Arthur Rockefeller Strikes Back After Divorce

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Arthur Rockefeller Strikes Back After Divorce

By: Paradise D.J Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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In order to force him to divorce and leave with nothing, his wife and in-laws set up such a conspiracy... As a despised son-in-law, he was humiliated and bullied by them for almost three years. However, after the divorce, they did not expect his real identity to be...


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37 chapters
Chapter 1
At Night, Daphne's House. A man was kneeling on the floor, earnestly mopping the floor with a cloth. "Arthur, would you mind stopping for a moment and helping me with something?" A gentle voice with a hint of coquetry echoed from the second floor. Upon hearing this, the man stood up and looked at the pretty girl on the stairs, asking with some surprise, "Fiona, do you need any of my assistance?" Fiona Daphne, Arthur's wife's younger sister, had been relying on her sister to support her at home. She had always looked down on Arthur and disdained him as a son-in-law, even referring to him as a waste. However, her attitude towards Arthur seemed to have changed somewhat at this moment. Arthur wiped his hands on his clothes and walked upstairs. He saw Fiona standing shyly by the door of her bedroom, her arms crossed over her chest to prevent her clothes from slipping off. She blinked her charming eyes at Arthur and smiled playfully. "Come in quickly, I need your help!" Seeing
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Chapter 2
Looking at the cover of the document with the words "Divorce Agreement," Arthur flipped it open and saw the clause that required him to leave with nothing.Arthur suddenly realized what was going on and gritted his teeth. "It seems this was planned in advance, a trap for me." "Bullshit! How could I use my sister as bait? Tell me, you do have the guts to molest Fiona but none to admit it?" Catherine denied, then insulted him. "Wearing a saintly facade even though you're a whore!" Arthur couldn't help but think of it. He shook his head sadly and looked at his wife. "Catherine, I'm tired. For these three years, I've obeyed you, loved you and your family, even though they didn't respect me. But now, I know, simps don't deserve sympathy, and they're not worth it!" "Why are you saying all this now! Just sign it quickly!" Catherine became impatient. Ignoring her, Arthur continued, lost in his own thoughts. "Since you all want me to leave, want me to leave with nothing, fine. You s
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Chapter 3
Outside the villa, there was a light drizzle falling. The rain in early spring still carried the coldness of late winter, but it couldn't match the coldness in Arthur's heart. "Mr. Rockefeller?" Suddenly, a red Ferrari parked by the side of the road, and a young woman's voice full of doubt came from the car. Immediately, a stunning woman got down, hurriedly holding an umbrella to come over Arthur's. She was wearing a black windbreaker coat, and the tight inner layer couldn't hide her ample bosom. She was wearing blue denim shorts on the lower body, and a pair of round and slender thighs were wrapped in stockings, making them even more enticing as the rain slid down. "Mr. Rockefeller, why are you standing here in the rain?" She asked anxiously. Her name was Annie Stacy, one of the most famous female stars in Georgia and also the top artist under the World Tree Group, even recognized as a dream lover by netizens. Meanwhile, she was also Catherine's intimate friend. Originally
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Chapter 4
The next morning, in the presidential suite. Annie looked at herself in the mirror, dressed neatly. With disappointment on her face, she murmured to herself. "Such a graceful and beautiful woman slept next to him, but he remained indifferent!" After applying exquisite makeup, she left the room and drove to find her prince charming. He should be at the court together with Catherine at present. She knew it from the talk with him last night. When he was in depression, she, so beautiful a woman showed up and confess to him in front of his disappointing ex-wife... She wondered if Catherine would regret it! It's really interesting! In the car, a mysterious smile appeared on Annie’s face that was hard to decipher. ... Outside the local court, Arthur and Catherine stood oppositely, both in silence. They had just divorced. Thanks to her ex-wife's money that it could be passed so quickly. Arthur tightly held and touched the "Tears of Ocean" in his hand. It was the only keepsake and
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Chapter 5
World Tree Group Building, Chairman's Office on the top floor. A middle-aged woman with a lingering charm stood respectfully behind a young man, reporting her work. If it were seen by the upper-class society of this city, it would undoubtedly shock them to the core. This middle-aged woman was none other than the CEO of World Tree Group, the renowned Iron Lady of the business world, Robin Thatcher! However, the young man was Arthur Rockefeller, who was doing laundry and cooking at Daphne's house just yesterday. "Young master, you're finally back! What about your wife...?" "Ex-wife! We got divorced." In fact, the news of Annie Stacy and him had already caused quite a stir in the morning. As the CEO, she naturally received the news as well. But she still felt heart-broken for him while hearing Arthur admit the divorce with that woman. She knew how much he had put into his marriage during the past three years. And also, as his assistant, she knew how excellent he was. In the w
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Chapter 6
Catherine nodded wearily and dialed Mr. Dawson's phone number. "Hello, this is Catherine Daphne, the CEO of Time Advertising. Is that Mr. Dawson?" she asked. "Yes, hello, Ms. Daphne," came the voice of a man on the other end. "Why are you suddenly holding us accountable for the so-called mistakes in previous collaborations and canceling the future contracts? Did we do something wrong?" After a brief silence, the man's voice came through. "Ms, you have indeed done something very outrageous and crossed the line! I can only tell you that you have offended a bigwig in our group, and she personally ordered the blacklisting of your company." "How is that possible? How could I have the audacity to provoke someone high up in the World Tree Group? It must be a misunderstanding!" Catherine couldn't believe that she had done something like that and furrowed her brow. "Mr. Dawson, can we meet in person today to clear up the misunderstanding..." She spoke, but before she could finish her
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Chapter 7
It was 7 o'clock in the evening, one hour before the banquet was about to begin.The top hall of the Forest Hotel was packed with businessmen.The World Tree Group was hosting the banquet, and almost all the important figures in Georgia's business community were present.It was a grand event in the business of Georgia.Catherine Daphne and her family had also come to attend the banquet."Catherine, you look so pretty today!"Fiona Daphne exclaimed, admiring Catherine's radiant beauty.Catherine was wearing a light yellow evening gown that exposed her snow-white shoulders. Her exquisite face looked even more enchanting under light makeup.Fiona, on the other hand, was younger and livelier, dressed more provocatively.However, compared to Catherine's elegance and grace, she fell short."This is our first time attending such a high-end banquet. It's truly a memorable moment. Catherine, you should thank Mr. Smith. I'm sure he sent us these three invitations."Their mother Linda couldn't h
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Chapter 8
A group of well-dressed men stepped out of the car, imposing and majestic, forming a line next to Arthur.They looked like a group of underworld bosses, respectfully protecting their "godfather".Robin Thatcher, the leader, quickly walked over, her face filled with anxiety."Young Master, are you alright? Sorry for my late arrival!""It's fine." Arthur took a deep breath, temporarily releasing his inner anger.His expression softened as he replied to her.The middle-aged man was shocked at the dramatic development, his eyes widened and his voice trembling." is this possible?"Robin sneered and glanced at him with cold eyes, asking,"Young Master, how do you plan to punish this trash?"Hearing this serious conversation, the sexy woman beside the man couldn't help but chuckle."Young Master? This loser on an electric bicycle? Who does he think he is? Are all of you actors hired by him? Hollywood?"After laughing, she shook the man who was still in a daze and added."Darling, c
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Chapter 9
On the driver's seat of a blazing red Ferrari, a beautiful female gazed at Arthur's departing figure, her eyes filled with admiration and desire.She just witnessed the entire process of Arthur beating the middle-aged man.A wealthy man driving a Lamborghini, beaten up by him, had to beg for forgiveness!Is this the privilege of those top billionaires?Annie Stacy's face flushed with excitement.As long as she can climb this high branch, she will truly enter the "new world."She had dressed up carefully for tonight's banquet.Wearing an elegant black evening gown, her bare shoulders are fair and enticing, her angelic face and seductive figure...She is extremely confident that she will be the most eye-catching star at the banquet tonight!However, in order to hook Arthur, this "big fish," she needed to take more aggressive measures!... ...In the hall, Arthur held a glass of champagne in his hand, enjoying the buffet provided at the banquet.He hadn't eaten much all day.Suddenly, a
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Chapter 10
"Catherine, you have no idea what an outstanding man you've missed out on!" The previous failure at this hotel did not discourage her but rather strengthened her determination. Get up where you fell! No one can say "no" to Annie Stacey; no one can resist her charm! Arthur didn't accept her before, but it was only because he still loved Catherine Daphne. However, when she saw Catherine hurling insults at Arthur, she couldn't help but jump with joy in her mind. "Catherine, thank you so much for the opportunity you've provided." It's like feeding her the dishes she preferred most! Regardless of the shocked gazes of the onlookers, Annie slowly took Arthur's arm and leaned against his shoulder. "Darling, don't stoop to this stupid woman's level. In my heart, you're the best." As soon as these words were spoken, the guests erupted into a commotion. "Big news! Annie Stacey actually openly declares that she has a boyfriend." "Bro, you're behind the times. The Georgia Times reporte
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