Dungeon Manager

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Dungeon Manager

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I'm Vasu. I'm a righteous guy. I never thought helping a little girl who was kidnapped by kidnappers would end my life miserably. I'm a guy who has so much to experience in life , yet in the end I die unjustly. Yeah still God is not heartless , he given me better life in another planet where aliens , humans and other races co-exist together , I'm a dungeon Manager i reborn in the planet Lazkar , i will continue my life from where it was ended in this planet. Your harem , love , emotions , comedy and so on lover? You're in the right place , read the novel to enjoy blood boiling imaginations in your head.


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Planet Lazkar
" Everyone noted down everything that I explained on the blackboard right? " Asked the course master with a stern look on his face." Yes sir " all the students shouted with respectful and fearful looks on their faces." Good," said the course master and continued his teachings on the blackboard. After some time course ended and all the teenagers walked out of the institute while talking with each other with bright smiles on their faces, after some time almost all the students turned to look in a certain direction with gloating looks on their faces, a teenager slowly walked out of the institute with a patched shirt and pant on his body while lowering his head with an inexplicable look on his face." Hey look who we have here, a weirdo " one of the students started to tease that teenager with a sadist smile on his face.The teenager didn't say anything and just kept walking towards the exit gate of the institute while his head was still lowered." Don't even have the guts to talk back
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Opening of new Dungeon portal
She felt Vasu's heated gaze which made her cheeks turn beet red and lowered her head with a shy look on her face.But she frowned with a little puzzled look on her face " why am I feeling the dungeon manager is different today? He never looked at me in this way till now, till now I thought the dungeon manager is not interested in girls, but the gaze he looked at me right now is like a hungry wolf looking at a rabbit " Farhana thought inwardly while turning around to walk out of the office.Vasu shook his head and slowly stood up from his chair and started following Farhana after a few seconds both of them walked out of the building and even though there was technology involved everywhere and it looked modern yet Vasu felt an ancient-age vibe in this modern environment around him, so he was slightly surprised and keep looking around with an astonished look on his face, just like when kid entered into the Disneyland first time in his life, he can see that technology involved everywhere
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Monster Dead , woman rescued
Farhana furrowed her brows with a worried expression on her face while a little girl looked at the blood falling from the sky with an anxious and fearful look on her face muttering with a hurried breath while shaking her little head which was filled with tears" mother I know that's not your blood, nothing happens to you…" The monster looked at the vasu with pent-up anger and at the same time fear flashed in its eyes, even though monsters are not as intelligent as humans and other alien creatures on that planet, but still they can instinctively understand their situations and choose to fight or retreat while they facing any danger, now it wants to give a little fight before retreating away from that place, it doesn't know that it's choice costs it's life in the end.Vasu who had seen the monster readying itself to make a move on him, once again disappeared from the spot he was standing the monster's head exploded into a blood mist and its huge body slowly dropped towards the ground an
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Dungeon Exploring Tickets
Due to displeasure caused by him, Vasu just said " I'm good " and turned around to look at the portal which gave a mysterious feeling that he never felt in his precious life, seeing the expression on Vasu's face like this whole world owe him money, that guy smiled awkwardly and tried to change the topic and get back to business " dungeon manager I'm here to buy the exploring tickets " said Koushik with a calm look on his face.Vasu just kept staring at the portal and said: " Farhana, sell them tickets, don't cross the limit in sales, we need to be fair to everyone ". " Ok dungeon manager " replied Farhana and took out the communication device and ordered the working staff to bring the tickets to sell to the guilds and organizations who want to explore the new dungeon portal, due to reason that it was new dungeon portal, the working stuff under dungeon manager needs to print the new tickets which labeled with the coordinates of current location where new dungeon portal was opened. Af
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Dungeon Explorers team
" No no no…" Farhana said while shaking her head with a panicked look on her face and thought " what the hell dungeon manager is thinking in his head? What if something happens to him? I'm not just his assistant. My father hands over the responsibility to look over him and take care of him properly. How can I face my father if something happens to him due to his reckless thinking like this? "" Why? " Asked Vasu with raised brows on his face." Cause your dungeon manager, your not dungeon explorer," said Farhana like it was a matter of fact.Listening to the words said by Farhana made his eyes widen and mouth agape, " what the hell did she mean by her words? " " What my title dungeon manager got to have to do with my interests? " Asked Vasu while shaking his head with a bitter smile on his face." Whatever you say, I'm not going to change my interests, I'm going to explore the new dungeon portal with other dungeon explorers, " said Vasu with a resolute look on his face." This…" Fara
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I like you , be my woman
Vasu slowly walked towards the young girl and she was taken back by seeing Vasu towards her she hurriedly walked forward without looking at him, but Vasu appeared in front of her and kept looking at her, seeing that Vasu stopped the young girl for a few dungeon explorers stopped walking and turned to look Vasu and young girl with a curious look on their faces, they are very eager to see the show which was going on right now. " Brother, why are you blocking my way? " asked the young girl timidly while trying to walk away from Vasu.Vasu didn't answer her question and just extended his hand to take all the luggage from her then turned around to walk forward.Everyone shook their heads and kept walking forward while that young girl was taken back seeing Vasu taking all her luggage from her and walking forward. In the shadows of the big tree, a silhouette opened its eyes wide with surprise written all over her face, the silhouette was none other than Farhana, she never thought she will
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Resounding Face Slap
Farhana who heard his words nearly collapsed on the ground with a dazed look on her face, " what did I just hear? " These words kept echoing in her head nonstop, it took some time before she came back to her senses, but who thought another shock would hit her again soon she came back to her senses. Even though she was taken aback by the words said by Vasu, she still shook her head with blushed cheeks and said " thanks in advance for everything you will do for me in the future" said Julie but still didn't answer his question.Vasu didn't hold back anymore and pulled her into his embrace and tightly held her in his arms and gently planted kisses on her tender cheeks " there is no need to say thanks in between us " said Vasu while gently caressing her face.After seeing their intimate moment she finally collapsed on the ground with disbelief written all over her face, after some time she came back to her senses and raised her head to look for Vasu, but she can't able to find him anywher
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Mother in law
" I need you to submit her nullified contract directly to me within 3 days," said Vasu while nodding his head after hearing the words said by Julie, both of them slowly walked away from there and reached the carriage." Can I come with you and meet my mother-in-law? " Asked Vasu with a bright smile on his face.Julie lowered her head shyly after hearing his words and gently nodded her head." Haha…. Driver, take us to Heavenly Clinic hospital " said Vasu while boarding into the carriage followed by Julie." Ok sir " the driver nodded his head and moved his carriage towards the Heavenly Clinic hospital at full speed. In a few minutes, the carriage reached the heavenly clinic hospital and both of them boarded the carriage Vasu instructed the driver to wait for him.Soon both of them reached the ward where Julie's mother was getting treated, everyone in the hospital was dumbfounded after seeing the dungeon manager walking into the ward with a young girl beside him, it took a few minutes
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Little alien girl
" This feeling, it's like being a celebrity from the earth, " thought Vasu with a smug look on his face.Soon he came back to his senses and said " hmm, now you all can go back and continue your work "." Ok sir dungeon manager," said Sudeep and other doctors before walking away from that ward, and peace once again returned to the ward.Vasu turned to look at Julie with a gentle gaze on his face and continued " Julie after you spend enough time with your mother get back to the organization, I will go and arrange your quarters for you to stay from today onwards, if you want you can explore our private dungeon portals and I will even arrange a high-level dungeon explorer to keep an eye on you while you exploring the dungeon portal, so you don't have to worry about any dangers in the dungeon portal that you are exploring ".Julie who was dazed on the spot after hearing the words said by Vasu came back to her senses soon she heard the words said by her mother " thank you sir dungeon manag
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Li Fai's sister Yue
Li Fai's sister Yue" What's your name? " Asked Vasu while looking at the middle-aged man with a displeased look on his face." My name is Jat, " said Jat while raising his head proudly. " Jat my ass, if you don't fuck off out of my sight within five seconds, I will kill you like killing a dog," said Vasu with a calm look on his face." You…you…" said Jat with an exasperated look on his face. " Me what? Only three seconds left, " said Vasu with an annoyed look on his face.Jat kept looking at Vasu with fuming anger all over his face. " Only one second is left, you're dead meat," said Vasu and lowered his head to look at the little alien girl." Ok, I will give you 50 tal if you win a game, close your eyes until I say open your eyes after you open your eyes when I said open your eyes then you will win a game and get 50 tal as a prize, how about it? " Asked Vasu with a gentle gaze on his face." Hmm " the little alien girl nodded her head with an excited look on her face and hurriedl
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