The Fire Saber Rangers

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The Fire Saber Rangers

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Several centuries ago, beings from the kolvax galaxy world began to attack the human world, only to face oppositions from set of teenagers who through Freddie's dream became the impossible. With the help of Mrs J, their new gears and abilities, The fire saber rangers attempt to stop Lord Jurazuss, darkvage, max luther and their minions called troys from taking control of the world and from obtaining the six saber disk...


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28 chapters
The dream
"Dad I caught a butterfly" Young Freddie yelled with great joy as he leaped almost falling to the ground. Barry with smile on his face walked towards Freddie who held a butterfly inside a jar. Barry knelt down in front of his son rubbing his blond hair."Good job kid, but hey I want you to know something, butterflies are like or in fact the most beautiful creatures on Earth" Barry said visualizing how beautiful butterflies are."really, I thought butterflies are harmful" Freddie said out of ignorance which made his dad laugh at him."Oh no son, that's not true. Butterflies are very friendly to us and to the environment. They make the earth very pretty. You know i once wanted a pet butterfly but my father, your grandfather advised me to see them free not to cage them" Barry said wiggling one of his right fingers on Freddie's nose."What do you mean" putting on a inquisitive face, Freddie asked."Come with me" Barry stood up and took Freddie who still held his jar of butterfly round the
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A story
Jurazuss grunted as he lifted up his staff slowly into the air ready to stab him not until... Freddie jolted out from his sleep with a shout which went very loud.He was sweating profusely and panting at the same time. Freddie looked very scared and at the same time confused with his eyebrows furrowed together.That single shout attracted Kim (His Mom) who dashed into his room without a knock."Freddie!!!, What's wrong, why did you scream like that" Kim asked Freddie who was fidgeting and at the same time trembling even as he tucked his head to his knee."Relax Freddie. Take it easy alright. Just tell me what happened" She added this time holding him on the shoulder. Freddie slowly raised his head making an eye contact with his mom."I had a dream""A dream" Kim exclaimed with a narrow eyes she made amidst her glasses"Yes mum; I saw dad and a monster. They engaged into a fight and the monster won. The monster was ready to pierce dad in the belly and that was when i woke up. Mom what'
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The gathering
Getting in front of the door, Chloe opened and was surprised to see Kelvin and James standing on the way. They were both wearing their favourite t-shirt, gold and blue which surprisingly had an inscription on it - best friends for life, making it easy for anybody to notice that they are best friends."Hi" They greeted in unison with faint smiles.Realizing it was her brothers friend, Chloe shook her head with her lips pressed together with a frown. She stepped out of the way before yelling Freddie's name. As soon as kelvin and James walked in, Chloe tried to close the door not when Michelle, Chloe's best friend popped into the house almost having her body crushed by the door.Michelle was wearing a pink jacket on a black tight jeans. Her jacket was buttoned and also she had on a prime little black choker round her neck."hey girlfriend" Michelle said as she kind of scared Chloe who almost tripped towards a flower vase placed on a stool "What the-""oh my God chloe, I'm sorry.. are you
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The Chosen one
"Freddie having this dreams automatically means he's the chosen one" kelvin interrupted with a snap from his fingers while staring solely at Freddie. Kelvin Bauer a nerdy teenage has a habitual act of interrupting whenever he as an idea. The teenagers except for Kelvin and Kim were baffled at what they just heard. Exclaiming "what" they all stared at freddie most especially kim thinking she will make an objection to Kelvin's guess but she kept quiet with her face down. "tell me it's not true mom" Chloe protested as she waved her hands but Kim nodded with a sad face "i can believe I'm saying this but yes, kelvin's right" All of a sudden Freddie cried out "it can't be, i mean I don't have a percent skill of what dad had. i myself saw how dad fought the monster and still lost, with that I can't even save my friends talk less of the whole city" Freddie said out with a frown on his face. He concluded by himself on the fact that there is no way he could defeat Jurazuss maybe
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The New Fire Saber Rangers
"what is it mom" jack asked with a furrowed brow. "The invasion as started, the troys are everywhere" Kim replied as she stepped away from the system for them to have a clearer view. They saw with their eyes how the city was being terrorized. "This is not good" James muttered loudly. "You guys have to go out there and help stop the invasion" Kim said pointing to the screen but instantly Chloe cuts in with a gesture "But mom we haven't learnt how to use how morphers" "Yea and we don't even know how to fight" Michelle added as she glanced at the others who nodded at her point but Kim shook her head "I'm afraid you'll have to do that when you get there" making it plain to them, the room became silent for a second before Freddie asked with a bold face "where's the location" and instantly Kim replied him "Sky tower" "copy mom" Freddie nodded before facing the others with his chest pushed out "guys this is it. the world is in trouble and it's up to us to save it regard
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The New Fire Saber Rangers 2
Some meters away from Chloe's location, James and Kelvin partnered together and definitely rocked the fight. James was about to be hit by a troy not until Kelvin alerted him "Jack behind you." Jack made a duck for an incoming attack made by a troy with a devilishly sword. "That was close" he stated as he held kelvin on the shoulder before adding "Thanks man" "Now let's finish this up" Kelvin suggested to Jack who nodded to the idea. They both brought out their disk from their belt and activated it to their saber. "Activate fire saber disk; ebgage; fire spin" spinning the disk to the saber, it triggered fire to their blade according to their colour. "Ultimate saber sword. saber strike" and boom the slash destroyed up to 20 troys at once. They gave themselves a fist bump. "good job bro" Jack complimented with a wink "you too"*** Freddie and James contacted the others to meet them at Queens station. Freddie and James spotted firestorm trying to hide from the
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Party Crusher
Carlsville academy is a huge school located at a suburban neighborhood. The school itself is very big with flags in the front lawn and a electric sign that displays the current events in the school. Student dressed in mofti are seen walking into the school in "threes" or "twos" or even one. As for those "one", they're considered to be the lonely one. Some other kids stood outside the school chatting and discussing unrelevant matters which doesn't relate school activities. Group of girls who calls themselves "the rich gang girls" aka "RGG" sat together, discussing and giggling about stuffs most especially boys. Seconds later the bus stopped at the entrance of the school and many people including Freddie, jack and Chloe came out of the bus walking towards the school building. Minutes later the bell rang for the first period which meant it was time for studies but Freddie's class appeared to by rowdy and noisy as most of the students were chatting due to mr wilson who was not
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Party Crusher 2
chool ended and immediately Carlsville academy students trooped out of their classes. Sounds of the lockers are heard as most of them took out textbooks for homework. Outside the school, Freddie and the others except for jack were sitting in the park. They were actually waiting for jack wo was summoned to the principal's office. Chloe and Michelle sat on a wooden chair, while freddie and Kelvin sat at the edge of the chair leaving james who was on his feet. "Thanks buddy for covering for me" Kelvin spoke directly to James who was stuffing his mouth with some slice of waffle. Waffle was actually his favorite meal "Nah, It's nothing" Kelvin waved "but Kelvin why are you always late to class?" James inquire, chewing lightly. "Actually why don't we skip that!" Kelvin shrugged his shoulder. "Why?" Freddie became inquisitive with his brows furrowed together. "Uh you know; boys stuff" at that chloe squint her eyes shut with a frown on her face "Eww; boys stuff"
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Party Crusher 3
Meanwhile, after the incident with Michelle, the monster who was transformed into human form, teleported back into the kolvax spaceship. He met Luther working on his system."She invited me to her party" He started with his hands swinging front and back. Luther turned back from his system with a reply "Good, now you know what to do, I don't need to tell you twice"Just then, Dark vage charged into the darkroom yelling Luther's name "Luther!!!""Yes Master" Luther acknowledged Darkvage by bowing down to him."What are your plan against the earth and the rangers? My father is getting impatient" he stomped his feet in addition to his words."Master! by tonight, you'll see some destruction" Luther boastfully said as he slowly stood up to his two feet."What do you mean" with his eyebrows raised up, Darkvage asked"Tonight, the pink girl is having a party which brought me an idea of taking over her mind with this cute young guy" He looked
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Party Crusher 4
After disengaging from the kiss; Cole persuaded Michelle to open her parcel and it turned out to be a beautiful necklace. Michelle wears it and instantly falls to the ground.Seeing what had befallen Michelle, James immediately contacts Freddie through his wristcom "Freddie, do you read me, Michelle is down get here fast""Roger!" Freddie answered as he tapped Kelvin and together they dashed away from the party."Michelle" Still outside Chloe yelled her name, ran towards her and carried her a little while Jack walked forward to challenge Cole "Hey, what did do to her" Jack was not done when Freddie and Kelvin dashed towards them "What's wrong?""That freak wore a necklace on Michelle" Jack pointed at Cole who was staring at them with a tight lipped smile."And now she's down" Chloe said with a frown on her face. She placed her left ear to see if her heart was beating."I said it, this guy is up to no good" Kelvin seemed a bit happy that he w
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