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Tale of the Devil Raiser
Optimist Healing Protective
What is a devil raiser? They always hide themselves in the dark so as not to affect the ordinary ones' life. The only thing we know about them is the job mentioned clearly in the name: devil raisers, which means ‘people who raise the devils’. Xavier, a young man, who started working as a devil raiser at the age of fifteen, will lead you to the world of devil raisers, where talent is a curse, love is always suffering, sun is death, and hope is trying to bloom in the deepest valley of despair.
Wasteland Revenge Paranormal
A group of people are forced to take shelter in Scarville, a city never found years ago after the Second World War. Sean Barnabas is led to an old abandoned house by the ghost of a child and tries to uncover the truth about Scarville's past. Sean finds himself at the orphanage with no door or window to exit. He fights off creatures until he encounters the illusion of a young girl being harassed by security guards. Sean learns the shocking truth about the mayor's connection to the children's deaths and decides to reveal the truth. Will Sean be able to reveal the truth to everyone? Will SCARVILLE be free from their curse after realizing the truth? or Sean will have to sacrifice his life in the process of finding the truth?
The Good Upclass
Campus Crime Kidnap
Travis Sleuthhound
When Well Smith was young, his dad Gerard Smith would always tell him a story about a day in his life as New Bill student. That's why after graduation, when he found out that he'd be going to the same college school where his old man laid the first stone of his youth, he never imagined he would reach the highest point of excitement in his life. All he thought was finally, after seventeen painful years of muddling through the ear-shattering honks of the ships and sea vessels, he's now on the run of escaping and getting rid of his so-called little coastal world. On the day his journey had began, it was a total heavy drama. There were cries and sobs, tears and farewells, and hugs and kisses who none of them had hints of when could any of these happen again. Fast-forward, things then became great and fine. Upon arrival, he had gotten to see his apartment. In an hour, he had gotten to meet his neighbor. In a day, they became inseparable. In a week, they had gotten to meet their Seniors. In a month, they became the finest circle of friends. But in a few ticks of the clock that followed next, everything went psychologically disturbing. It's all after their pre-school party went wrong, and a plot twist came to hunt Well only to remind him that his life's going to change forever.
Myth Comedy Tragedy
History says that humans encounter an eye of destiny whenever they are in the midst of dying. It's either a blessing or a curse, a destiny or a mistake. The eye is given to you, as a sign or reward that you just strive through death. An eye where you can see when a human's death awaits. But will you intervene in the things that are already arranged just to save someone? In exchange for your life? An eye who can see Fate, Fate that deities already planned. Is it a blessing or a curse? Fate.
A Touch of Memory and Revenge
Sensitive Brave Weirdo
Johan, a highly skilled police specialist with a unique ability to see memories, sets out to avenge his parents death after he discovers that the arson cases he has been assigned with are related to his parents accident. But as he delves deeper into the investigation, he makes a shocking discovery- his adopted father is involved in the crime. Torn between his loyalty to his father who took him in and his duty to serve justice and get revenge, Johan must navigate the dangerous world of corruption and deceit as he uncovers the truth and decides what justice truly means for him. Follow Johan on his quest for Justice and revenge.
Re: Write The Villain
Reincarnation Manipulative Intelligent
[Currently under heavy edit.] Death. What is death actually? Athan, a twenty-one year old genius, died in an accident. He got hit by a truck and was thrown few meters on the ground. "I couldn't even finish reading the novel..." He regrettably thought, holding onto his phone tightly not wanting to let go. In the screen, there were letters written in a sentence waiting to be read. However, he couldn't. In his last moment, he could only think of one thing. It was his wish to finish the remaining three chapters of the novel. "I guess I'll never find out the ending..." He closed his eyes and let his mind get drowned in darkness. [ Timer left : 00Y : 00H : 00M : 03S ] [ Timer left : 00Y : 00H : 00M : 02S ] [ Timer left : 00Y : 00H : 00M : 01S ] [ Timer left : 00Y : 00H : 00M : 00S ] As the loud ticking sound rang in his ear, his mind finally gave out as he fell unconscious. He was dead. He was sure of it, but... "Eh...?" The moment he opened his eyes, he found himself in someone else's body. He stared at his hands in surprise and noticed that he was in a body of a newborn child that came out just a few moments ago. And worse, "So... Am I gonna die again?" He was reincarnated as a villain.
Crime Teenager Revenge
As he handed everyone their room key , he smiled as he gave the last one out . All 39 rooms were filled up. After dinner , he rang a bell to summon everyone to the dinning table. "What's going on ? Haven't went had dinner already?" Room number 13 asked What they didnt know was that this dinner was for him not for them . "I'm sorry to announce this but i'll have you know that as you walked in here of your own accord "Arnold's eye turned bloodshot red "There's no going out " *** Forced to take his own life, the raving ghost of a man filled with revenge takes over the body of a young man called Arnold. It builds a hotel which he named after his first love because it needed blood to keep it around much longer until it's able to take it's revenge. Would his plan be successful or would this vengeance-filled ghost be exorcised before it even has it's chance?. Find out in this blood-thrilling horror story.
Magic Reincarnation Weirdo
"I see death... A lot of dead bodies where you are going," the voice of the soothsayer flow back into his mind. "The island I am posted to is peaceful. Did you mean there will be a natural disaster?" "No. It's your bad luck. I see death coming in the shape of a baby and swallowing everything and everyone else. Be careful and don't ever turn the page." "What are you talking about?" The old witch was silent after, and Zuma was shoved off by the next customer in line.
Academy of Death
Crime Teenager Psycho
Lusi Solona
Being admitted to Academy of Haut dragged Dylanesa Dawson to hell. Despite its magnificent, the academy holds the the secrets behind it. Whoever attempts to discover them will face demise. The bloody tragedies haunts Dylanesa down. The missing intelligentsia and academics, the perishes of her classmates and the chips on her nape are some of the many nightmares she encounters. However, true jeopardy awaits her ahead. And what if it is her the target? Will her curiosity bring her to dive deeper into the Academy of Haut and reveal what's inside it? Will she make it to uncover the mysteries or death will claim her instead?
My girlfriend is a Devil
Psycho Ghost Dark
Peter Kent's girlfriend was murdered by a serial killer, but the killer has not been caught. After his girlfriend died, Kent began to experience many strange phenomena, seeing his girlfriend's body being cut into pieces. In order to save himself, Kent must find the killer. But do not think on this journey Kent encounters more and more mysterious phenomena. At this point, the System appeared and issued missions to help Kent survive and find the culprit.