Poisedon's Kiss

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Poisedon's Kiss

By: Sir_Impeccable CompletedParanormal

Language: English

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When the Prom Queen is drugged into bowel distress, her best friend suggests a rather absurd solution, blantantly ignoring their moral responsibility. Tade is banished from home because of his unusual familiarisation with human beings, into the regularly polluted lake of Badagry.Deola only needed to relieve herself but what she gets in return is a intoxicating obsession from the mysterious, secretive but helpful young man, an entanglement she never bargained for.This is a classic read of intriguing mystery and uncertain affection between two distinctly parallel existences, a taboo that must never be spoken of.


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53 chapters
Under the starless night, the clouds drift about lazily in the peaceful scenery of night, with a few bats navigating on their own activities undisturbed by the soft sounding music from the Assembly Hall below. The hall is lit with fanciful lights and soft decorations as youths in fancy clothings mill around, chatting, laughing, taking shots or merely just moping. The tiny waves in the lagoon some metres away from the hall hums gently, breathing it's evening blessing of cool airs towards the people. Around the magnificent hall that stretches for about 200meters long is the granite shore, littered with different types of vehicles, all exuding class and caste. For another 100 meters, the cars are parked, from the Hall to the Lake, only ceasing in their numbers as the little lake fence, which was built to prevent careless people from falling into the lake, comes to view. Behind the hall, inland, are the school buildings, adminstrative offices, bloc
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Poisedon's Kiss
Deola frame shakes visibly as she heaves, fatigue and sadness mixed up in the inhalation and exhalation. As for Tunrayo, she simply looks at Deola, eyes narrowed as she still processes what she had seen earlier."I need to clean up, Tee.""You're done, this time?" Tunrayo's eyes regain focus, settling on her bowel distressed friend."Yeah!" "Alright. I'll just go to look for tissue. Just stay right here." Tunrayo gesticulates as she moves towards the purse on the roof of the convertible. She slips her phone into the wine colored purse and  hugs it to her waist, taking careful steps through the mixed crowd of youthful males and females, towards the hall.Deola heaves once more, resting her frame against the back of the convertible.Just how did she get into all this? She ponders, pulling off the long black haired wig that is soaking wet, off her head. She raises the wig to her nose and sniffs, only to crunch her face in disgust and
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Strange Mister I
The moment his feet entered water and his hands connected with the lady, the young man mused in his heart that she is to be his, and his only.The wave violently flings them out, like one would spew out extremely hot water. In that moment, he can feel the panic of the almost unconscious lady, through her chest. And at that moment, his heart skips a beat."You're safe. I'm with you."  He mutters as he tactically maneuvers his body, twisting with the flexibility of a reptilian as he switch's places with the lady for the imminent ground impact.BWASKKKKKKAA!The young man grit his teeth as he absorbed the impact of his back on hard granite shore. For a brief seconds, he feels the need to do something, unleash something but hardens his heart against that.Instead, he banks on the impact rebound force and locks lips straight into the lady's mouth. For yet another second, he wishes time to stay still as he playfully explores the insides
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Strange Mister II
And just as quickly as the lips of Tade jam into Deola's cheek, she throws his hand away , hastily rasing her elbow to push against him. However, her elbow connects with his Adam's Apple causing him to fall abruptly, onto the car seat."Ugh!" Tade chokes, grabbing his throat with one hand."Omigod! Are you okay!" Tunrayo flees over to Tade's side of the convertible and begins to push him into the car, adjusting the Mister to seat beside her friend while she perches at the edge. "I'm fine." Tade responses just as Tunrayo twists her body to gain visual on Tade."I'm... uhm... sorry?" Deola mutters, panic in her eyes. "Dee... That was harsh." Tunrayo chides, twisting back even more to look at Deola."it's okay, both of you." Tade groans, resting his head against the top of chair to gaze at the car roof. "It's my fault. It was only natural for her to react that way." Tade forces a laugh, still romancing his throat. He sm
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Prom Queen
The edges of the Assembly Hall of Lake View College is jam packed with dinner tables, filled with gorgeously dressed and handsomely costumed ladies and gentlemen and mouth watering, dainty dishes. There is merriment in the air as soft laughter, almost silent grinding of food, clinking of glasses and the likes resonated around the entire hall. The hall has balloons hanging down illuminated from within by some lamp, from the ceiling of the hall. Following suit, are huge rectangular spaces of light that happen to be deliberately dim to give just the right mood, aided by the few colored light bulbs that are sprinkled across the ceilings. The walls are not left out too as ribbons and strung balloons decorate each and every place. A few of the walls have standing Air Conditioners that are working at full capacity, blowing out chill airs to combat perspiration in the hall.Although the hall is full, there is a big rectangular space starting from the center
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Security Check
"How dare you, Nat?" Grace huffs with a suppressed voice as the Prom King darts away from her, a confused expression bedeviling his handsome features.A little ripple of laughter resounds from the background as the dancing begins to gain crescendo, DJ Apollo bringing all the heat. Furious, Grace turns, gritting her teeth to the source of the laughter but she sees no one. Even the people she sees are all enjoying the music with their dates while some dance singly."Aaaaaaarggghhhhh!!!" Grace screams, frustrated, her hands flung to edges of the table that is covered with a white tablecloth.There are wine glasses, most appear to be used as remnants of wine remain in them with biodegradable plates that contained already devoured small chops along with soft drinks and wine bottles amidst others.The chairs are most empty as everyone has taken to the dance floor but for a nerdy looking guy who seems to be among the unlucky ones not to have a date,
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A Visit Of Karma
The long and wide fancifully decorated assembly hall stands tall on the granite shore, a monument significant with LakeView College. It is rectangular shaped, a large double glass door entrance at the hall that overlooks the lagoon behind the picket fence. While it has that big entrance, the hall also has many exit and entrance doors from the sides of the hall via the many glass walled doors that stand between the hall pillars, built to allow natural light enter the hall from every side and also to increase the asethetics. The only places in the hall that is hidden from the glass walls at the sides of the hall are the stage and the stage room where equipments and whatnot are stored, the little decking platform that is built into the walls of the double door entrance of the hall and also the restroom  after the storage room.The extra decking platform is built, for additional audience that the hall would not contain, it had passenger chairs that
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Elder Brother Fuss
MINUTES EARLIER!"These humans..." Tade shakes his head, a lazy disgusted smile on it as he tugs the edges of his blue blazer.He carefully picks his way through the throng of dancing couples and singles, both parties showing silly, interesting and of course very sexual dance moves. They are a couple of them sharing deep sensual kisses while some even go as far as groping for their partners privates, using the mesh of party crazed bodies as a cover.Tade ignores them all, a bemused expression on as he looks left and right and then to the DJ whose two hands are thrown into the air. As for the MC, the stage is devoid of him but they are some other people who are dressed in somewhat professional clothes of wine shirts and blue trousers and skirts taking note of whatever it was they were as they milled about the stage around the banquet table.Soon, Tade loses interests and picks his way to the nearest exit to him. He sighs in relief, inhaling th
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Mysterious but Helpful
The fairskinned Mister donning blue blazers walked away, with furrowed eyebrows across the length of the assembly hall. Behind him, not so far away is the female restroom which has the a little signpost with a silhouette image of a female on it, positioned on the steel push or pull door. Tade walks briskly however, having in mind that he had come to pick something, the girls being just a side attraction he could not afford to have ignored."But to think of it... The nerves those girls had to be joking about the evil they did." He muttered angrily to himself, transversing the length of the assembly hall once again.And this time, the music is not so loud as it is as the dancing is over and the attendees are all milling about. Seeing this, Tade sighs, assuming that the Prom Event was concluded already as he sees the contented and naughty looks on the attendees."Excuse me!" Tade says, patting a petite Lady who had just exited the hall in company of tw
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Morning Calls
Sun light filters in from one of the closed windows which are situated perpendicular to each other, in a ninety degree format. The draping curtains sway gently in response to the swirling of the electric overhead fan blades.At the window where light filters from which borders a fancy standing mirror at the other side of the wall, is a sort of ironing table placed against the wall, draped with pieces of materias which are meant to act as cushion when ironing. At the two ends of the table are a stack of books while a sleek pressing iron lays, steelface down. And infront of the table lies a plastic white chair which backs a queen sized bed on which a lady lays, her chest, clar in loose milky gown, heaving and lightly snoring in blissful sleep as she drifts continuously in sweet rest. The lady is none other than Deola, the supposed Prom Queen of the graduate set of LakeView College.At her lower torso to her abdomen is a muffled ball of the grey
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