The Greatest Martial Arts Cultivator

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The Greatest Martial Arts Cultivator

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Survivors of the mysterious organization's ambitions. Yuan Liong made his own way in the Kangow World. Fight from the lowest point to become the strongest with determination. “Refund all debts of revenge and humiliation.” The Kangow World was full of cultivators who were greedy and wanted power. Fight, scramble, escape, cunning opponent and various other obstacles. Meeting new people, searching for enemies and revenge. “I will stand at the Peak of the Martial World!”


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Chapter. 1. I'm Still Alive
Yuan Lion kept running while occasionally looking behind him. The battle that took place between his parents and the three criminals had reached its climax.“Duarrr!” An enormous explosion occurred behind the twelve-year-old boy. He didn't know what had happened. Suddenly he felt his body out of control and was thrown into a steep ravine beside the path of the peak of Lightning Mountain.The sound of a strong gust of wind rang out to either side of his ears.“It's over, my life only ends here.” Those were the words ringing in Yuan Liong's heart.Just when he was still imagining the end of life, Yuan Liong's body that was rushing down suddenly jolted.The body that fell, caught between the branches and ropes of the vines that grew on the side of the cliff. The pain from the impact wrinkled his face and brought Yuan Liong to his senses.By enduring the pain he scanned the area around, a hundred spears and above could only rise from this abyss. While the view down the abyss has not seen t
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Chapter. 2. Relic of The God of Medicine
The sight of the last room that Yuan Liong entered made the hairs on his neck stand on end, his footsteps glued to the spot. In front of Yuan Liong's eyes sat a cross-legged corpse that was intact, not decaying even though it had been through the shifts of time for thousands of years.Yuan Liong calmed his turbulent heart, he took a few steps forward and then bowed respectfully to the corpse.“Wise old man! ... I'm sorry, I accidentally came to your place,” said Yuan Lion while still bowing.Yuan Liong, who was still in a bent position, accidentally read the writing on the floor right at the foot of the corpse.“Whoever reads this writing, he is my heir …”The will was very long, completely explaining who the corpse was, along with the contents of the chest in the room that Yuan Liong had entered earlier. The owner of this cave is named Kang Kian, during his lifetime he was better known by the nickname, God of Magic Hand Medicine.Kang Kian is a very great healer, his life is spent on
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Chapter. 3. The Beginning Of Disaster
Sufferers of cultivation absorb lightning into their bodies, it is truly excruciating. Sometimes, when Yuan Liong was at the lowest point in his cultivation, he was in a position between being conscious and not.At that moment, his mind branched and remembered the three demons who had made him suffer. Thus, the intention of taking great revenge always arises in the heart.***The peak of Lightning Mountain is famous for being haunted, the thunder booming at any time, and the terrifying beasts and demons, also really like the quiet area. So that local people are reluctant to just want to know, let alone to travel to the peak.Unbeknownst to anyone, in the western area of ​​​​the peak of Mount Lightning, there is a very beautiful, fertile, and calming valley to live in.The valley is overgrown with various types of flowers, and a small river empties into a waterfall pool. It was as if this place was the most beautiful gift from the Almighty as a parable of the Little Heaven hidden from t
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Chapter. 4. The Death of Both Parents
The battle between the husband and wife pair with the SteelHead Devil has passed twenty moves, and the losers and winners have already begun to be seen, the Blue Swallow Pair seems to have greatly benefited, moreover, their inner strength is not much different from the three Devils.The two devils who were watching became impatient, they jumped in and ganged up on the husband and wife.Punches and kicks are accompanied by internal energy punches and there continues to be an exchange and buying and selling of attacks. Dust billowed high, the previously beautiful ground became a mess, and the flower gardens were only left with broken flowers and ravaged by the impact of the deep force pressing down on the battle area.This husband and wife started to get into trouble, especially with the presence of the Pike-Eyed Devil on the battlefield. This demon was long known for his cunning in combat, he kept various poisonous weapons in his sleeves.His hidden attacks were always more difficult th
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Chapter. 5. Xia Yu City
Such was the incident that brought Yuan Liong to this point. Remembering all those events, the suffering while meditating and struggling hard against the energy absorption cultivation in the lightning element felt lighter.The desire to retaliate inspired Yuan Liong to practice more diligently and never give up.***The wine shop in Xia Yu City is very famous and has many visitors. Every tourist always relieves tiredness and thirst at that stall. In addition to selling alcohol, the stall also provides accommodation and entertainment.A beautiful girl, in a blush red suit, walked into the shop. The girl was very beautiful, with a skin color as white as snow, a face like a moon, the curve of a pointed nose completed with clear eyes like the eastern star.From the dress and facial expression of this girl, she is effective as an aristocrat, she has sharp and arrogant eyes. Her arrogance is not arrogant, but more domineering.The girl paused, glancing to the right and the left. Smiling a l
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Chapter. 6. Junior Named Yuan Liong
The young man who had been sitting in the left corner of the shop instantly became the center of attention.The young man was about seventeen years old, a young man with a handsome face, bright eyes, a sharp nose, and also supported by thin lips that were slightly reddish.The frown on the young man's forehead, signifying suffering and harsh life experiences, slightly adds to the impression that he looks older than his age, and his shoulder-length long hair is left loose.A little naively he casually said, “Huh! You fight without cause and effect. Just disturbing my appetite, if you want to fight, get out there! Not in the shop. Just an eyesore! ….”After saying that, the young man casually returned to drinking the tea he had prepared from the start.The Purple-cloak Grandpa who had been nonchalant ever laughed heartily, the look on his face clearly showing a happy mood. He rose from his seat and approached the young man, then he said, “Boy! You meet my taste, your courage is commendab
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Chapter. 7. Invitation to Join A Sect
The wine stall that had been deserted was now bustling again, the table in the left corner where the newly acquainted group gathered became the most extravagant table. Grandpa Zhou with a heart desire that he had been holding back from the start began to speak.“Liong Boy! From your clothes and your movements, you are still very blind to this Green Jungle/Kangow World. Wouldn't it have occurred to you to join a certain guild or sect?” A wide smile accompanies Grandpa Zhou's every word.Indirectly he invited Yuan Liong to join him. Yuan Liong understood the meaning of Grandpa Zhou's words, in his heart he already intended to join a certain Guild or Sect. However, for now, Yuan Liong still had some doubts and was not willing to be tied to any Sects or Guilds.It had been a week since Yuan Liong had been circling and traveling around Xia Yu City, and he had not received any useful information for him. Yuan Liong understands very well, to more easily obtain various kinds of information in
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Chapter. 8. The First Victim of The Hand of Lightning
The meeting at the City Lord's Mansion had passed. It was already evening. After receiving directions for identification from the City Lord, Yuan Liong came out just to take a look at Xia Yu City's nightlife.He also intended to exchange some of his silver and gold pieces to suit the conditions of the medium of exchange at that time.Yuan Liong also needed to change some of his outfits to newer ones. The suit he wore was too simple and mediocre. He realized that staying at the City Lord's Mansion would have to change his appearance more or less, or else he would be considered a new servant in the Mansion.After passing through several small alleys, Yuan Liong saw the forging shop building which was still open. In this city, the forging shop provided several general services, such as selling weapons and exchanging various metals, including gold and silver.Yuan Liong's gold and silver included very pure gold and silver with levels reaching one hundred percent purity, Yuan Liong only exc
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Chapter. 9. Alchemy Festival
Yuan Liong The heavily injured. He went straight back to his room and shut himself off for two days, every waiter who brought food was rejected because he was practicing.***During these two days, Xia Yu City has more and more people arriving. There are many new, unknown faces in the city. Indeed, the Alchemy Festival was held once every four years in the Southern region, and this time it was Xia Yu City's turn to be the host city.Currently, the Southern Region is dominated by several major powers which are almost evenly distributed. The Heavenly Dragon Sect, the Alchemist Guild, and several Major Families continued to support Xia Yu City's development.Young talents often sprang up in some of the Major Families, and some emerged from the middle-class sects that were widely spread across the South.They take advantage of the Festival, as a means to move to the next level. Be it the chance to join the Heavenly Dragon Sect or join the Alchemist Guild.And the most tempting thing for th
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Chapter. 10. Martial Competition
“Dum! Dum! Dum!” The sound of the sow being hit loudly signaled the start of the Martial Competition.The faces of the Patriarchs from the Main Family showed happy smiles. All enthusiastically want to show the abilities of each of the family's young talents.“All participants! Martial arts and endurance competitions will be limited by the number of matches per participant, the fighters who successfully pass five challenges from other fighters will be declared to have passed to the next stage.”The voice of the organizing committee echoed in the directive.The Patriarch of the Xia Family was appointed as the judge of this competition, although the Xia Family was not focused on the path of Martial Arts, his cultivation level was also at the Late Earth Realm. Xia Qiouyan had trained up to the Earth Realm so that he could become an Earth Grade Alchemist.Keep in mind, every Main Family Patriarch has managed to reach the Late Earth Realm, the same goes for Xia Yu City Lord. Thus these major
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