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The Fox Revenge
Brave Intelligent Detective
My name is Carl. I used to be a secret agent of the FOX. Five years ago, I and my best friend Rex successfully carried out a mission to stop a group of invisible terrorists who wanted to destroy our nation. We succeeded in liberating the nation from the shackles of the terrorists. But I never knew it would cause a total turn around in my life. We thought it had ended but the battle only started. The same night we were supposed to celebrate our victory, my only child and my wife were murdered. Rex and his family were also attacked. I was shot thrice and left to die but Sheila saved me from dying and gave me a new life.
The Dark Side Of Sara
Tragedy Crime Police
Safina Bello
“You hate me for everything I have ever done.” She whispered. “No! I realized it not your fault you were pushed to do all this and I’m never going to hate you Sara. I know it’s been four years but it still feels the same with you, I want to be with you. I know you must be thinking I’m insane or something but I swear since I woke up I have been thinking about you and I want to be with you.” I held her hands softly. I can't live without her and I won't let her leave me. ----------------------------------------- Home was never a good place for her, she is hurt, damaged and she has faced a lot which makes her not to trust anyone. Sara isn’t what she looks like, she is the book with missing pages, a girl that can bring your worst nightmares to life. she is the definition of sin. The silent ones always create the large storm.
Optimist Teenager Brave
Bradley, one of the “Happy life” orphanages always treat badly by the owner of the orphanage. He hates his life and all of it. But, luckily he’s not alone. His best friend, Caden always helps him whenever he needs it. Suddenly, Caden is kidnapped by a mysterious monster when they explore the mirror house in the circus. He has taken to one place called “Mirland”. Bradley decides to travel to the unknown area, looking for Caden. However, Mirland is full of bloodthirsty creatures and it turns out has a connection to Bradley’s past. Will he manage to find his best friend and uncover his past?
Spirit Force
Pessimist Badboy Ghost
JJ Dizz
Alastair, a man who runs a business based on his ability to interact with and banish spirits, encounters a young girl on the run by the name of Rachael who has the same ability as him. The two join forces to bring peace to both the living and the deceased.
Crime Sensitive Intelligent
D. Ellihurt
After his mother is sent to a mental asylum, Sineas Murphy and his aunt relocate to the quiet neighborhood of Malrich. But just a decade later, a ruthless killer begins terrorizing the once peaceful neighborhood, chopping up their victims like a demented chef, severing limbs from torso with distinct precision using an axe. Sineas battles between fitting in to his new school and becoming one of the prime suspects of these horrendous and unspeakable murders that occur in the neighborhood of Malrich, with no one else in his corner, except Clarissa Sherman, the only person he grows to trust. Love, friendships and bonds are tested in this gruesome and tragic tale
Shadow On The Eyes
Tragedy Emotional Crazy
What did Sam find out? What do the horrific nightmares mean? Whose shadow does he keep seeing? After trying to hold on to his sanity that was lost along with his wife and child, Sam pushes himself into writing a new book based on the story of William, a young boy who haunts him day and night in Sam's newly purchased home. All the while the townspeople are looking down on him for not farming the land where the house is located, Sam discovers a mystery of abuse, accusations, and secrets.
Killing Justice
Crime Manipulative Revenge
Killing Justice Ortega was supposed to be a joke. Fiction. A figment of their imagination. At least that’s what Arden Academy’s best and brightest student Ava Hernaez thought when she included Skylar Mijares and Thana Ruiz in her plan. They only meant to scare her off, but the night turned into something deadly. With Justice dead, and the remote community of The Circle thinking she’s missing, the three girls Justice wronged must come up with a way to catch the real culprit. It just can’t be them, not when they’re good girls, and certainly not when Justice has been a bitch to almost everyone at Arden. Turns out telling everyone Justice’s killer is roaming free might just expose what they had planned for Justice all along.
The Fallen World
Brave Emotional Dynamic
Alicia Coleman
A hunt for a traitor. A desperate search for salvation. An uncovered secret that could destroy everything they hold dear. Victory over an unstoppable barbarian horde and the salvation of an allied clan are distant memories for Levis. Now, they have a single objective: unmask the turncoat selling vital information to the enemy, and bring to justice the one guilty.
The Devil's Claw
Crime Revenge Rebel
Amna Talha
In the Era where some Elite families are ruling the world, while all other people are considered as low class and are treated cruelly by Elites. Among the Elites there is a boy named Keith who decides to change these wrong parameters by going against his own family.
Revenge Twisted Mystery
Blurb Kelly MacGregor williams had always dreamed of a happy life, She had dreams of competing college, finding a good job, getting married and having kids of her own. All this was thankfully attained with difficulty, well, except for the kids part, After having a childless marriage with her husband jimmy Williams, she finally gets pregnant after three years of marriage. On the night of her third wedding anniversary, she hears the door bell sound at almost midnight while waiting for her husband to be back home from work, when she opens the door she sees nothing but a letter on the front porch, she immediately recognizes the old piece of paper written in big red letters, DEAR ISRAEL. And that was just the beginning of her worst nightmare