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You Do Not Deserve Me
Warrior Action Dominant
Keep It Flowing
After marrying into his wife’s family for many years, Fred Hoffman could no longer bear the insults and finally chose to lay his cards on the table.“You’ve given me the cold shoulder for many years. Now I will show you how undeserving of me you are!"
The Heir of the Family
Humble CEO Mafia
No. 3 🥉 [AN INTRIGUE READ] In Meganovel ["Leap To The Top"] contest Victor has lived his life as a hard-working person as a trial from his father. He is actually a graduate from a respectable university, but he is only a pizza delivery man for living. Victor has prepared a ring as a gift for his wife for their wedding anniversary. But the wife throws it away, accusing it for a fake jewelry. She even shows off the $5,000 necklace that she just got from a rich man who she had just spent dinner with in a luxurious restaurant. The wife asks a divorce, for having enough living in a pathetic life with a loser husband like him. One thing that she doesn't know, the gift she just denied is a 1 Million dollars ring, and that Victor is the only son of some wealthy family.
The Midnight Heir
Intelligent Revenge Billionaire
South Ashan
🏆[No.2 "Hard to Put Down" of "The Legendary Urban Man" Contest]🏆 Anthony Star has a dark secret that no one should ever find out, especially his in-laws.Everyday he’s treated worse than an infection by those around him but thanks to his wife he manages. She is his light in this cruel world but in a single day he’s shot, beaten, arrested, almost dies then finds out that his wife is missing!To save her, he returns to his past as a big-shot in the underground crime world and takes his revenge on anyone who has ever wronged him before. Welcome back Mr. Star Dust and if that wasn’t enough, he finds out the truth of who he really is. He is….
The rejected Son-in-law
Billionaire hidden gem character growth
How will you feel when everyone rejects you? How will you feel when your wife becomes a Villain overnight? From something to nothing, Peter, a poor ordinary man, goes through hell when he lost all his Money. He moved to Los Vegas with his wife, where life takes an ugly turn. From being the favorite Son-in-law, he became the worst son-in-law. Disrespect and shame was his middle name. Getting desperate to make money, he was ready to do anything, but suddenly, there was shocking news that got revealed. What happens when a good man turns bad? Welcome to the world of Peter, The journey of a rejected a man.
Incredible Oliver Storm
Superpower Powerful Urban
Dragon Sly
🏆Best Face Slapping Novel In ["Leap To The Top"] contest. [Silver] "Slap!" "Leave my house Oliver! I need a divorce." Oliver left the house with tears in his eyes after his wife had said, on his way a phone call from overseas came in. "Youngmaster Storm, you're the son of the most powerful business woman in the world and the heir of trillion dollar assets." With 50 billion, the once useless son-in-law becomes the Incredible son-in-law.
Underrated Son-In-Law
Humble Revenge hardships
Thomas married Natalia who was once the blacksheep of the family. Due to him being a genius in highschool and a stock broker he helped Natalia his wife become the Father's favorite child and no one knew he was the one behind it because he was just doing it out of love for her.Natalia on the other hand was just using him and never loved him,she never said anything in his defense when her family insulted him or even maids belittled him.In the eyes of others he was just a shameless man eating from the pockets of his wife's rich family.Natalia would cheat on him and show no remorse, Thomas had enough when she had the guts to tell him to accept the child of her lover as his own.She threatened him with divorce to scare into submission but he has had enough and his father in law Gabriel who called him a waste of space saw this as a good chance to get rid of him.Even though that wasn't what Natalia wanted she was persuaded into divorcing Thomas to her dismay.Thomas told them they would regret this and left in anger promising he would make them pay.Thomas later found out that Natalia was the one that sabotaged his chance at a good life for her own selfish gain and still put him through this humiliation.You shouldn't bite the hands that feed you, Natalia learnt that the hard way when their company started falling due to Thomas leaving.When Natalia finally came clean to her Father it was already too late he was out to get his revenge and would not listen to any apology.
The Billionaire's Supremacy
System Romance World Domination
Butter Cookies
Edward's life fell apart after his fiancée betrayed him and her family disowned him. Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, he discovered that his grandfather had been murdered, and he was next on the hit list. But fate had something else in store for him. The Domination System appeared before him, promising to transform him into an unstoppable force that could conquer the world. Will he succumb to the lure of power, or will he use it to exact his revenge and save himself from certain doom? Dive into the action-romance-packed pages of "The Billionaire's Supremacy" and find out!
Return Of The Dragon Lord
Marriage Drama Protective
He escaped being a deceased and was saved by a girl at the brink of death, three years later he’s back to protect this girl and revenge on those that made him who he is. Read now to find out about Avon’s journey.
Revenge Of The Rejected Heir
Intelligent Revenge Billionaire
🏆[No.2 "An Intrigue Read" Novel In "Leap To The Top" contest]🏆 Lucas Baron grew up very poor and had to fend himself. One day he fought with a big shot and ended up going to jail. Whoever knew that it would turn out to be a blessing in disguise because his birth mother located him and revealed to him that he was the son of the richest man in the country. Lucas was happy to have found his real parents who happen to be rich but when he approached them, they insulted him and rejected him. Since then, Lucas decided that they would pay the price of leaving him when he was young and rejecting him now
Ethan Nightangle Rises To Power
Billionaire Powerful face smacking
Dragon Sly
🏆NO. 1 Leading Novel In The ["Rise Towards Supremacy"] contest. [Gold] Ethan Nightangle lived an unremarkable life, except for his happy one-year marriage to successful businesswoman, Lily Johnson. But one fateful night, his world turned upside down when he returned home with a gift for his wife, only to discover her in bed with another man. Ethan was left feeling shattered and lost, his sense of self-worth destroyed by the betrayal. Just when he thought all was lost, a fleet of 100 cars pulled up beside him. "Youthful master Ethan, it's time to take control of all the billion-dollar properties." With newfound wealth and power at his fingertips, Ethan Nightangle rises to the top of the business world.