Hunting The Creator

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Hunting The Creator

By: JamJamLov OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Dejected and free, he seeks out the one who enslaved him, for what purpose? Revenge of course, what options are there?

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  • Zefe


    I love this book, so much that I used to reread it every once in a while, when wait for an update. the characters are so fun.

    2023-07-22 18:46:51
  • Clxudii Stars


    I’m In love with this book. Amazing writing, plot, characters ☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

    2023-01-13 04:33:20
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56 chapters
A trillionth Beginning 0.0
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Finally Awake 0.1
Furo takes in his surrounding, he didn't know how the story will unfold now that an un-activated character which was supposed to never be shown at all, only in the beginning, was now awake. He had only been mentioned when they showed the memories of Mina, talking about her little brother, to Ruma. They had even shown a memory of the two during the younger years, wya before Furo went into a coma, it was a memory with Furo and their then dog mud wrestling during a rainy day. The mother and father laughing at taking video and Mina giggling as she ran around them in joy. The day and been ruined as the dog had run out suddenly the next moment onto the street, being hit and beginning character building for Mina who had soon fought her tears when the next day Furo suffered from a high fever due to being out in the cold and adding to the stress of their dog passing away. Of course it didn't amount the the character development when the accident happen. This was a problem, but then again he
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Meeting the Male Lead 0.2
Furo looked at the female lead, Mina Kenshi, just as all the female leads he had seen, her looks didn't falter one bit, not to mention her saint like personality that the male lead had fallen in love with. Her skin was beautiful and a healthy peach color, making her chocolate light brown eyes pop and her brown hair that looked as soft as clouds. It was tied up high, and if let down Furo had no doubt that it would reach her hips. "Do you... Remember me?" Mina cautiously said as she slowly walked closer. Furo seemed to ponder in his head and finally shake his head, a bit uneasy with the new guests. Seeing the young woman before him look sad he averted his eyes unwilling to meet them. Then the nurse beside him handed him a picture frame of Mina to him. He took is slowly, heavy due to his unused arms and hands. Furo, in character had planned everything, he looked down at the picture in his hand and then looked up to his sister as if he was trying to figure something out. He raised the
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Doubtful mind 0.3
Being Furo he was well acquainted with all kinds of emotions, no matter how one tried to hide them he might be the only one to see right through them. And once he sees right through this said person he could easily twist their train of thought and even manipulate them to get what he wants.During his time as a slave he was always in an unfavorable position where he needed to be killed or hurt for the plot. In what manner was up to the main leads and how it unfolded. He had always thought on a way to get out of dire situations, and picked up a manipulation skill that he had perfected, but the world and system always foiled them.And that's what he is currently doing after months of physical and mental therapy. Throughout the months he had been away, the grandparents would give an occasional visit to check up on their grandson, happy that he was awake and well. His muscle therapist Lima was a beauty and an angel, her mind was clear to see that she never went through any kind of hardship
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A Simple Pout 0.4
"A child like you?" The male lead smiled charmingly. "With no backing, power, or even a cent to his name is going to get rid of me?" Furo nodded nonchalantly as if Roma had asked him a simple and innocent yes or no question. "How are you going to do that?" Roma leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table as he intertwined his fingers together, amusement in his eyes."Of course I'm not going to get rid of you." Furo shook his head as he ate a chilly cheese fry, his fingers dirtied by both chilly and cheese, but he didn't fret, he simply stuck out that small pink tongue and licked it off, his eyes connecting with the male lead. "I rather not dirty my hands with filth, Mina is.""What?" Roma looked confused now."I have a backing, it's Mina. My lovely older sister." He explained himself. "I'll tell you my plan Roma, so listen well. I'm going to make Mina loath you completely to the point where even thinking about you gets her enraged. I'll put her against you slowly while you watch h
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Choosing a Suiter 0.5
The week had gone by rather boorish for Furo's liking, his tutor was boring, and always tried to get him to talk, much so to his displeasure, and even when he spoke of his dislikes about his own tutor, the man would simply smiles at him as if seeing him mad was amusing. Furo wasn't a person to be taken lightly, not with his experience, he'll put this idiot in his place soon.'I'll get rid of him as well.' He thought with distaste, until he thought of something brilliant, Sekimoto is very good looking, in fact, his good looks would even be said to surpass the male lead in Furo's eyes. Sekimoto is a well suitor for his sister, all he needed to do is find out about his back ground, through hook or through crook.But then again he hated doing work now that he has a will of his own, so he simply called up his system.Find out everything you have on this Sekimoto Mikuni for me. He commanded and right as he finished his sentence, not a single second later a reply was heard loud and clear.[Y
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Unbroken Bond 0.6
Sekimoto walked down a familiar neighborhood, the neighborhood he had been visiting for the past month. His usual outfit consisted of a simple suit to the unsuspecting commoner, but for someone of wealthy status it was a combining amount of over a hundred thousand dollars. Pray for the one person who accidentally spills something on this simply dress shirt and suit pants.This young billionaire, maybe even trillionaire, made his way towards a well down line green door and rapped his knuckles against it. A few seconds passed before a energized GranGran came to the door and smiled bright at the handsome young man before her."Good timing sensei, I just made some snacks, would you like to step in?" Grangran asked as she stepped to the side."I would love to GranGran, is Furo in?" Sekimoto asked as he looked around, not hearing any noise as usual from the quiet home."No darling, was he supposed to be here today?" Grangran asked as she set down freshly make vegetable dumplings."I'm sorry
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Sanity 0.7
Roma had been planning something insidious, his sanity had fallen drastically when his other half left him. He made every attempt to get Mina back but everything failed. Sending roses to her work back fired, every time Roma sent roses or gifts they were either turned down by the store owner or accepted and found later by his men in the dumpster behind the convenience store.Unable to understand this he began to feel crazed, growing up he had suffered but everything seemed to fall into place when he did. Knowing that sooner or later Mina would come back to him he waited, because that's how it works, that's how it always been. Suffering equaled him obtaining whatever he wants after. That's what he's grown up with, but for some reason after a month of waiting for Mina or something to occur so he can use it at his advantage, she never once neared him.This wasn't right, where was Mina? Why wasn't she answering him? Why won't she pay attention?Of course the world could only do so much for
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mentality 0.8
The scene in front of them made Mina's blood run cold while Sekimoto's blood boiled to no end.Furo laid on the sofa, his eyes lifeless as they blinked, looking at nothing, on top of him was Roma finishing up as Furo mumbled heart wrenching words."Sorry.... I'm sorry... Sorry... I didn't mean... I'm sorry." Furo was broken.His voice was a rough whisper, he had been screaming for so long. Blood was everywhere in his nether regions, tears in his bloody opening. One couldn't fathom the intense torture he went through, not like other victims like him.Everything went black for Sekimoto, what others told him after he regain his senses was that he had flung Roma off of Furo and began to beat him senseless, he himself wasn't sure how long he was hitting the poor excuse of a human, but he remembered that when he was pulled off his fists stung, blood covered his own as he saw Roma's face disfigured, he was unmoving. Uncaring if he would live or not he gave order after order.John had seen th
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commence 1
Furo was back in his space, he felt odd.After leaving the world he found himself simply floating and not doing much, the system noticed how serene it's new master was and didn't speak.The beautiful man pondered at the theories that he was able to control and make true. If the theory, now a proven fact was made real, then his other theories can be sought out carefully as well.Golden eyes turned and saw the world he had come from had turned into a vibrant blue color. He leaned forward and examined the new discovery."Does that mean I've left my mark?" He pondered out loud.[Master does not need to worry about The Creator finding out master's existence. The Creator does not keep a close eye on the worlds created for entertainment.] The system said clearing some doubt from the beauty before it. [This world now belongs to Master.]Hearing the news the man gave a smile with hidden intent behind them.Those beautiful eyes observed the world and suddenly he saw what had happened after his b
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