor we heard strange noises of a struggle. Is everything alright in here?”The 2 guards who were stationed outside the tent, rushed inside with their drawn swords as soon as they heard a voice screaming out for someone to die. Once inside, they discovered a dead messenger lying on the ground with a dagger poking through his back.“What happened here? Did the messenger commit suicide?”“It sure looks that way.” Assumed the other guard. Both of them stood there waiting for Ezeus to tell them what truly happened.Rising gracefully from his lavish chair, Ezeus stepped over the corpse that was on his carpet and went by an altar where he had his holy book partially opened. He turned the pages until he located a verse that resonated with what he had just experienced.“Yea though I walk through the valley of death and turmoil, I shall fear no evil, for you are with my, thy rod and staff, they comfort me. Amen.”He glanced at the dead messenger and said to the guards. “This man h
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Chapter 4 - Breaching The Witches’ Sanctuary
“Alicia where is the Supreme Magus?” A worried feminine voice inquired with urgency.A mature woman stationed within the inner quarters of the witches’ sanctuary asked, “Tiffaun what happen to your leg, it’s bleeding profusely?”The demanding voice said, “Never mind that and answer my question.”“She’s inside the Cronus chamber meditating.”“At a time like this? Hasn’t she been informed of our predicament?”“She doesn’t want to be disturbed.”“The hell with that. I’m going in.”The witch who had been wounded back at Vermont residential district barged into the restricted sanctum of the council where she discovered an elderly woman garbed in multiple layers of clothing; resting on her knees in front of a dark monolith while engaging in indistinctive chanting. Her hair was furry and white as snow, each length of her follicles signified her ancient existence.“Supreme Magus! We have trouble knocking down our doorsteps!”“I am aware of that, Tiffaun.” The powerful elder with the title of
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Chapter 5 - Seeking Refuge In The Future
“Come with me quickly!” Tiffaun kept her tight grasp around Silvia and Amich’s hands while she ran with them towards their area of interest. “We have to get to the Cronus chamber before those wicked men catch us.”Looking behind them as they dashed ahead, they noticed the menacing crusaders wreaking havoc on everything in their path as a thorough means of eradicating evil. One crusader, in particular, had his unwavering sight set on Tiffaun.Commander Dreylude was forcing his way through the main infantry to get within proximity of his fleeing target where he could better sever her head. However, though he was toiling really hard, his advance was continually being impeded by the many traps and defence magical attributes set in place.“Curse these bloody dark arts!” Commander Dreylude became veritably frustrated when he lost track of his hunted target. Seeing the number of casualties his troops were incurring due to the various amounts of traps that they were proudly rushing into, he
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Chapter 6 - Ezeus Teppesh And Mariana Victain
While the crusaders’ heads were still bowed in reverence to welcome the arrival of the Grand Inquisitor, the Supreme Magus took a step forward and garnered his attention by saying, “I knew you would come here, Ezeus Teppesh. But these days you go by the Grand Inquisitor.” She spoke familiarly as if they were already affiliated.Ezeus stared at her fixedly as he slowly walked towards her. “Supreme Magus of the witch council, Mariana Victain.”“Huh!” The witches who had their bodies bound in ropes were surprised that Ezeus knew the real name of their Supreme Magus, even some of the crusaders couldn’t fathom the unspeakable dynamic between these two old figures of influence.Ezeus’s feet came to a standstill when he entered within breathing distance of the Supreme Magus. “It’s been a long time, Mariana. You’ve aged quite a lot since the last time we spoke.”“So do you.” Mariana reciprocated his statement. “What will you do now that you’ve captured us? You’ve already destroyed our Lycans
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Chapter 7 - Invaders In My Barn
On a prosperous farmland within Valaris where numerous fauna and flora life forms resided, a young man was operating a tractor to transport a bale of hay from the fields to stockpile them into a barn. Though it was the sunny season, that area usually experience unpredicted rain showers. Thus this was often done to safeguard the stock’s quality.No one else was there at that area of the ranch to lend their assistance to the young man so he had the day’s work cut out for him. Feeling tired, he parked the tractor outside the barn and went around the side where a miniature water tank was to get some drinking water to quench his thirst. The faucet was positioned over a concrete sink, this was where he positioned himself to interact with the water.After refreshing his stomach, he turned the spigot out some more which generated a higher pressure of water. The youth lowered his head underneath the faucet and let the water flow all over his bleached hair to cool his head. During this messy pr
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Chapter 8 - Cronus Research Centre
In a neighbouring region of Thains known as Altoki, there was a government-funded research centre situated in the heart of the land where no civilians were allowed to ever venture without the proper authorization from the top brass.Altoki wasn’t as developed as the other states in Valaris, mainly facilities and compounds pertaining to Cronus Research Centre occupied this region. The most astounding structure was the main headquarters for the CRC. It was such a majestic building that a person from Thains could see its peak if they were using binoculars.A group of scientists were tending to their important research within the most secured part of the facility where a multibillion-dollar contraption was being crafted. Various mechanical, plasmatic and magnetised components were intricately connected to each other to create a rudimentary time machine almost the size of a basketball court.The time machine was in its beta testing phase and required the utmost attention and care from skil
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