Underrated Son-In-Law

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Underrated Son-In-Law

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Thomas married Natalia who was once the blacksheep of the family. Due to him being a genius in highschool and a stock broker he helped Natalia his wife become the Father's favorite child and no one knew he was the one behind it because he was just doing it out of love for her. Natalia on the other hand was just using him and never loved him,she never said anything in his defense when her family insulted him or even maids belittled him. In the eyes of others he was just a shameless man eating from the pockets of his wife's rich family. Natalia would cheat on him and show no remorse, Thomas had enough when she had the guts to tell him to accept the child of her lover as his own. She threatened him with divorce to scare into submission but he has had enough and his father in law Gabriel who called him a waste of space saw this as a good chance to get rid of him. Even though that wasn't what Natalia wanted she was persuaded into divorcing Thomas to her dismay. Thomas told them they would regret this and left in anger promising he would make them pay. Thomas later found out that Natalia was the one that sabotaged his chance at a good life for her own selfish gain and still put him through this humiliation. You shouldn't bite the hands that feed you, Natalia learnt that the hard way when their company started falling due to Thomas leaving. When Natalia finally came clean to her Father it was already too late he was out to get his revenge and would not listen to any apology.


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138 chapters
Chapter 1: How it begun
Being in a desperate position was not something that happened to me often, but when it did I often started asking why it would happen to me and only me.Being broke and on the verge of going insane at any moment. I thought that was all but the only chance that I had at a good life was snatched away from my hands.How should I go home now? I thought that I would disappear from home but it seems that I have to go back to that place again.The screaming and fighting was deafening and going through that each day was bad for me.Why was I rejected? Why did this happen?I was so happy that I rushed over here today and yet my happiness was shattered.This was the only chance that I had of starting a new life but that went through the drain and now I am back to square one with no plans.Just my plain mind going back and forth thinking of all the possible reasons why this had to happen.I met Natalia again that day and that was when she made the offer that I didn't know how to refuse."Marry
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Chapter 2:The in-laws
The maid crossed her hand and huffed."I've been knocking for hours. Did you die in your sleep and suddenly wake up?" She asked in anger.That tone is not one that she should use on me as her madam's husband but since I am not paying her she doesn't care and would insult me as she pleases."What exactly do you want?" I asked her but the maid rolled her eyes at me.Moments like this I wish her eyeball would not come back to the center of her eyes and see her reaction." Mr. Gabriel sent me to call you down for breakfast. Everyone is already at the table but I guess his Majesty is waiting to be called upon." The maid scoffed."Mr. Gabriel asked for me?" I asked with surprise evident in my voice.I thought that my father in law didn't want anywhere near him. Why was he asking for my presence now?Did something happen?I have been careful to not do anything that would anger him but I guess one must slip up at some point.Either way I can't refuse his call that would just cause an argument
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Chapter 3: A fool in love
Something tells me that Natalia had already told her I would be coming plus always she would like to act like a prude and talk down on me before letting me see Natalia.This was the reason why I hated coming here.I have told Natalia countless times that her secretary is rude to me but not for once has she said anything concerning it so yeah that's how much my wife cares about what I say."I already have an appointment with her, didn't she tell you about it?" I asked the secretary who rolled her eyes at me."She has a busy schedule that can change at any moment but if you want to go in,you can go ahead." The secretary scoffed."After all she's your wife." The secretary said, sitting back on her chair with a grin on her face.It feels as if she had won a lottery by wasting my time here.I don't know why she was acting this way.I muttered a thank you and headed back to Natalia's door,holding the handle. I heard moaning and I pushed open the door and took two steps in and my stomach fel
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Chapter 4: Unrepentant
Getting back home and meeting my mother in law and her two friends in the living room I greeted them and wanted to head up the stairs to my room when my mother-in-law Mrs Gabriel called me back.I walked closer to her and stopped in front of her and she stretched out her hand while she held her wine glass."Fill it." She said and felt More like an order as if she was doing it to show to her friends that I was nothing but an errand boy in her house.I was already silently nursing the heart break her daughter gave me and now she wanted to insult me more."What are you waiting for?" She said and I sighed,picked up the bottle of wine and filled it up for her."You can help fill my friend's glasses while you are at it." She said and her two friends raised their glass with an amusing smile on their faces.I dropped the bottle on the table and headed upstairs."Get back here you low life! Thomas! Thomas! You dare insult me in front of my guests in my own house!" Mrs Gabriel shouted angrily b
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Chapter 5: Mocking smile
Mr. Gabriel Natalia's Father was so happy that she hosted a party for her to celebrate the success of the company much to Logan's dismay.Seeing Natalia gaining their Father's favor wasn't something that he wanted,after all he was the first child and was supposed to inherit the company when his father stepped down but now that Natalia is in the picture it was getting more hard for Logan.It made me feel better than Logan was upset at Natalia's success.Even if I could reply to his insults I can still indirectly use this and rub it all over his face for talking down on me.Even though I hoped Natalia would include me even a bit when my predictions were correct she never did . It had happened for years now so I was used to it.When she was busy receiving compliments I was receiving side glances and mocking."I can't believe that they actually let him still stay here, what is he doing here,I can't believe that he calls himself a man." One of the women sneered at me.They were not trying
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Chapter 6: How low can she go.
I stayed indoors the next day hoping that everyone would leave before I went downstairs to eat even when I had banging on my door and Gabriel's angry shouting. I didn't even open the door. I didn't bother because I knew that it would not end in a good confrontation.It was about 11:30 in the morning when I was sure that everyone had left. I went to the kitchen and found Grace there.She made me breakfast and I ate and thanked her."I don't think this place suits you." Grace told me and I was taken aback by her words." I am just saying that you should go somewhere you are appreciated and welcomed…""I think you should mind your business." I cut her off and she pressed her lips together.I feel bad that I spoke to her this way but I don't want her getting into trouble with the other maids and getting her fired.She was the only one on my side here so I shouldn't get her into trouble."I am sincerely sorry I forgot my place, forget what I said... I really think I should mind my own busi
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Chapter 7: Divorce
Natalia rolled her eyes at my words and placed her hand on her hip."It doesn't matter how you feel about this all that matters here is me and how I feel" She replied with arrogance."Are you out of your mind?" I asked in annoyance." You want me to accept the child of your lover?" I asked in disbelief, staring at her as if she had grown two heads, because honestly I am starting to think she did." If you knew you were going to cheat on me you should have done it properly and not get yourself knocked up,you should come up with a better plan for your child because I am not going to accept someone else's child as my own!" I shout in anger."I think we will have a problem there because I am not getting rid of this child Thomas, you have to accept it,there is no other way around this, We are married and it's normal for us as a married couple to have kids. I think we have waited long enough." Natalia said with on single remorse as she stood her ground.A frown on her face.Did she actually
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Chapter 8: Thomas left
Natalia's POVI watched Thomas leave our house and my mother comforted me as she took me into my room.Thomas didn't look back when he walked away and I wondered what was going through that thick skull of his.I thought I broke all of his will to rebel against me.I thought I had him under my control but how could this backfire at me.What a stubborn man, he acts like a snake at times always sleeping and unable to hold down.He could have just accepted the child but he had to be difficult and refuse. How is he going to survive out there when he has been only at home for years.But damn I made a silly mistake. I shouldn't have told him right now that I was pregnant.I could have tried sleeping with him and pinning the child on him then he won't have a way out but the thought of his hands in my body,I just can't stand it,it would disgust me.But Shit! My Father can be so overbearing at times.I just wanted was to scare Thomas a bit so he think he would end up homeless i didn't want him
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Chapter 9: Sister.
Thomas's pov:I was glad that Mr Gabriel didn't ask the security guards to manhandle and beat me up because I know he has been itching to do that for a while but I guess he just wanted me out of his life and family and wanted no conspiracy if he assaulted me when I was leaving. But I don't trust that Mr. Gabriel would let me go so easily after Natalia had pinned her pregnancy on me.Immediately I left Mr Gabriel's Mansion. The first thing I did was to call a cab to take me far away from here because if I knew Natalia she would go as far as kidnapping me to make me stay close to her. Unless Natalia found someone else like me good in reading the stock market which I highly doubt but with her manipulative ways I was sure she could do it.Making another poor man fall for her deceitful lies and clinging to her for her love and the promise of a better life.She could do anything so I won't be surprised.I wasn't with her for a better life but her love but it didn't matter. I should let t
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Chapter 10: Kate refused to help.
If this was really Kate on the line then my head can't still wrap around why she just made that comment."I guess I was wrong about you." Kate said.Wrong about me?Her words were strange to my ears.Did I do something wrong to her that I didn't know about?For all I know I have been the best brother I could be to her so what's wrong."Is something wrong kate?" I was concerned at her change of tone.She sounded irritated all of a sudden."Yes something is wrong and I'm not sure you like to hear what I am about to say." Kate said."Which is what?" I asked curiously."I thought about it and I can't help you Thomas." Jate dropped the bomb.I chuckled nervously, taking this as a joke.Thought about it?I just called her when did she have time to think about it? Did she just refuse without considering all I just said?"What do you mean you can not help me?" I asked in disbelief."I mean I just can't help you, I can't afford to accommodate you." Kate explained further her tone was ser
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