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Wasteland Revenge Paranormal
A group of people are forced to take shelter in Scarville, a city never found years ago after the Second World War. Sean Barnabas is led to an old abandoned house by the ghost of a child and tries to uncover the truth about Scarville's past. Sean finds himself at the orphanage with no door or window to exit. He fights off creatures until he encounters the illusion of a young girl being harassed by security guards. Sean learns the shocking truth about the mayor's connection to the children's deaths and decides to reveal the truth. Will Sean be able to reveal the truth to everyone? Will SCARVILLE be free from their curse after realizing the truth? or Sean will have to sacrifice his life in the process of finding the truth?
Killer Chef
Intelligent Crazy Arrogant
Army Dude
Devon LaRue is a Michelin Star winning chef. He is the author of cookbooks and the host of a successful cooking show. However, when he was in culinary school, LaRue was recruited by Special Agent Donald J. Thomas, Jr. who works for The Agency. LaRue becomes a contract killer who enjoys the anonymity of his fame and the protection of The Agency.
Who are you
Reincarnation Detective Drama
Two twins, a detective and a serial killer.. When Cheryl Roberts looses her twin sister, Cherish Roberts, detective Kyle, her new found friend turned lover becomes a shoulder to lean on. But Cheryl does not rule out the fact that, the more this relationship continues, the more she endangers herself... And as though to confirm her thoughts, the wanted serial killer -a case her boyfriend is working on, reappears with the face of her dead sister... Find out if detective Kyle is capable enough to protect Cheryl or meeting him would become her deepest regret and nightmare....
The Christmas Darling
Badgirl Brave Intelligent
Jason Boyce
Jennifer is living an ordinary life in an ordinary place. She's been away from home for eight years and she has developed her own special holiday tradition. Each year, Jennifer collects a soul from an unknowing victim. This year, she's been invited home for the holidays but not for the reasons you may think, What will Jennifer do this year to celebrate Christmas?
Badboy Adventurous Detective
"We'd like you to come with us to the station immediately," Vanessa's heart began to beat faster, "I don't understand," she said, "What for?" "Mrs Spencer, you're wanted as a prime suspect in the murder of your husband, Mr Christopher Wesley. You need to come with us to the station for questioning. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. I suggest you don't try to resist. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?" Vanessa's jaw dropped. Christopher was dead! It was impossible to believe. She'd just spoken to him that afternoon. It had to be a mistake. She nodded, "I…. I…. I need to call my lawyer," she said, when she finally found her tongue," "Ma'am, you can do that at the station. Turn around, please," —----------- Politician and governorship candidate, Christopher Wesley is dead; shot in the head right in his own house. The killer is unknown, but the police have a suspect —his estranged wife, Vanessa Spencer Detective Alaric Harper and his partner are placed in charge of this case and at first Alaric is certain that Vanessa had killed her husband. Her motive? He's not sure of. When Vanessa begins to get calls from an unknown person wanting money he claims Christopher had stolen, Alaric has no choice but to accept that their killer is yet to be found. He is determined to get to the bottom of this case and he's sure that he will, but one thing he never expected — falling for Vanessa.
Beyond The Eyes
Badboy Obsession Twisted
Talented momma
Brooklyn College, the most expensive college in The United States. The school is unique for it's gloominess. It is known to be attended by students from prestigious family who control the teachers instead of the other way round. Theo Thomas Tucker, Triple T. The most notorious and popular student. Son of the State president. He's also the leader among their school gangs. An incident occured in the college, whereby a student was murdered, investigation was carried out but there was no traces of the murderer and there's no suspect because it was a clean one. Sebestian Luca, the head of the detectives in CALEA. A very ruthless one to be precised. He does anything. Wanna know who his weakness is? Follow for more by coming along with me into Brooklyn university.
Murder in the Alley
Intelligent Adventurous Mystery
Yasmine Jameson
Six friends solve a mystery that their spouses and girlfriends stumbled upon in the neighborhood they live and hang out in.
The Comeback of Alarick
Crime Optimist Intelligent
Kabirat Aleem
"You have to hang on, buddy" Jordan shouted at his bleeding partner out of fright. "I am sorry, but...tell Aria to go far away. You too...It's not wort..." His breathing grew erratic, and Jordan watched life drain out of his partner. Sent away from his crime-infested country in his teenage years to avoid being sucked into the dominating crime rings in Baleria. Jordan Alarick is back after his father’s suspicious death. Hell-bent on making a change in a country that had become worse than his father ever imagined, Alarick set out to make a difference and to bring his father’s killers to book. Faced with a force infiltrated by the drug lords, the death of his partner, and the realization that the walls indeed have ears everywhere in Baleria even in the government, Jordan resigned to work independently to uncover the shady deals of the "rings.” Will this patriotic man succeed? Especially when his assistant happened to be the daughter of the man who wanted him dead the most? Welcome to Baleria. A world where the weak have no place.
The Dawn Falls
Teenager Fantasy Romance
Matt Hardy Evite
Catherine’s parents were killed when a group of wolves attacked their house. For her safety, her brothers brought her to the town of Dusk and Dawn to start a new life. Vengeful, she badly wanted to find out why wolves attacked them. One afternoon before the sun sets, she was reading near the lake when Angelo the boy next to their house pulled her back to their home. Angelo told her that there are wolves during the night and it is dangerous for her to go outside. Later, she found out that Angelo is also a wolf, but belongs to the clan of good wolves. By connecting the clues and what Angelo’s grandmother was telling her, she realized that she was somehow special.
Love In The Time Of Outbreak
Optimist Doctor Soldier
Unless they can stop the deadly virus from spreading. Sergeant Deanver Magallon and doctor Thalia Ricafort are hand in hand just to find out the root of the said virus, and how they can prevent its spread. But their undeniable attraction to each other is a huge threat to their mission. And because they are both afraid to enter into a commitment, it becomes a casual affair between them. Being chased by their own government and also being chased by terrorists, so Dean and Thalia don't really know who they can really trust. With time running out, they must stop the deadly threat as soon as possible, and they just realized that there are things you're willing to gamble on no matter how risky it is.