The Calling - Blood and Snow

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The Calling - Blood and Snow

By: Ali Saracen OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Hired to investigate a mysterious murder outside the safety of the walls, Axil and Faris unknowingly become pawns in a master plan to unleash the original vampires into a world where magic is on the edge of extinction. Temptation and minipulation are not the only claws thirsty for souls. Age of Snow; Darkness dawns from the north frozen abyss, storms charge the western sea, ashes scatter from eastern trade routes while southern horses gallop blind. Desolate ships, rusty buckles, scorched blood and deserted cabins. What will it take to break the human spirit? Age of steel; In a world of neon lights and tall towers, sewers of society roar in rebellion against the fumes of power. In a world where information and augmentations are power an acient darkness awakens. Age of stone; Mankind has lost, survive is the only law in a plagued world of madness. Streanth comes not from broken technology or empty weapons. Empty streets and distant screems. Even daylight comes with a price. Age of soul; Immortality courses through the veins of darkness, but, all evil began as something else.


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"Ashes of battle suffocated the frozen air like black snow. Thieves scurried like vultures seeking their prizes for sacrilege and disdain; wedding rings, pocket watches and blades that shine like the silver for which souls are traded.”The tavern table filled with hankering ears, enough to keep a story tellers tongue wet."It flew upon the battlefield from the Heavens as death: a hurricane cutting down all champions without care for colours nor cause. She was possessed, a demon, and brought Hell with her!""A wench!?" A voice scoffs in the moment of tanker tilting."Make no mistake, this is no fairy tale... Her husband was a farmer, a man of good qualities, people called him Sunny on account of his constant smile. One dark morning, Sunny returned home with a chest he had found washed up on his land. Ancient according to the runes carved on all sides, crafted in polished ebony and locks that took the blacksmith thirteen days to unfold. Brass joints screamed woe in a creak only things
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02. Witnesses pt2
Faris enquiries about the foreign fabric with the cobbler and tailors of the city to no avail. With all mainstream revenues checked off Faris follow the laughter and duff drums that emanate from the Nakhflay camp for leads. Tall dome tents, colourful rugs, exotic spices and outdoor cooking contrast gothic churches and white Baroque streets of the rest of Vatala. Faris joins the shushing crowd by the fire right on time to hear Veryth sing. Holding everyone's gaze, dressed in traditional blue with Ottoman trim, gracefully stood before her people calm and relaxed. An audience of sincere smiles, warm families, close partners, tamed birds and high seated elders. Tankers of fruit juice and tea cups are flowing, no one's wooden bowls are less than half full of rabbit and lentil stew. *Slow melodious humming from the crowd * "It began under a moon, Hundreds of years ago, For the love of one woman two warriors tried to woo. She had died young in life, But a spell trapped her soul, And t
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03. Rope
Faris my love, It has been longer than my heart can bare since feeling the serenity of your embrace● I do not truly know if this letter will ever reach you but I pray it finds you warm and well● These endless unforgiving miles feel like lifetimes for a messenger to bridge and my heart holds no ease● I just know as deep and wide are the oceans I miss you● I can not count the tears that fall upon the words you send, nor the times I hold them to my nose hoping to capture a ghost of your scent when mother can not see● Your letter arrived this morning, dated almost two moons ago● How is my heart supposed to make it through the days without you? My only comfort is that we sleep under the same heavens● Sometimes I dream we are all together● No distance, no loss● When I awake my heart feels as empty as my chambers, nowh
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04. Darkness
Chasing the sounds of danger and distress Faris and Axil race deep into the northern black forest. Closing into the commotion, hounds of the night are circling, furious and hungry for flesh. "Wait, do you see them? I make out seven." Axil says, halting to a crouching position staring into the dark. "And somebody on top. Looks like a boy.." "Any ideas?" "Just one." "Hello there!!" Axil calls. "Hello? Please help!" A woman's voice replies from atop the prison. "We are working on it, just don't move!" Axil and Faris feel the ground for dead branches and twigs. Tying them together with travel bandages they light the two torches. Holding the swords and torches above their heads, the two stand side by side, creating the appearance of a large creature and begin moving towards the rock. Replicating the sounds of a bear slowly they walk forward. "If this does not work..." "Relax, it'll work." Faris assures his very nervous friend. The wolves are barking and snarling, trying to ru
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05. Darkness pt2
Nakhflay Tents are large with multiple rooms fashioned from soft furnishings, fur rugs and leather wrappings. Rooms glow from lanterns and central fireplaces. Low Wooden tables hold enchanted bottles, treasure boxes, mystical ingredients and ivory ornaments. Curtains and dividers, carpets and rugs, wall mounted weapons and large lock boxes. Blankets and coffee, great food and joyful conversation are the soul of the camp. Inside the warmth of home, Veryth awaits her husband's return from work. Pouring water till it touches her fingertip, placing the glass to her lips she tilts. Feeling her throat hydrate down through each gulp. ~Ok, you are going to check the new soaps, heat some water and have a nice bath with Avalon candles.. mmm~ "Avalon candles, fine choice" A strangers voice proclaims. "Hello?" "I apologize if I startled you..." The woman's voice acknowledges from the curtain "... I was told this is the place for fragrance and I noticed your lamps were still lit. Truly, I
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06. Lost and Found
By the campfire the three silhouettes gather; Axil cooking rabbit, Miya draped in Faris's coat while Faris secures the makeshift tent, binding the final knot. Crickets chirp loud, owls hoot and fireflies glow in distant fog. The comforting light and warmth of the fire works magic as Axil cast its delicious spell upon fresh rabbit rubbed in clove, aniseed and garlic infused oil. "Food's ready!" Axil announces over the tense atmosphere with a smile. Unanimously moving in a little closer to eat, Axil offers Miya first pickings to a stoic decline. "Don't be shy, I'm an excellent cook." Axil says in a most friendly manner. "He's alright." Jokes Faris, smiling as such to make Miya feel welcome. "It's not that." She says, on the verge of tears. "You're hurt?" Faris says, noticing the blood on her long red sleeping dress. "I'm not hurt." Miya sobs. "You managed to kill one of the wolves?" Ask Axil, still in wonder about why they were after her. "It's my sister's blood!" She c
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07. Lost and Found pt2
Miya lays still, watching as Faris prays peacefully with beauty and devotion. Lifting his hands in supplication, he whispers the hopes of his heart with emotion. Finishing he notices the pair of eyes looking at him. "Did you manage to get any sleep?" Faris asks. Miya shakes her head. "What language was that?" "Arabiya, the language of my homeland." "Oh. Originally, are you from somewhere far? "I was born in Filosteen, more than a full moon's ride from here." Faris says while looking at the ground. "You say that in sadness. Do you not like it here?" Miya reluctantly asks. "It's not that. I miss my wife. I've not seen her in too long." He says placing his fingertips on his head as he sits. "You have a good heart. Would you....." "Where's Axil?" Faris asks, shocked to not see him sleeping. "I'm not sure." Faris picks up his sword and runs a little forward "Axil!" He calls, loud and long. "Wait here!" Faris stands atop a tree stump and calls again and again and again, fa
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08. Daniella
Dear Diary. Today is the day! Samuel and I are finally going to run off together and leave my ludicrous father once and for all. I'm so sick of all the talk, I can barely wait to be free. Father will probably not even notice I'm gone, too busy with Mayor folly to mind. Truthfully between me and you; I am rather scared but Sam has assured me that together we will be fine and that he will protect me. He is a fisherman at least, so I guess fish will be on the menu...a lot. I am hopeful that through this that Sam and I will become more than just friends, is that wrong? I know he sees me more of a little sister than a woman, ... Not that he likes women anyway which is so frustrating. He's the only guy around here with any sort of manners or courtesy that is not full of himself. It makes me happy to know once we are out there nobody will judge us or treat us like freaks. Although I have spent my whole life here, I am going to miss Innigo the most, despite our very short friendship. He may
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09. Daniella pt2
Daniella can see it's Samuel dressed rather oddly in a large dark blanket, looking rather devious. "Sam, you made it!" Daniella smiles relieved. "C'mon let's get outta here." Samuel whispers, acting as sketchy as he's dressed. Taking his hand they ran, for her each step was like something of fairy tales, for him it was full of the dread of being caught trying to kidnap a noble. They ran through the dark alleys of Vatala taking in it's beautiful fragrance one last time before arriving at a secret tunnel Samuel had known to be used for smuggling. He had never actually utilized this tunnel but he knew where it started from and where it ended... or so he thought. The decaying ladder lowered them directly into the forsaken rat squeals of sewers. Daniella was not delighted. "Ewww!" she squeaked, stepping into the wet stinky dark. "This is the only way out. It's this or go back." Samuel convinces his disgusted friend. "Here, take my hand." She squeezes his hand for a second time, f
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10. Let me In
The Forest of Vatala had never looked so claustrophobic through the darting watch of Faris, sporadically searching for signs of Axil. No tracks, no traces, no time to lose, no direction, just running as fast as a racing heart. Bird ballads impossible to hear through, trees barricade every view and amidst the unseen lies daunting possibilities. "Axiiilll?" Faris calls over and over through the trees. Miya watches from the camp, rising to keep her companion in need in sight. "We should check the river." Miya suggest. "Do you know the way?" Agrees Faris in despondency. "Of course." Miya calmingly smiles. The beautiful pallet of Vatala forest hums bleak across the browns, greys and rich greens. White fog of each breath, hard ground and the silent echo accentuate the atmosphere of despair in the hope, and hope, in the despair. Trees as old as the Earth stand against the winds of time, cold rocks watch another body cross what was never a path. Birds invariably chirp from the mos
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