Life as A Servant

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Life as A Servant

By: TheCrow CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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‘Life is cruel’, Such a saying can be applied to Bin, who’s a youth diagnosed with a strange terminal illness. He passes every day working various odd jobs to support himself and earn enough money for his young sister after his imminent death. However, his life gets turned upside down when he meets Jasmine Lemore, a girl hailing from a very rich family. "I've come for my money, but since you can't pay, I'll have you become my loyal servant. You have no right to refuse!"


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502 chapters
Chapter 1 : Bin
Weij city is one of the most flourishing cities in the country, first of all, it has the famous magic academy known as Sel academy, though only the richest kids can attend it.Technology is still the main thing used in this world but some people like Magic more, unfortunately, only special humans called the 'gifted' can use it.Weij city is inhabited by millions if not tens of millions of citizens but what makes it more special is that it has all the richest people in M-Nation. It's always bustling with tourists of all kinds as it has many magnificent places to visit, especially the magic academy. Apparently, the academy opens its doors for visitors to sightsee and watch some fights between the students.The city is filled with high buildings and monuments, but at the far edges of the city, there are only rundown houses or barely standing buildings, even the street is dirty and thieves, and things like rape or stealing always occurs in such place.The place is totally ignored by the hi
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Chapter 2 : Jasmine
The girl, who was now covered in food, stood there surprised for a second before she glared at him with a piercing and cold glare. She maintained a calm countenance, which made her look even more frightening. She slowly pulled the paste from her hair and remained expressionless."This dress is 10 million won. You've ruined it so, pay up right now."Bin, startled and not knowing what to do or say, quickly stood up and apologetically his head. The girl looked rich and her tone clearly indicated that she was very angry."Esteemed customer, please calm down, It was an accident. Please forgive me."Even after hearing his apology, her expression remaind as cold as ever. She snorted and spoke again,"I don't care if it's an accident or not. Pay up right now and bring me your manager."'This is real mess! How am I going to get 10 million won?'Bin scratched his head, feeling lost and confused. The girl remained stubborn and even demanded to see his manager, who'll definitely fire him to save f
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Chapter 3 : A New Job
Jasmine took a closer look the man in front of her and noticed that he had ragged clothes and a torn shoes, but nonetheless, she didn't dare comment but Bin noticed her gaze and said with a cold tone "I've agreed to be your servant but I don't need your look of pity since the most thing I hate is someone like you pitying me" "hmph! I was not pitying you so don't delusion yourself, I've thought that you can't be my servant with those clothes" as she said that, she picked up her phone which was also made of some gold or silver, she spoke with someone for some seconds before waving her hand to the driver and the limousine began to move. No one talked, and the atmosphere soon became awkward, but Bin just remained silent with a deadpan expression on his face. Now that he thought of it, in his life, he rarely talked to girls, as for beauties like this one, he never got the chance to ta
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Chapter 4 : Meeting Master's Family
As the main door of the mansion was opened, what Bin witnessed dumbfounded him, for such an insignificant person like him to see a thing like this is very rare. Very wide stairs that could fit 10 persons were present in front of him, they seemed to lead to the next floor, a long red carpet was on the stairs all the way to the top and even the stairs were made from a special material. This was a big hall, two tall pillars that reached the roof of this floor were erected from the ground, they were at the edges of the stairs, they were what is know as Corinthian pillars and had a majestic look to them. Moreover, there were paintings hanging on the wall with some stone and gold sculptures here and there. Be it a sculpture of an ancient philosopher or a famous athlete, there were all kinds of sculptures. Bin was left agape as this sight, just this hall alone is worth millions of dollars, so what about the
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Chapter 5 : A Professional Gamer
The room of Jasmine was out of the ordinary, be it the bed, curtains or even the floor was special. It was made from smooth and good looking wood, what's more, is that very soft carpet was laid here and there. Bin didn't know what to do after he came here, so he just stood there like a log and stared at Jasmine, who also didn't know what to order. "I-I'm going to play, so you better not disturb me!" Angry because she didn't find anything she could annoy him with, Jasmine used her usual loud voice to shout at him then sat on her personal gaming set-up. The computer was booted up and soon, she started playing and not minding Bin or anyone else. She put on her headset and started smashing the mouse and keyboard, you could call it destroying expensive things more than playing a game. The explosion and booming sounds came from the headset. Bin couldn't help but smirk as she saw her ra
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Chapter 6 : Kitchen
The mansion was just too big to search every corner of it. The only thing Bin could do was pick a direction and just head towards it and wish to find the kitchen there, or at least a place to get the dinner from.'To begin with, didn't one of her parents tell her to come down to dine with them? Unresponsible brat... can't believe she's my master.'The wide hall was illuminated by several lights and he even spotted more than two chandeliers that were as big as a cow. Every second he contemplated the luxurious furniture, Bin felt pain in his heart as the world was really too unfair.Whilst people spend millions of dollars to buy a carpet or a single painting, just ten percent of that amount could allow countless people to live for years or at least survive for some time.Rich people would bathe in money bills yet poor people would work a whole day for not even a quarter of one money bill, it's pathetic yet sad. For someone like him, who experienced poverty since he was young, he knew how
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Chapter 7-8 : Sleepy Master
Although it's a bit awkward to call his superior and someone older than him by her name, Bin didn't mind and directly called her that."So Hyue, does master has always been such a spoiled and annoying child?"This time, Hyue really didn't expect such a question, she couldn't help but stop walking and stare at Bin with complex feelings. She was astonished that he asked such a question and was so straight about it, he even kind of insulted the Miss."Miss is a calm and hard-working person."She didn't say much but you could see she respected Jasmine but Bin didn't know the reason, all he saw in Jasmine was childish behavior and an annoying mouth, not even a single quality beside her body and beauty but beauty with no brains whatsoever is nothing."Pfft! Hard-working, calm? I find that hard to believe, are you sure we're talking about the same person?""Obviously, it's Miss Jasmine. She's the only daughter of master."'Master?'Bin was confused on who that master was but after some thinki
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Chapter 9 : Shut Your Mouth!
Since Jasmine slept quite early yesterday, she woke up at 5 AM, the first thing she said was to call for Bin for no apparent reason. She caused a huge ruckus and loud noises as she yelled around yet no one could do what she wants, with no choice but to go to pick him up, Jasmine dressed up and went to Bin's small house in the usual white limousine. "Hmpf! I prepared a room for him yet he still dares to go back home." Jasmine completely forgot about the fact that he told her he has to take care of his little sister, she didn't even bother to think how he got home, for her, these things didn't matter. She needed to teach him a lesson and make his life hell, but it's not like it's not already is hell due to his circumstances. About 20 minutes later, the white limousine arrived at the rural district that Bin lives in. Dirty and crumbled buildings were everywhere. Some small and narrow alleys even have a foul stench of piss a
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Chapter 10 : Chocolat Trick Always Works
Bin wasn't going to force Mina to forgive Jasmine, after all, she's still a child and somethings can be changed quickly or be stuck in her forever. If she doesn't want to forgive Jasmine then he can't make her do so even with a billion candy, especially if it's someone like his little sister who is usually stubborn. "Come on, we have to go now or we'll be late, Mina." Bin grabbed her hand and started walking, the little girl was still mocking Jasmine and sticking her tongue but once Bin talked she nodded and followed. As for Jasmine, she felt depressed as a little girl made fun of her, her pride was quite high and being mocked like this doesn't occur every day, in fact, it never happened before. Since she's pretty and kind to little children, they usually gather around her and play with her and start calling her big sister so what happened now seemed not right to her. Jasmine alw
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Chapter 11 : Childish Means
While trying to maintain the kind elder sister image, Jasmine tried her best to approach Mina and talk to her but the little girl was strongly opposed to that. Despite seeing that, Jasmine was as persistent and clingy as ever, she endlessly talked and asked questions to Mina only to be ignored and treated like a barking dog or an annoying bug. Bin had long since closed his eyes and relaxed on this comfortable sofa, Mina didn't disturb him as she more than anyone else wanted to rest so when the opportunity was given to him, she didn't talk or bother him, she merely sat on his lap and remained silent while looking from the window and staring at the street. The car speed was neither fast nor slow and since the system is rotten, the car had a special plate so it had more space to drive on. For example, in an intersection, many cars would let it pass first without fighting as it is just like that, the rich benefits and the poor suffers, if you do
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