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it's a normal day for a high school student Luck, until a random girl forces herself into his life with an intent to change it, different worlds? different realities? Luck will enter a brand new world with the sole purpose to make money but little did he know this world hides something more than money...


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It was a sunny day on a small island named Biol somewhere in the Mediterranean sea, the island was surrounded by other mostly inhabitant islands, all those islands belong to the country Kesio, the island was a colony of the English empire that was never conquered by any other country, the chain of islands are now one separate small country, the island didn't have too many fancy shops or malls it had the essentials for survival and some other stores for entertainmentThe summer break has just ended, once again every kid walked to their school, the school bell was about to ring, a bunch of kids arrived at the school, the school was a mixture of junior and high school, the island didn't have too many students so it wouldn't be beneficial if they made 2 separate schools, after some minutes the bell rang and slowly every student gathered at the schoolyard"Good morning kids! Welcome to another happy school year, I hope we can all get along with each other and make sure you are kind to your
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Just ME?
After the little inconvenient they had behind the school Caroline and Luck quickly went to the roof of the school so they can hide, the roof was a specialized place where mostly the seniors relax, but in the recent years the school allowed everyone to have access there but they first had to be checked by the guard so the school knew that students didn't smoke up there"Hey Caroline, I think is a bad idea to stay up here, I mean it's the senior's territory, Floga also stays here with his crew"Luck warned Caroline, she didn't seem to care that much"Calm down, worst case scenario we get jumped by all of the thugs of your school, best case scenario they don't even think of searching up here, I don't know about you but I'm taking my chances"Caroline replied to him, she then decide to sit down so she can relax"Hey, your name is Luck right?"she asked"M-Me yes, you must have heard it from the others right?"he replied anxiously, that bothered Caroline"Calm down, the way you act really
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Maybe YOU too?
"You said you are interested in knowing your category, sadly for you, I can not help you right now, we have to enter a mana zone or just go somewhere private, you can't just reveal your category in front of normal humans or else you will face consequences"Caroline told Luck"That's okay, so let's quickly finish our drinks and let's go to my house, we will figure out things there"Luck said, he seemed excited about his reveal, it was normal, Luck lived his whole life being bored and bothered, a change like that was a once in a lifetime chance that would never come to Luck ever again so he clinched on it, Caroline admired his enthusiasm"Hey Luck, do you like someone?'Caroline asked him, Luck choked on his tea"What are you saying out of the blue? Yea I do but what does it have to do with this contract?""It's related but I don't want to spoil the surprise for you!"Caroline replied with a smile on her face'How can this possibly be related to the contract?'Luck thought, after that a
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Why didn't YOU tell ME?
Luck was feeling very uncomfortable sitting at the same table as Kamira, her overwhelming power was too much for Luck to handle, the silence was bothering him indescribably, Luck had this feeling of danger, he wanted to leave that table but before he could even stand Kamira stopped him"Sit down kid, I ordered food for you so wait until it arrives, as you can see I'm currently eating that's why I'm quiet, as soon as I finish my food I will explain everything"Kamira's words calmed down Luck"Thank you so much! you didn't need to order me food though, so about Caroline..."Luck tried to ask, but Kamira quickly interrupted him with a deadly stare, Luck instinctively stopped talking, Luck thought that if he continued to speak he would die, Kamira's death stare was interrupted by the waitress"There is your food sir, the meal we prepared for you it's a Pasta Alla Norma, after you are done with your lunch call us so we can also deliver your dessert"the waitress told him in English, Luck w
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YOU really are violent
"Get ready Luck your first fight will start now!"Caroline told him as she pushed him towards the intruder, Luck didn't feel ready to fight him but he didn't have a choice, this man was robbing his house, he couldn't just let him leave, upon closer inspection Luck realized that he knew the man, the man had recently graduated from high school, it was his ex-senior student"Hey, Niccolo! why are you doing this? you know that I'm struggling with money, so why did you come to rob me?""Shut it, you idiot! Who leaves without locking the door? besides, you can't do anything I'm stronger than you and nobody will believe you if you tell the police? You already know that my mum works as a cop"Luck didn't say anything, he just raised his guard up"You truly are unlucky Niccolo, Today isn't really my day so I could use a sandbag"Caroline was surprised by Luck's change of mood, he seemed scared before but now he looked like he has an intent to kill, before Niccolo could make another move Luck c
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Wait YOU can't handle that?
Luck entered a big rather weird room with the lady, as he took a good look around the place Luck noticed that behind the colorful room there was a weird machine, it looked like a coffin but it had multiple cables and tubes attached to it, there was also a big screen attached to the wall where all the cables came from, the lady guided Luck into this weird looking room"If it's possible take off your clothes and enter the machine"The lady told him, Luck was devastated"Like right now? W-with you in the room?"Luck said embarrassed, the lady sighed and walked outside the room, Luck then felt a little more comfortable, he then undressed and entered the machine'Why does it have water inside it'He wondered as he came in contact with the shallow water"HEY I'M INSIDE, NOW WHAT?"Luck screamed in order for the lady to hear, she then entered the room and walked up to the TV screen, she pressed multiple buttons and the machine rose up"What is happening? What is this machine?"Luck asked, bu
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Characters' chapter 1!
Welcome, all! this is the first C.C(Characters Chapter) of PARALLEL, since 7 chapters have already been uploaded I thought that it would be a good idea to inform you and give you more detail about the characters and the world of PARALLEL, also this chapter is a celebration of my second book being contracted, Now let us start with the characters designs I have in mind Luck: He is an island boy that was birthed and raised in the country of Kesio and his main hobbies are volleyball, working out, and playing video games, he is muscular and quite strong, he likes to do things privately, Luck also likes the idea of fighting to the death because he thinks that someone's true self can be revealed in the blink of death, his favorite food? probably beans, he is 177cm or 5'8ft tall and he is 15 years old and his birthday is on the 22nd of December (22/12), he has short black hair and bright yellow/golden eyes, Luck is also a bit tanned since he spent all of his summers on the beach Caroline: Sh
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Don't ask ME!
The atmosphere around Africa and most specifically a village in Kenya was completely different from Luck's hometown, the culture, the people, the weather, everything was different, even though Luck hadn't been to Kenya before it felt like home, and the people are to blame for this feeling, the people welcomed Luck with open hands, they also seemed to have a good relationship with Gnomon"They seem to love us, why is that?"Luck asked curiously"There are multiple reasons for that, we provide them food, academic knowledge, and a safe shelter, they can basically sleep with their doors open and nobody will attempt to steal anything since they don't lack anything"Gnomon told Luck, it was abnormal for Luck"Do you mean that you have money to support a whole city?""No, I don't! We actually have money to support all of the countries in Africa"Gnomon replied, Luck was left with an open mouth, after the small discussion Gnomon guided Luck to his favorite place, it was called "The devil's sn
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I don't know what happened to YOU
Caroline and the others quickly exited the house and walked up to a wall"Here it is, do you guys feel it?"Caroline asked them with an excited look on her face"Feel what?"Luck asked confused "The mana of course! I guess you are way too new to mana"Caroline said, she then grabbed Luck and Destiny by their shoulder"Prepare yourselves for what you are about to see!"Caroline said, that made the 2 of them anxious, Caroline then entered the mana zone with them, once they all saw the mana zone they were amazed, it was a brand new world, it was a tropical jungle but the trees and plants had completely different colors, there were also standing on one of the multiple cubes that this mana zone had, gravity was also a lighter there"Oh my god! This place is insane!"Destiny yelled in amazement, Luck thought the same too"Guys come quick! we have to find the mana zone's core!"Caroline told them"Wait! Why do we need to find the core?"Luck asked"To make it simple for you, if we slay the
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Why do YOU fight me for?
The hours went on very fast at school once again, Gnomon called Luck and Destiny to his office once the day ended, Gnomon just wanted to inform them that they are free for the day, the 2 of them excitingly exited the classroom and went straight towards to Caroline but before they could reach her Floga and his group blocked their way"Now that I found you alone I want to talk about something, Destiny you can leave, I don't need you"Floga told Luck"If you wanted to have a private chat you would have come alone"Luck said, he suspected that Floga was up to something more than just talk, Floga sent all his friends away so they can talk alone"Luck don't play with my patience, now that I told the others to leave tell Destiny to leave too, I don't want to start fighting before the promised hour""I will leave if you promise that you will not hurt him!"Destiny stood up to Luck"Whatever! now leave!"Floga said, Destiny quickly left them alone"Why were you in Kenya? and how did you get ba
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