The Beast in the night

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The Beast in the night

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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His heart became closed after he witnessed the death of the woman most important in his life. Zild is a legendary werewolf who came from over thirty thousand years ago. He witnessed every change around him, but he remained cold and did not associate with any mortal. He promised himself that he would never interfere in the life of anyone but instantly, the course of his life suddenly changed since he met the country girl, Leslie. She was an orphan who was enslaved by her adoptive parents. They enter Leslie as Zild's maid, but the young man doesn't expect her to look like his beloved from the past. Will he be able to change the destiny set for the two of them, or will Zild stop the repetition of their past?

1 chapters
Who are you Human?
One night, the breeze was dark and cold. I was running through a quiet and dense forest as bandits chased me and wanted to burn my body.“Find that monster and never let him get out of our town alive!” A man shouted.They parted to look for me in the wide bamboo forest. They were all holding bows and swords to prepare to kill me.I was only eighteen then, and I was confused about what to do. I was trembling with fear and my whole body was scarred. Furthermore, I just silently watched them from not far away as I hid in the dark. Because my mind was so young then, I couldn't think of a better way to escape to them. So, everywhere I go they find and see me. But I didn’t stop, and I just kept running even though they were shooting arrows at me with fire. But since I don't know yet how to control my skill I had, I was hit by one of the arrows they aimed at me. I was hit in the right leg, so I was stunned, and I fell into a deep ravine. I rolled over and only stopped when I hit a big tree.
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